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    March 1st DJ entry - some non lucid flying and beast wars

    by , 03-01-2018 at 11:36 PM (136 Views)
    Dream Journal Drawing video
    This video was a little shorter due to just having less visual of dreams the night before. They were vivid in places but I couldn't think of much to draw from it.

    Round 1 of Dreams.

    My sister was getting my Dad a gift. It was like my Dad had a twin or we had a step Dad. her gift was in a rectangular box.

    The teacher wanted me to stay until 4:30 P M. I was saying that was too much. I said something "fresh" about school. Some kids were scared of me and some laughed. We were walking around the perimeter of the room in circles.

    I was working on a computer thing with a friend. There were these capacitors hanging off it that had to be touched to be activated. Something about injecting one's hand with some special chemical to make it not be electrocuted. Something about the computer running on only 512 Kilobytes. And we were supposed to sit in inner tubes but it needed a back rest. In the garage of my parents old house. I got the throw my Aunt got me for a back rest.

    There was a guy with a silver saw on a pole. He was trying to cut some of a tree in the wind. Another tree branch fell and nearly hit him. Did I try to catch it? Not sure.

    Something about the gym with my friend.

    First round of dreams recall has been better lately.

    Round 2 of Dreams

    These dreams were cool. I borrowed some money from a girl for food. Then we were on a bus and I was sitting on a bag of gold fish. A kid wanted my frosted mini wheat things but the bag had ripped.

    Then I was in the kitchen of my fraternity house in college. The tiles were white. I noticed it was different but just thought it was because they got new tiles.

    In another room, people were talking about what they do ay night. I told them they would be surprised how active a night life I have. And I said I do lucid, dreaming and dream journaling. So I have lots of adventures. but I didn't know it was a dream.

    Then, without knowing it was a dream, I did some flying. I flew accross this whole big field while thinking of applications of L D. Then I saw a high school teacher. I showed him I could fly over the awning by the bus stop. I went inside and was in my fraternity house again. Mr. H said I landed perfectly.

    Some kid was trying to put drugs in my eyes. I lost my vision. When i could see again, no one was there. My Miccus head set was on the floor. I forgot the rest.

    I had another dream that I was so glad the memory came back to me. It was a Beast Wars dream. megatron had moved to a new base. I think I saw Tarantulus face. Megatron had just enough Energon left to stage an attack on the Maximal base. So he said for everyone to charge up the energon supplies. It was pretty exciting to remember that part. I could see the Energon bursting through the walls.

    Final round of dreams

    For these dreams, all I remembered was walking through a grass field. I think I had that dream and thought it through upon awakening, but tried to dream chain, and fell asleep for longer.

    I dreamed about being in a brown restaurant and looking for a bathroom. I found one but it was different how the Mens and Womens rooms were arranged.

    I also remembered a part where my sister was on a computer. I was urgently saying we need to go up stairs so she should take her computer upstairs.

    Then there was this tan woman with black hair in my dream. She was saying how she uses a lot of body language. If I didn't use a lot of body language, she wouldn't understand me. So I made really exaggerated body language as I talked. I could tell she was also emoting in a notable way. She was sitting on the edge of my bed. I woke up after staring at her left eye a while. It was pretty vivid. I don't know if she was the woman from 2 nights ago. But she had the same skin color and hair color.

    WILD Attempt

    I laid down probably around 5 A M and decided to attempt wild. I made it through hypnagogia and tried the 1, I am dreaming, 2, I am dreaming, etc. mantra thing, up to 100 and back down to 70, and lost interest. I tried relaxing my eyes and jaw. It wasn't really working though. I think I had too much mental activity.


    Tonight seemed lighter on dreams for some reason. I was really surprised when the morning had come already. It really flew by and I guess for whatever reason I didn't get as high a volume of dreams. But there were some cool ones.

    Also using a pop filter made my voice recorder come out much better. Glad to have one of those! .

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