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    March 6 to 7 D to the J

    by , 03-07-2018 at 10:48 PM (139 Views)
    March sixth to seventh 2018 Dreams.

    Tonight I actually slept like 6 hours before I woke up and recorded any dreams which is different. Usually I wake up within 3 to 4 hours of going to sleep. So I seem to have had less dream activity than usual.


    In one I remember seeing this motorcycle guy from behind on the way to the beach. He was on his motorcycle and I was seeing his black jacket with some logo on it. There was more about the beach too but I totally forgot it all.

    Childrens Rankings

    There was another part with something about children who were ranked differently. One of the children was in the "Third Reich" and I was offended by this due to the historical use of that term. But then I realized it had nothing to do with any of the World War Two stuff, it just meant he was ranked third among his siblings. This was also when my sister and her friend needed a shower.

    Vague Fragment

    In another part it was early in the morning. I was with my friend R A. We went out a window at one point. There was somewhere we had to go. I only remember this vaguely but I think it was eventful. Something about raw chicken or cooking and eating chicken.

    UFO Cover-Up

    I only remember this dream vaguely. My friend's Dad (J S) was there. Some kind of U F O thing had landed out by the water or something like that. I was looking into it but my friend's Dad was saying we shouldn't be looking into it. I wish I remembered more of this.

    Aunt's House

    I had this one dream scene by the back sliding door of my Aunt B's house. On her dinner table that's there was one of my black shelves, upside down. I was scraping a toy against one of the ridges and putting it in one of the square support beam things. My sister's friend showed up. I couldn't remember exactly what was going on besides that.

    Unintentional Diss

    There was this part where I was at this desk, watching something. I remember hearing something about a basketball game. The basketball player wanted to have no regrets. But I was thinking that the regrets might be important. Kind of like my physical desk, I had clothes and electronics all scattered about. I think I had my dividers up. I was gathering them all bunched up in my arms.

    I got up to sit at a table with my food. I hadn't heard one of my friends try to get my attention, maybe S D or D W. They were upset that I seemed to ignore them. I tried to explain that my headset had malfunctioned, or wasn't plugged in, but they were still like, "Hmph." So they went and sat at a further table. I felt bad about it even though it was just a technological issue.

    Then I sat with a group of friends who was watching the Simpsons. I was playing the same exact thing that was playing on the T V on my lap top next to me, wearing a head set. I wondered why I didn't just use the T V except that so many people were watching, it might make noise or they might block the T V. I was eating some food. Maybe some kind of fried food. I was seeing if anyone further back in the crowd wanted to use my monitor since I had a seat in the first or second row. My friend Jon was dismissive of me in some way.

    Action Figures, Legos and a Profound Quote

    These seem disconnected or like they should be different dreams but they felt like the same dream somehow. First I was at this support group meeting. I had a yellow piece of paper in front of me. I am not sure if I was speaking. I think I was waiting to speak. I think E R was there and maybe other girls from high school. On my paper I had what I thought was a very profound quote about staying sober. Kind of like an approach to staying sober that was very original and wise. When i woke up, I couldn't remember what it was.

    Then I was at a table somewhere playing with Optimus Primal and Megatron beast wars toys. There were other beast wars toys on the table, too. I had this single peg red circular legos that were kind of a clear kind of red. I was putting them on the little ear things of each robot's helmet. I wondered if I should give Optimus Primal and the Maximals an advantage by giving them more red legos. But I gave Megatron an equal number of legos on his head as Optimus. they both got two. Then I thought I had done the wrong move when Megatron revealed some grey shoulder missles and fired them at Optimus. They looked like Silverbolt's missles from the action figure. Also I don't think Beast Wars Megatron had shoulder cannons.

    Potty Dream

    In this dream I had got up to use the bathroom. The bathroom was up a short set of stairs and my bedroom was the only room beyond it. I think in the dream I was standing there, about to pee, when I sensed my Dad was about to need the bathroom. So I stopped myself from peeing and went and waited by the railing of the stair case while he used the bathroom. There was something about my Dad looking in the mirror. There was a white towel. I don't remember it very clearly.

    Removing the Seeds of Violence.

    I am walking around in the woods at the bottom of a hill. My mind feels very clear in this dream, but I am not lucid. I am imagining this gun which could have a little slider on the side to specify how far away the target is. So my idea is that I will walk around with a tape measurer, whip it at my target, get the distance, and then shoot the gun, all instantaneously. L O L. I am imagining practicing this on trees and perhaps hunting. I catch myself thinking about this harmful idea and the thought comes to me that it is a chance to remove these seeds of violence from within myself. I actually feel fear that I could become a harmful person if I entertain these thoughts. So I do this thing where I just set an intention to remove the seeds of violence from within myself. I have a sense that someone is coming or I am supposed to walk up this hill and to the left.


    I dreamed something about a fish rolling around in a bed of coins. Surrounding colors grey sidewalk and green lawns or trees.

    Apples at Nana's table

    I was sitting at my Nana's kitchen table with my sister. She was at the head of the table and I was to her left. We had a pile of apples. They all had produce stickers on them that seemed weird. My sister opened one apple up and it looked too bruisy on the inside. It looked like she had made bite marks going all the way around it in a half circle of bite marks. There were brown spots. She rejected the apple because it was too bruised. It actually didn't look that bad compared to some really bad apples I have got.

    Inner Child Hero

    There was this reporter type of guy on the couch at 15 Swoo. He was saying how he met his inner child and either he, became his inner child's hero, or his inner child, became his hero. I forgot which. Then there was something with some kind of beverage as a treat. More to it but Very vague recall.

    Family Guy Clip Thing

    There was this Family Guy Ad. At first I saw Peter Griffin's head, but his hair was very long and pulled down around his head, into the shape of a coffee cup. That was like a brown layer of the screen. Peter Griffin was saying something but I couldn't remember what. It was probably funny.

    Then there was this light blue layer to the screen beneath that, with some thumb nail icons. Each had various languages written on it. The one for Canada had some Japanese type of lettering on it. I thought it was going to be a parody of Canada. But it didn't sound Canadian when it played. It went back up to the Peter Griffin part.

    Yellow Sac Spider

    I am walking into this trailer or school bus type of thing with a loose celery stalk type of plant. (At first, I thought the plant was poison ivy, so I was afraid to touch it. But then I just wanted to re plant it.) I am aiming to plant it in a bucket of dirt and walk back out. My stuff is on either side of the trailer bus thing. It is like a school bus because it has that black slatted rubber walk way part. But it is like a trailer because instead of bus seats, it has more of a home layout, but with lots of stuff crowding it on both sides. Until the only place to walk is the black walk way part, maybe a foot wide.

    Still carrying the plant, hoping to plant it, I see a spider. It is one of those yellow sac spiders that we have around here. Its webs are around. It seems like it is going to get on me. I start to feel fear.

    I turn around to leave the trailer thingy. Turns out the spider is walking up a web toward the front of the trailer, the same direction I am going to walk out. There is also another yellow sac spider up to my left. I am really getting freaked out. I run out the front of the trailer, ducking under a web that is at face level. I can feel this creepy crawly fear in my body now.

    As I was going through all that, I was also thinking that I want a written as well as auditory record of all my dreams. It was kind of a tape of thoughts playing in my mind as I went through this trailer thing. Maybe it was kind of a green house.

    Big Bath

    There was one dream of a giant bath. Not super giant but like 6 by 6 by 5 or even 8 by 8 by 5. I was adding some warm water to it for a woman who was there. I also swam in the water a little.

    Uncle R

    In another part, I remember seeing my Uncle R sitting with two other people. The context was that he had moved into our house. And we were living at the last house I lived in. I didn't want him to live there. Maybe it had to do with him smoking. I remember seeing his face pretty clearly. I was sitting on one of the chairs in the living room.

    Driving down back rounds

    I was driving on some local back rounds around L V. I couldn't remember exactly the roads but it reminded me of when I would drive to my driver's exam. Maybe something about a pack of Pokemon cards. The roads were very black.

    Nearby Road

    My last dream of the night was of me walking on this near by road. Just a little history, I got in a big argument with some people on this road one day and its never been resolved. They are obviously in the wrong or else I would have just made amends.

    So first I saw the back of a cigarette box on the ground. It was black. Then I looked up and saw the guy's yard which is on the corner of a side road and a busier road. He usually has one of those little windmill things there but I am not sure if I saw it in the dream. Then I looked and his garage was open. I was looking into it as I stood there. I think it looked kind of empty or spacious. I was kind of expecting a fight to start. Then this black S U V pulled up behind me. I started walking away fast to get away. I heard a honk that had a very physical quality to it and woke up. I am not sure if the honk was something that got into my dream from waking life, such as neighbors, or if the dream itself generated it. I wear ear plugs over night so it isn't that likely I heard a honk from a physical car unless it was right outside my window.


    I think my dreams know how much dream activity to give me based on what is coming up the next day. Even if I am not consciously aware of all that will come up the next day. I had a big day of waking life today that I wasn't expecting and barely got all my voice notes transcribed by days end.

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