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    Non-Lucid Dreams

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      by , 07-07-2018 at 03:37 PM
      I went to bed a little before 9. I found some funny videos online and then played two Pokemon Battles before 8:30 and then got to bed. I didn't do waking life recall.

      I remember something about Goku fighting Frieza at the football field. There were more details in these early dreams I didn't re-remember.

      I remember something about walking through the woods. And a "Wobbuffet Wall" which was a wall with lots of little places to get a foot or a hand hold and climb up. They were barely an inch wide of surface but I was able to use them to climb. Getting down was tricky. I couldn't get a good footing on the way down.

      I remember a part where I got a new laptop. I was trying to dial in to the Saturday W A meeting. I kept telling my sister that I wouldn't be available until after the meeting but she kept trying to talk to me.

      I remember something about needing a second access code to enter the meeting. And something about being excluded from "the park". I wanted to get into the meeting but couldn't.

      I originally remembered more of these dreams but didn't re-remember them due to mind wandering.

      I went back to sleep again, which surprised me. I remember some non-lucid dreams before becoming lucid.

      I had a dream that I had started a diet soda habit. I wondered how long it had been since I picked this up. It took me a while to realize that it contained sweeteners. That was when I was in nana's den. I started to worry.

      I remember being in the front lawn, doing something with the grass. I was thinking about a beverage that tasted like alcohol but didn't contain any alcohol. And telling people at A A about it. It wasn't non-alcoholic beer, which still contains some alcohol.

      I remember packing up to move. I was either at 24 or 15. I had most of my stuff ready to go. My mom said not to hurry because we had a whole year before we had to be fully moved. 'A year?' I thought. 'That's a long time! How did they keep both houses for so long?'

      I remember dreaming that I woke up in the back of my dad's van as he drove to work. I thought I had asked him to bring me for the drive. We were on a really windy back road. I wondered if it was safe to drive so fast. We reached a point where some rocks tumbled down, and he had to back out. I used telekinesis to move the rocks off the road, without knowing it was a dream. They were giant boulders.

      I remember a false awakening kind of thing. I was looking at my own forehead, and saw that I had many red pimples. I began to count them. There were around 15.

      'Is this really my forehead?' I thought. 'Maybe I will try a finger palm test.' Sure enough, my finger went through, and I was lucid in the dream world. There was some plastic on the wall ahead of me. In this beginning part, I couldn't move much. I just stayed still and slightly looked around. Eventually I tried moving and the dream collapsed.

      The dream started back up, though. I remember a glass window. There were some asian people in a room, about to be served food. I wanted food. They seemed to be looking at me through the glass. I jumped right through the glass, phasing through it, and that surprised them!

      I sat with the two asian people, hoping to be brought food. An older woman brought out two meals. She gave one to one of the people and one to me, but skipped the middle person. I felt bad. The food must have been just for those two, so I got up to go find food elsewhere.

      After walking around a little, I found a shopping center kind of thing. For some time, it became a video game interface. I got food, but didn't really experience eating it because it was more of a video game thing.

      Then there was something about a history lesson the people there were hiding from me. I didn't push them to tell me. I just went looking for more dream food.

      I walked over to an office place with a receptionist desk out front. At the desk there was some kind of clock thing. Two people were waiting for an appointment, a man and a woman. The woman had two plates which each had a big pile of dough balls. One of the sets of dough balls had powdered sugar and the other didn't. I asked for some and she shared. They were delicious!

      I was surprised that the dream continued. I had a pull-up competition with a guy accross from me. He started doing them faster than I could, and won the competition.

      I think I walked off somewhere down a sidewalk to find more places in the dream and woke up.

      I finished the outline around 9:30 A M, meaning I actually slept enough for a change. That last sleep cycle made a big difference. Until today I was having trouble with being up too early and unable to get back to sleep.
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      by , 07-06-2018 at 12:29 PM
      I went to bed around 8:30 P M after 4 episodes of DB Super and a long round of Pokemon Battles. I tried to meditate a little before going to sleep.

      The first time I woke up, I had some dream recall. I remembered some earlier parts but couldn't re-remember them later. Because my re-remembering is not working, I might need ot start writing them throughout the night, each time I wake up.

      Where my memory starts, I am in an auditorium. It is some kind of recovery meeting. The dog from my college house, L, comes and puts her feet on everyone in my row, one at a time, and eventually gets to me. It is a way of greeting us.

      From behind me, I can hear M R say, "The big book is the real recovery book." It is supposed to be more of an A C A meeting so I get pretty ticked off. I say, "I hate that A A big book. The A C A red book is the real recovery book."

      I remember a passage from there that talked about staying calm and riding out the storms of early sobriety. A B was saying how he accidentally had a slip last night, so he came back to the meeting. He said some people get sober by necesity and some get sober by their intention.

      I remember at the end of the first round of dreams, I was driving to a restaurant. I was with someone else. We were going to a sushi place. We stopped at a smaller sushi place but then left to get to the big restaurant place. As we drove, we got to a 3 way intersection which came to a T. People began closing in on us from each side. We had no where to go. As they closed in on us, I woke up.

      I got up to use the rest room that time. When I laid back down, I could re-play the dreams in my mind and try to form a memory of them. Luckily I re-remembered some later.

      From the next round of dreams, I remember a T I song. I forgot the words, but he had multi-syllable rhymes. I was reading the lyrics as I heard the song. The rhymes were pretty good.

      I remember stuff with people from my college house.

      I remember a part with a side scroller game. The platforms were black. J R was going along the platforms. At the end, there were some tilted platforms he had to jump between. They were too slippery. I suggested he add some grip tape. When I went to add the grip tape, it kept sliding off anyway. There was nothing to stick the grip tape to the platform.

      I remember being in town near the A T M and food store, trying to call my dad. I am not sure why I was trying to call him.

      I remember a restaurant. The owner or manager went to the back with his son to take a break. He said that we could serve ourselves.

      There were shellfish and donuts. I got a donut that looked to be filled with icing. G F commented that my donut must be creme filled but his didn't seem to be. I wondered if the donuts would taste like shell fish. I think E S was there.

      I forgot the ending of those dreams. I remembered those dreams the least. I must have gone back to sleep the soonest.

      I remember dreaming of pizza boxes. Some pizza boxes were open. I remember someone said to keep them closed so that the pizza would stay warm. Due to less air exposure.

      I remember going to some kind of class at a gym. A girl in the locker room was putting her yogurt in her locker until after the class. When I tried to tell her that it wasn't safe to leave it out so long, she said, "It's only a minute." But really, it wasn't! She needed to put that yogurt in the fridge.

      I remember a part when I was at a gym. I was pacing around near the machines, probably between sets. A guy there asked me something like, "Are you okay?" I said that I was fine but my shoulder was just not doing well today.

      Then some people appeared who seemed important. The scene shifted to being in a food court. I saw the guy standing by their table like they were important.

      "Get us some chips," the one guy said. So he ran off to get them chips. Then he got back and they ate the chips. "If we have all this power, to manifest anything at will, why did we just ask that guy to get us chips?" the one on the left said. The guy on the right responded something about pretending to have to live within the limitations of this world some times.

      I didn't know it was a dream. I was really convinced that these were people who had gained lots of power.

      I remember being in a class room. There was a song on a youtube video and the chalk board. It mentioned alcoholism, a higher power, and some other concepts. One line said that there must be a future, because if someone touches a power line, people get sick.

      I remember seeing someone talk to their girlfriend. They said they would make sure to stay up late so they could spend time with their girlfriend. "I will sleep more during the day so I can be up at night," he said. I guess she had a late work schedule. He said that sleep makes him evil.

      That bothered me because it is a negative view of sleep. I try to see sleep as a positive thing. I don't think any harm can come from sleep, while lots of harm can come from a deficit of sleep. I've had trouble sleeping for most of my life so I need all the encouragement to sleep I can get. I am aware that some people have a really easy time sleeping as much as they want, and wish they could be awake more often.

      I remember something in nana's living room. R K was fighting with a teacher. The teacher tried to pull me to her side. I also remember being in town and R K seemed to get along with N R. It was late and people were out drinking. I think I saw a van and thought of going to sleep.

      I remember the front of C L's house. He had some garbage out front. It looked all burnt up.

      I remember L K talking with me. She said sometimes she smokes. I told her that's bad, and she tried to minimize the harm of it. I continued to push the concept that the smoke travels over 50 feet and infects everyone around. There is no safe level of exposure. And so on. She wouldn't really listen.

      Then, she was fighting with someone else over some cookies that were at the table in front of me. To spite her, I threw the cookies over the fence.

      Then there was a thing about how the neighbor's dog would be eating play dough if we didn't pick them up. But I felt so angry that I didn't go to pick them up right away. I knew I could just reach over with the grabber but was feeling stubborn.

      I remember S S was in this next part. I was trying to fashion an angled platform. I had this metal platform thing and bent it all up. S S came out to bend it back.

      I remember people walking down an aisle. Gandalf played music on a keyboard kind of thing, and sung. There was a poster with folding panels that swung around. Some panels were behind the others. I think the performance was for some kind of royal people.

      I remember the dream came back around to picking up the play dough from the other side of the fence. My dad was out there. To get a sense of how to reach over, I went on google images, and tried to see an overhead view of my neighborhood. I showed my dad the old pictures from before the deck was built.

      He was right near the part of the fence where the play dough was. I didn't want him to know what I was doing. I tried to discreetly get the play dough.

      I woke up, took my supplements, but couldn't sleep again. Maybe it was the heat. It's only 6:44 A M so that seems a little too early to be up.
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      by , 07-05-2018 at 02:02 PM
      1,464 Words.

      I slept surprisingly well. I went to bed around 9 and didn't hear a single fire work all night. I watched the third Hobbit movie before bed and ended up finishing the whole thing. I did some waking life recall afterward. My dream recall still felt low tonight. I remembered something from my first round of dreams but couldn't re-remember it.

      I remember something about only being able to sign in from 9 P M to 4 A M. There was something with a vending machine. There was more to this. It was some kind of school or job thing. I don't rememeber now.

      I remember getting to my cousin J's house. I was at the back sliding door with some other people, waiting to be let in. I was with Uncle R and some others. One of them just let themselves in. I wasn't planning on being so bold.

      The house was arranged with 5 beds. One in the center and one in each of the 4 corners. Behind each bed in the corner, there was a fireplace, which had a fire going. The ceiling was opened to the sky. When I mentioned it, they showed me that they could pull some kind of fence thing over it to close it.

      I remember laying on one of the couches upside down, on a comfortable cushion, talking to some people there. We were asked by someone like M S's mom to go pick up some black vinyl tape and labels from the store. So, we went there.

      We got just one roll of the black vinyl tape, but they wanted more. So, we went back to get 4 more. I realized I had put a different name on the labels than they had asked. It was because the default name on the labels hadn't changed. 'Oops!' I thought.

      There were some bird house things we could clean to earn some money. I tried to do it. There was gunk all over the sides. Someone said we didn't get paid to clean that part.

      I remember a girl near a fence. I forgot if she was calling for help or trying to re-join us. 3 guys on the other side of the fence approached her. They got under the fence and captured her.

      I think I woke up around then, used the rest room, and took some supplements. I tried to form some memories of the dreams and fell back asleep pretty quickly.

      I remember being out kind of late. I was playing Pokemon battles. Near each of my Pokemon, the speed stat was listed. I noticed I had 2 Pokemon with 238 speed, which is relatively high. Their speed was lower.

      They had a Lugia who could cut half its HP and get some kind of power boost. They used it on one of my Pokemon, but I knew they couldn't do it again. Well, I feared they would Roost off the damage and do it again if I didn't take the chance to defeat Lugia.

      I sent in someone faster. Suddenly, they had a new Pokemon out. It was a dragon type with 100% HP. I looked through my moves, knowing I was dragon type, too. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'No dragon moves!' Then I saw it. A special 105 base power dragon move. 'Lets try it!' I said to myself, knowing that if it didn't do 100% damage, I'd have to take one of their dragon moves in return.

      It was like the last few percent points of their HP hesitated to go down. But they went down to 0%. I was so relieved. I think after that, Lugia was their last Pokemon, and it was easier to defeat, having much more speed.

      I remember thinking about or seeing a card game. I was thinking of some kind of endure-reversal stategy, but using cards. I think I had a Marowak card.

      I ahd been borrowing someone else's Pokemon. They offered me some more Pokemon to continue battling. I wanted to keep battling, but I realized I had already had soda and tea, so I didn't want any more beverages like that. "I just need to brush my teeth and get a water," I said. It was almost bed time anyway.

      I went to do that, hoping they would wait for me. When I walked into the other room, it was like the dining room in my college house.

      They were calling someone on the couch "William Hung" and saying that he had a lot of facebook friends. But they were kind of mocking him. I went back to the kitchen, and W H was at the door. He said he would give out free Pokemon cards. I just had to fill out a form.

      He showed me the form. It was kind of lengthy. It had a place for my social security number, but with four spaces instead of three. When I told him I might need more time, he eliminated part of the form, leaving me only with a questionnaire page.

      I remember W H lit an indoor vapor poison thing and it lit up blue at the end. I thought it was a regular poison thing and tried to grab it from him, to put it out. When I grabbed it, I could feel that it was more solid, like a pencil, because it was the vaporizing kind. We fought about it. I remember looking at the water dispensers on the silver fridge. I said even vaporizing poison indoors spreads toxins, even if it doesn't smell.

      I remember they went on some elevator things. They were doing some kind of space mission or research.

      I remember spying on J V as he poured a cup of coffee. I wondered what kind of sweeteners he would use. Because his dad was a dentist, it seemed like he was hiding the sweeteners. I imagined a white sugar or artificial sweetener packet. He kept trying to make sure no one saw.

      I remember something with vaccuums. I used one vaccuum to clean up all this gunk. But then the vaccuum was leaking, so I had to use another vaccuum to clean up after that vaccuum. I vaccuumed out the inside of one vaccuum with the other vaccuum.

      I remember a dream scene where I was looking at dollar bills. I was commenting on how they look very old fashioned. I didn't realize that was a dream memory until this morning. I thought it was waking life.

      I remember Bilbo stowing away in someone's luggage. When they got to the person's house, Bilbo was talking to himself. "What do they see?" He asked. "My behavior." So his plan was to use his behavior to deceive whoever it was. He wanted to leave before they found him, but then they found him. The person thought it was funny that Bilbo had stowed away in their luggage.

      I remember a drawing I had made. It seemed special. I wanted to take a picture of it. I tried lighting up my camera and using a flash on my phone. I remember angling my head to look past the camera. I was thinking, 'Wait, no, I have to look through the camera to see what I'm photographing.'

      I remember lots of slush in the driveway. It was morning. Some people wanted help from a young girl there. I guess I was supervising the kids. I pushed the slush around in the driveway. It felt like moving all the slush would take forever.

      Well, that was it for tonight. I wonder if I need to start writing the dreams before going back to sleep again. Or if its something in my waking life practices.
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      by , 07-04-2018 at 12:53 PM
      My dreams tonight were cool, but my recall was very low. I think it was because I stayed kind of busy all day without stopping to be mindful or practice much waking life recall. For example, I went to the gym, but instead of writing about it, I played Pokemon Battles. Then, I didn't write much about the Battles, either. Every time I thought of stopping to do waking life recall, I just went and did more activity instead. Then, I watched the last 2 hours of Desolation of Smaug back to back without stopping for recall. By then, I was too exhausted. So, I regret that now, because my dream recall was much lower.

      I went to bed around 8:30.


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      I remember something early on about being in some mines. This part seemed eventful, but I could only remember it vaguely.

      I remember I was a dog character, walking through the woods. I was leaving my home to go somewhere else. I got to another place with a big dirt quarry. Some people were working there.

      When I arrived, they adamantly said that I couldn't be there. So, I had to leave again. I remember walking around some hallways of my high school.

      I remember something with a bathroom stall. And talking briefly to J L.

      At the end, I remember there were people coming after us to collect these dark orb things we had inside us. We tried to hide, but they could track them. Oh! Now I remember. I woke up briefly, then dreamed this next part.

      I was near a bridge with a teacher guy. He said that the dark orb was similar to my heart. He told me that if I would meditate to a place of quietness, I would hear my heart beat. I would also hear the dark orb. Then, I would be able to control its signal and stop the bad guys from tracking it.

      I'm so glad I remembered that! That detail seemed long lost.

      I woke up and recalled those. Then, got up briefly, used restroom, took supplements and went back to sleep. I was very groggy, and didn't re-remember everything I initially remembered.


      Rounds 2 and beyond of dreams.

      I remember being near 24. Down the road a little, some kids were playing ball in their yard. They had a purple kick ball. They kicked it really hard and it went flying down toward the end of the road where I was. I ran to kick it back to them before it got too far away, or hit something.

      When I kicked it, instead of going back to them, it went flying off to my left. It bounced to one neighbor's yard, then over another's fence, and into another's yard. I got ready to tell their dad its location since no one else would have seen.

      Their dad walked towards me, lighting a poisonous cigarette. (All cigarettes are poisonous.) "Please, don't light that until you're away from me," I said. "I want to tell you where the ball has gone, but I can't be near you if you're smoking that." He stopped smoking and I told him where the ball had got to.

      I remember a part where I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom at 24. I also remember J L from that part.

      I think I dreamed about something with my sister and something with a library.

      I remember telling my Aunt C to quit smoking. We were looking at a computer. She kept saying all these excuses why she couldn't quit. I kept telling her those are all just excuses. The funny thing is, Aunt C is the one relative who has actually quit smoking.

      I remember being near a waterfall. We were floating above it in a lake part. Someone did some magic that created a place to sit and eat, and have a secret meeting. He made some pillars with seats attached, the backs of which faced the waterfall. We got to sit at the pillars, and eat dessert foods.

      I remember the guy who magically made the place said that if anyone found out some of his crimes, he'd go to jail. So, he wasn't going to tell what he did. We had to keep it a secret.

      I remember being at a table in the corner. Q was there. There was a guy who wanted someone to pass him bread, but no one was getting up. I used telekinesis and perfectly lifted the bread and sent it to him, from accross the room. Then, I got him the butter. I noticed the salt and pepper, and brought those over, too.

      I thought that Q would think I was so cool! Then, the salt accidentally spilled on the guy's food. "I didn't even want salt!" he said, and started to get up. "You're not gonna try to play it off like 'it must be [diety]'s will because it happened, are you?" He asked, with contempt.

      "No," I said. "Of course not." And it was true. "I don't think that way. I hate those ideas." That seemed to help a little. I remember looking into his angry eyes.

      There was something about how we were going to have a victory party. We knew the bad guys were coming, but according to the schedule, we had spare time. So we were going to have a victory party, then leave before the bad guys arrived.

      The bad guys arrived early! There were so many of them, the place was totally crowded. They looked kinda like the triangle head guys from the Clone Vegeta saga, but with horns.

      My first plan was to become invisible, fly over to Q, and then teleport away with her so we could be safe.

      I remember something about a Pokemon who leveled up with love. When they received 20 "Loves" they would level up. So it was going around collecting those.

      I remember looking at a blue Pokemon card during a conversation. The dream had designed the card.

      I remember being near a giant indoor pool. I was bouncing on the pool ladder. I had to follow specific instructions for how I bounced. During the final bounce, I accidentally sent myself flying high in the air and way accross the pool. One of the bad guys made a mean comment about it.

      I swam accross the pool with some other swimmers.

      I remember sitting in an auditorium. A few seats to my left was one of the bad guys. He was making sure we didn't run away or anything. He was talking about who caused some of the problems in his life. "Can I use the bathroom?" I asked.

      My plan was to ask ahead of time, before I really needed to go, in case there was any delay.

      Eventually, the part with the bad guys ended. The guy who I had gotten bread for with telekinesis was with me. I will call him B. B showed me a battery that could be charged by clamping it to someone's skin. They had to be male though, not female.

      "Why don't you clamp it to yourself?" I asked. He said something about a problem with his skin that made it not work. I said I would charge it for him then.

      We got to another location indoors. I saw Q there with another woman. Apparently she had become partners with that woman and they left together. In the dream context, she was my girlfriend. 'She must have thought I wouldn't protect her any more,' I thought. 'I have to go after her!' So I went to follow her.

      As I was leaving, I saw the row of people in the room, including myself, all turn into silhouettes. I felt stuck for a moment as I tried to leave. I think I saw Vegeta's face.

      I had been waking up here and there, doing some recall, and falling back to sleep. I was very groggy and exhausted through the night. I guess it's just more learning experience. When I can do more waking life recall, instead of constant activity, I will get better results on dream recall.
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      by , 07-03-2018 at 12:27 PM
      2,122 Words.

      I went to bed around 9:15. During the day, I wasn't able to do my recall practices as much as I had done the previous days. Instead of stopping to do recall, I kept doing activities. I didn't want to stop. It wasn't until the end of the day I decided to do some recall. So, I guess thats okay. It's probably outside my will power sometimes.


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      The earliest thing I remember is frying a few eggs at 24. My dad was saying how they need to be cooked perfectly because the egg yolk is like a miracle. I saw the white parts of the eggs fry up, but was careful not to burst or overcook the yolk.

      There was a part when my sister had a boyfriend. I think she was seeing if I approved of him. Or just introducing me.

      He talked about his life in a way that reminded me of myself a few years ago. I deemed him too workaholic. I remember seeing some green plants on the ground. We were near where we put the garbage out. We had lif ted up some big object and a bunch of bugs had scattered from underneath it.

      I remember something about being invited to a thing maybe in May. I was sad that I had missed it. Then the date changed to June. I was able to go to that one. Suddenly I was seeing the event. It showed a group of people in a circle. I think one or two people were smoking, which I didn't approve of.

      I remember seeing one of the make up artists sitting with one of the actresses. It was preparation for a movie. They had some kind of circle dish with cream. They designed the cream to look like stucco. Then they would stick the dish to the woman's forehead. It was part of her costume.

      She turned out not to speak any English. Only Spanish. The guy called someone else over, maybe someone in charge. They tried to tell each other that she doesn't speak English, but in Spanish, but using different words.

      I remember being at someone's door. I had a funny name in my mind. It was something like Volumize. I was going to say that was my name.

      I got a bad feeling that someone would be smoking. The person who opened the door wasn't smoking. But another older man that came around the corner was smoking. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'Gotta run!'

      I held my breath and ran. I desperately needed to breathe again but I thought I'd still be in range. When I finally let myself breathe, I was relieved to find that I was out of range of the smoke.

      I yelled at the smoker guy. I forgot what we said to each other. I think I got in a car, and drove off. I hate smokers.

      In the next part there was a funny cartoon. The way it was drawn, is hard to describe. The proportions were very interesting. There were some block letters with the title that showed. I remember black, white and gold. I remember one cartoon character's head, showing the right ear way lower than the left.

      I remember standing near some kind of river or water channel. We were indoors. A red orange snake kind of alien swam by and knocked me into the water with its tail. I remember thinking, 'This must be because I fought with someone earlier, and they are trying to take me down.'

      Animorphs came to mind. I thought of morphing into a giant sea monster who could battle the red orange sea snake thing.

      I was pulled out of the water. Someone examined me. I forgot exactly what else happened. I saw more cartoon images.

      I remember driving somewhere. I was thinking about laying down for 30 minute intervals to rest before continuing with the day. And how that would help me maintain my energy. It was night time. I realized I was far from home, and going further away.

      I went to turn around in a bank parking lot. I think it was a Chase bank. The U turn I made in there was kind of wide and reckless. There was one road that I thought would be really congested. I turned around to try to get to the road with less traffic.

      Without me realizing, it became daytime. I was driving around a building, but then I was on a bike, or just walking and wheeling a bike along side me. I saw a little sign that said something about a temple.

      Ahead of me, not too far away, there were two guys on bikes, with black ski masks. 'Are they robbers or criminals?' I thought. I was frozen for a moment in fear, but hurried to jump on my bike and get away.

      The guys chased after me, but it turned out they weren't bad guys. As I rode the bike, I saw that there was a lot of snow on the narrow bike path we were on. My bike wheel was cutting into the snow, and sliding a little. They must have just been wearing the masks due to the cold weather. One mask did show the guy's whole face. The other mask had no holes in it at all though.

      They were actually members of a fraternity which was related to the "temple" sign. They were trying to "rush" people which means, find new members. I went into their fraternity house thing and they showed me around. I knew I wasn't going to join but I just wanted to give them some time since they were working so hard.

      I remember seeing a blue pamphlet about their policy or philosophies. 'Are those the 12 steps?!' I asked, as I continued reading. Sure enough, the 12 steps were listed. By that time, I had already been there a while, and decided to get going.

      I am not sure if there was anything else before waking up. I went back to sleep recalling the dreams, and still re-remembered them upon awakening. I also took my Huperzine-A 100mcg and Alpha-GPC 300mg before going back to bed.


      Round 2 and 3 of Dreams.

      I remember seeing L N walking into the woods. I wanted to go for a walk too. I thought I might get to talk to her.

      She was staring at a tree stump with small stones on it. I didn't want to awkwardly stand by her as if just to wait for her to notice me. But I didn't want to interrupt either. She was really concentrating. Then, I became mesmerized by the stones, too. 'This is good,' I thought. 'I get to just stand near her while at the same time I have another reason for being here besides just waiting for her to notice me.' So I let the stones sort of hold me in place there.

      I remember a thing about a little girl at the sink. She used the hot water and hurt her feet. So, she was sad. There might have been some other parts with children.

      I remember a part with Patrick Carnes. I think I was in the kitchen at 15, listening to a talk or podcast by him. He said something about addiction and where it actually comes from that surprised me. It had to do with seeing the roots more in the Laundry List than the Other Laundry List. It is interesting because a lot of programs tend to see the roots in the Other Laundry List while the roots of addiction can be in the Laundry List in many cases. And pushing people to look at how the Other Laundry List applies to them actually makes thing worse, when the Laundry List is their real problem.

      I remember a thing near a fridge. It was a cartoon. It wasn't actually a Pokemon cartoon at first. But then Pokemon music started. 'Is that Pokemon music?' I thought.

      Sure enough, it became a Pokemon Battle. The funny thing was, it was a cartoon like Sponge Bob, and they were doing a Pokemon battle. They had H P meters and everything.

      I remember a thing about searching an online database. I think there was more to it, but I forgot.

      I remember a part when I was thinking, 'I haven't gone to A C A meetings in a while.' Then, I dropped my laptop. It flipped over and landed on the top edge of the monitor part. I hoped it hadn't broken. I thought that dropping my computer was related to not having gone to meetings some how.

      I remember a part when I was thinking about the Spanish phrase, that goes something like, "Ven aca." I was thinking, 'Does it mean "come here"?' I think there was a dog and I wanted to say "come here" in Spanish.

      I think there were a bunch of parts I totally forgot. When I woke up and tried to recall them, I drew a total blank. Well, that's sad. I think I overdid it yesterday, watching an almost 3 hour movie and playing lots of Pokemon Battles, without many breaks. So that probably cost me some dream awareness. Well, its okay.

      I noticed my sister looking over my shoulder as I went through the book. It had some private notes in it and I didn't want her seeing it. I asked her to stop looking and she didn't. I yelled, "Scram!" And she left.

      'Woah,' I thought. 'That was too harsh.' I felt so bad about that. I remember the dream showing that she stayed inside all day that day, very depressed. I felt so bad. I never want to treat my sister like that.

      I remember the dream showing me some old fashioned libraries or courtrooms. It was related to my sister's location. I remember people smoking indoors in them. I was like, 'This must be the olden days.' Someone sitting at a library desk in a black and white dress thing might have been my sister.

      When I woke up, I was glad I hadn't really yelled at my sister. And I was glad I hadn't really dropped my laptop.

      I thought I dreamed about some parts with skiing or snow boarding. Maybe being near a waterfall.
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. 1,492 Words

      by , 07-02-2018 at 01:22 PM
      I went to bed around 9, feeling very exhausted. Yesterday I didn't do my waking life recall as much. I watched at least 10 episodes of DB Super and played back to back Pokemon Battles.

      My recall level was still pretty good though. It didn't seem like I dreamed much more than what I remembered.


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      In another scene, I was with C V, O A, and some other people. We were doing some food preparation. There was also something about a meeting. I think some women were saying about what they would or wouldn't eat.

      I was making rice with peppers and other vegetables. I realized some people might want the rice and vegetables separate, so I started to separate them. I was near a fridge.

      Someone else came by and took a bunch of ice. The ice maker looked full and the fridge was full of ice too. I think I worried we'd run out of ice, but then there was some idea about how we could add water to the ice maker, and I wasn't worried any more.

      I saw someone's bowl for food. They had something with sprinkles along the rim of the bowl.

      I had some Pokemon Battles in my dreams. One had to do with a Dragon Pokemon in the mountains. I don't remember everything about that. What I do remember is that I had a Gengar, in the lower left. The opponent Pokemon was in the upper right. It showed our HP meters like the battle screens.

      However, in this one, my Gengar could move freely. So I ran around the battlefield. It was a brown, earthy terrain. I got to a bridge and saw two orbs. Those were energy orbs. 'Wow! Free energy!' I thought, and collected them.

      I was thinking something about how they put the word "Toxic" near my name. "Toxic" is just a status condition in Pokemon but I think it was more of an insult in the dream, which is silly.

      I remember a part where a person had hired big groups of people to do experiments on "scape goats". I don't remember all the experiments, but the last one involved basketball.

      Everyone was running around the basketball court, playing. I think the person was observing the one he'd identified as the "scape goat" of the group.

      There were also some parts in that about telekinesis. Using telekinesis to push people back.

      I dreamed that I felt really tired. I was out, walking around, and decided to just walk into someone's back yard and hang out near their fence. They had a white fence. I wasn't invited and I didn't even think I knew the people. I just thought I could walk into their back yard and hang out for a while.

      I felt so embarrassed when B W came walking towards me. Apparently, B W lived there! He asked about what I was doing there.

      I didn't really have a good explanation. I watched some cars drive by, and thought about stuff. Also, a big bus drove by, and I think it related to a prom.

      B W said something about how I always do certain kinds of things. I forgot the exact phrase. He had very thin brown eyebrows and brown eyes which I think is different from waking life. I haven't seen him in a while, so I don't know.

      I woke up from that, pretty relieved it had just been a dream! I was able to recall it and keep it in my mind until later.

      Something with weight lifting or RS/RM comes to mind but I can't quite place it.

      It felt like I had slept a long time, so I took my Huperzine-A 100mcg and Alpha-GPC 300mg before going back to bed. I am trying to get the timing of that stuff right.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I remember something about two people jumping out in front of a moving bus. I forgot why. They let the bus sort of push them along the road. Maybe it was a kind of protest.

      I remember dreaming about someone who had defeated Goku. I felt sad. I think it was Trunks. Goku seemed sad and depressed.

      I remember being on the road, but maybe walking instead of driving? I think I was with W N. We were turning left to go somewhere. I got a bit ahead of him. I think there was stuff with people from my college house, too.

      I remember more Pokemon Battles. In one battle, I was against a Rapidash, who was using Calm Mind. I figured their plan was to get at least 2 Calm minds before doing anything. I kept using Extremespeed and got them down to 1% HP.

      There was another Pokemon Battle where they had Leech Seed. I forgot who the Pokemon were but one had Recover. I was trying to take out their HP before Leech Seed took me down.

      I remember getting inside, and there were these platforms. I think there was a little spot I teleported to, also. Like a portal.

      I was supposed to walk back up. There were a lot of ramps and steps, and the platforms seemed to be floating in space.

      I had these rocks that I was able to do telekinesis on. I wasn't aware it was a dream, but I had some powers. I had some conscious control of my actions, too, and felt myself using the abilities first hand, but just didn't know it was a dream.

      I was able to put out my hands and pull the items to me while breathing in. I had a sense that pulling went with breathing in. One rock was a little heavier and I had to put my hands closer, but I could still pull it to me.

      I headed up the stairs and platforms, excited to show everyone what I could do. When I got to the top, someone from my college house was talking. He wasn't talking from a religious perspective but he still used the word "sin". I felt kind of ticked off at the religious language.

      I walked by someone else who said, "I hate when they use that word." I was like, "Me too!!!" And felt much better.

      I walked to the back aisle between two rows of seats. The place was kind of like a church. I remember the guy said he didn't like people to speak while he spoke. Normally this would tick me off, the authoritarian attitude, but he was younger than me, so I yelled, "Sorry!" As loud as I could. The place was so big, I could hardly hear myself.

      'I know! I will fly up over the middle row to the other side, and back towards those platforms,' I thought. So, that's what I did. I was able to fly up and over, but it was a little hard to aim for the door. I ended up flying into a white wall that hung over the place. It wasn't a crash, I just gently flew into it and then let myself down to walk from there. Still, I flew!

      I might have gone down into that room again. If I did, I don't remember what was there. Maybe another Pokemon Battle.

      I woke up from those and recalled them. My recall was good. I was happy with the recall. It's kind of a relief to be done writing so early. It's only 7:41 A M and I'm done.
    7. 1,569 Words

      by , 07-01-2018 at 11:56 AM
      I went to bed around 9, after a series of Pokemon Battles which I stopped around 8:14. There was an annoying noise, like someone was playing music in the distance.


      Round 1 of dreams.

      The first time I woke up, I remembered a lot, and thought through them a few times. The next time I woke up, I couldn't re-remember most of it. That was sad! It works most of the time.

      I remember one part when I was in Nana's living room. K S was there. We were talking about reading the meeting format for our group. She said, "You wouldn't want to do your will," and it really ticked me off. I said, "Yes, I want to do my will!" And went into this whole thing about how "I'm not going to keep saying I will do the will of some imaginary diety," with a lot of anger at K S and the other TWNMBD people there.

      There were some parts I wasn't sure if they belonged in round 1 or 2 of dreams so I will put them in round 2.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I remember a part where I was on a cell phone app. And on a page where someone was asking if certain functions of the app don't work on other peoples phones. It had a black and white interface.

      I remember going into a gas station or 7 11 kind of thing. There was an Indian man at the counter. I went in for a free slushy but didn't really want the slushy. I opened my wallet to donate a dollar anyway.

      There was this part with J T and blue solo cups. Something about how the solo cups needed to be cut into strips. Also I remember a frying pan being used. J T had cut the cup into jagged and dangerous strips. I knew they were supposed to be straight.

      The manager came along. He was like J from SWT. He didn't approve of the way the cups were cut. I realized he would assume I had been the one to cut them wrong. So I made sure to make it clear that J T had done it. I felt bad for this, but I would be blamed my default, and that wasn't fair!

      There was a part in a class room. I remember the teacher said that A R liked something about my writings or other work. So I talked to her about it. S S was there. I forgot all the details, but I remember telling everyone the importance of recovery from religion and the importance of resting and relaxing. Everyone seemed interested.

      I remember walking around and going into someone's house. It was someone like T M. She had a beard though. I forgot some details of this scene. But I remember she had boots on. In order to hide her height, she had bent her feet up into the leg part of the boot, not put them into the foot part. I could see them poking out. I wondered if that actually reduced her height, since her heels still touched the ground at the same place. Maybe she wanted me to get something for her.

      I remember being at the big food store and looking at some display with adjustable lighting. It may have been the produce section. I wanted to adjust the lighting down a bit. There was a reason but I forgot why.

      An electrical engineering woman, whose name I forgot, came out to tell me not to adjust the light. I said I needed it to be dimmer. I remember being on the phone with her, and going over her website. She was very busy with electrical engineering, but wanted me to review her website and then we could talk. I was embarrassed about the fact that I was an electrical engineering major in college, and yet, didn't know these things.

      At first, we were talking about the lighting, but I asked her about EMF's. She had a whole page about that, too. So I looked forward to our conversation. Her website was like the ones that sell the faraday cages.

      She also told me that she had a condition where she grew fur, like a mouse. It became part of the plot later in a minor way.

      I remember I had a friend in real-estate who gave me a property to sell. It was a big brick building with a huge glass window that looked out on a nice grassy field and other brick buildings. Someone was definitely going to buy it, and I would get the commission. I wondered why they would do something so nice for me. I remember looking at a cell phone, thinking about it, maybe sitting at a table by nana's pool.

      I remember sitting in a restaurant with some friends. We were doing some kind of I-spy thing. Part of it was to find two furry people. We found one and my friend was like, "They have rat fur!" Then the electrical engineer woman walked in. She had on a dress, showing that her back had lots of white-grey, curly hair.

      I didn't want her to be dragged into our game, since I knew her personally, and wanted her help with the electricity stuff. My friend said, "Look, she has rat fur/hair!" She said, "It's not rat hair, it's human hair."

      Then from a table behind me, someone said, "I hate smokers! When they spread their poisonous fumes out the window while driving, it's worse than a drive-by." I was so happy to hear someone say that. I said, "Yeah! I hate smokers, too!"

      Someone else was yelling at me. Apparently I had ignored them before. I yelled back at them in a yelling voice, but saying apologies, and that I wished we could be friends. They left and kept yelling at me as they left.

      I remember some Pokemon battles. I had to re-play each of them. In one, I was deciding whether to leave a certain Pokemon in play, based on whether or not it would one-hit K O the opponent. I decided to go for it. They sliced the opponent in half. But then it showed the opponent in one piece, laughing and walking off to the side. Showing that it was just a game and no one was really getting hurt.

      I remember another Pokemon battle scene where I had a Steel type Pokemon. At first, my steel move did like 50%, so I expected to K O next turn but it only did 25%. I didn't know why. That was the second time I had done the battle. I also noticed I had a move with 10 base power and 25 PP in the bottom right. I was like, 'Why would they include that??' The Pokemon I was using was like Golem. I wonder if I will notice differences between my Pokemon battles in dreams from the ones in waking life and get lucid. So far some of the differences have been, repeat battles, move damage seeming random, and silly moves.

      I remember the kid who had been yelling at me met up with me again as we were leaving. He said that my sister had gotten into a bus or train with their friends and left him behind. I remember seeing a mental image of the bus driver and a red stop sign. He tried to run after the bus/train but they wouldn't stop.

      I told him he could stay with my friends and I. He thought we were lame because we were an older crowd, and declined the offer. I thought to myself, 'We might be older, but we know each other well.'

      I thought I saw N M, a friend from school, but his arms weren't bodybuilder sized. So I figured it wasn't him. I got all excited to say hi but then kept talking to my other friend.

      I remember a part when I was driving my car to leave the city. We had been in the city for some kind of celebration, like new years eve. We thought it would be too early to leave, and traffic would be very congested. But still, I was tired, and wanted to go home.

      I got to one street and it was closed down, so they could run street sweeper trucks. I turned around and went the other way. While doing a U Turn, I thought about song lyrics which rhymed the words "love you" with "snorkle".

      I woke up and recalled those, then found I couldn't fully re-remember round 1. I remembered something with a part where I was gonna write, "[something] with another word after it" in quotes with the word something in brackets because I forgot that half. It was just OTTOTT though.

      I finished the outline by 6 A M and the entry by 6:50 A M. I guess it's nice to have the dream journal entry all done a little earlier, since yesterday's was over 4,000 words and took until 10 A M.
    8. 4,365 Words - selected parts in bold - lucid dream marathon

      by , 06-30-2018 at 03:09 PM
      I got lucid once tonight. Went to bed around 9:15 P M and finished the outline around 7 A M. I was up a little late, playing one more Pokemon battle! But I am using Pokemon battles to practice my episodic memory.


      Round 1 of dreams.

      I think I remember something with Goku, but only vaguely.

      I remember being at a 12 step meeting. There were people from my high school there. I was thinking or sharing about how I have a good amount of sober time. Most other people there seemed in their first few months.

      A woman sitting near me started to dig a pen into my chest or shoulder or something. It kinda hurt. I tried to get her to stop. Then some people behind me started taking pictures of me with their cell phones. They were all laughing. I tried to get them to stop.

      It became a fight scene kind of thing, where I was being chased. There was something about how 2 guys caught me in an alley, or between a big truck and a building, and were going to beat me up. I think I imagined powering up and sending them flying away.

      The fight/chase ended and I was walking along. I walked over a narrow cement thing, maybe like something at a skate park. I was thinking of being linked mentally to J B.

      I also remember a part where I was with a group of people. So I said, "I am a [diety] named Rock." I might have said "Greek [diety]." I said it in kind of a deep voice, like Gaston's voice. I think I felt silly or embarrassed after. I thought it would sound cool, but I just felt silly.

      I was walking out of their area when I noticed that they were enclosed in giant wire mesh tents. There was a zipper I unzipped to walk out. "Are these faraday cages?" I asked, wondering why in the world they would be using computer labs inside a faraday cage. "No," they said. "If they were faraday cages, we couldn't have all this equipment in here." I continued to walk out.

      I recalled those and then went back to sleep, still re-remembering them later. My memory is definitely leveling up!


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I remember something in the beginning with Pokemon cards. Me and/or others trading and playing them.

      I remember this part where I was laying in a bed in the yard. Like my grandmother's apartment complex. There was a dog I kept looking at. The dog looked back at me and I panicked. 'Oh no! If it sees me looking at it, it will come over here!' I was afraid of the dog, and tried to pretend I wasn't looking. Eventually the dog kept walking away.

      I remember being at an A C A meeting kind of thing. I was the chair person. I read the format for the meeting. But then I realized that everyone was directing their comments to a woman in the front of the room. I was just sitting in the back. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'I am supposed to sit in the front to read the format, so they will direct their comments to me.' So, I headed for the front.

      When I got up there, I said, "That sure was silly of me." And, "It is okay to do something silly." I remember hearing some comments like what I hear in A C A meetings as well as making my own comments.

      After the meeting, I was in the back of the room again, doing some kind of opposite hand writing. I had folded sheets of computer paper into segments. My opposite hand was making small letters with a brown felt tip marker.

      I remember asking someone for help or comments on what I'd done so far. I felt good about the writing. I remember thinking something about pushing or forcing myself to do it. There was a guy who came to comment on it, but I didn't like his comments. I kind of rejected the feedback and went on working on the writing. I realized I didn't need anyone's feedback. I also said something about how the writing comes from the left or right hemisphere of the brain.

      There were some women sitting nearby. I remember I had my wallet. There was much more money in there than usual! Without thinking much, I put it out on the table and just looked through the money. Then I realized the women would think I was trying to show off, and felt embarrassed or misunderstood. I wished I hadn't taken out the money.

      I remember walking along a road. I saw one or two people smoking. I was out of smell range and tried to run behind some buildings to ensure the smell didn't reach me.

      Then I was in someone's back yard. Kind of like J R's. I think there was a young teenage kid coming home from school, but he was going to smoke before his parents got home, so they wouldn't know.

      I wasn't aware it was a dream, but I was able to fly up onto his roof. I imagined that he saw me up there, and then I flew away. He would think I vanished or teleported, and be really amazed.

      I woke up and recalled those. Then I re-played all the dreams, rounds 1 and 2, in my mind, to form "solid" memories. When I went to re-remember round 2 in the morning, I could re-remember the end, but it took an extra moment to get to the part about the meeting. I just kept thinking, "I know something was there. I know I remembered it." And eventually it came back to me. Round 1 was easier to re-remember because the part where I said I was a diety came to mind right away.

      While I was up to use the rest room, I took 100mcg Huperzine-A and 300mg Alpha-GPC Choline.

      Oh! Another memory came to mind. Wow! Well, I remember someone trying to sell me something. I had a stack of white papers. At first they seemed blank. The next time I looked through, instead of blank pages, there were lots of packets with print all over them. Forms to fill out and informational packets. I figured I had just not noticed them, but it was actually the dream doing the thing where the words can morph when I look away and look back.


      Round 3 of Dreams.

      I remember a bunch of people were guests at nana's. One guy was going outside to smoke. I panicked and tried to make sure all the doors and windows were closed. Once they were, I considered talking with him from the other side of the glass. We could still talk, but his smoke wouldn't reach me.

      I remember someone showing me their coloring book. It had small square pages. They said how once they colored a page, they couldn't look back at it. They had to keep moving through the coloring book in sequence. The first third of it, or so, was colored. He seemed really happy with his coloring book.

      We were room mates in the kids room at my nana's house. The one where the computer room is now. There was a moment when I wanted to tell him, "Wait! This is a false awakening!" But I didn't think of that until I was between dreams. Round 3 was a marathon of dreams and there were earlier parts i couldn't remember.

      I had another false awakening where I was going to write down my dreams. I had my reclining chair and lap top. Some music was coming from Aunt C's room. I had the understanding that other people were guests at nana's house. So, I went to get my ear muffs.

      My sister was my room mate in this dream. I felt bad because she didn't have the same hearing protection as me. She showed me her ear plugs. They were made of play dough, plastic wrap, and little puffy balls of fabric stuff. Multi-colored. I knew they weren't the real deal like my ear plugs. "I will get you a pair," I said. But when I looked, none of my ear plugs looked fresh. I even had a red white and blue swirly colored pair. 'I might have to get her a pair tomorrow from home,' I thought. I felt sorry for her that she was using such ineffective hearing protection, and didn't even know.

      I was about to go to write on my lap top when I looked out to the hall way. Lots of people were walking by. 'That's different,' I thought. 'What are all those people doing, running around at night?' Then I noticed F was running through the hall. She had a beard! 'Oh! It's a dream!' I thought. That was definitely a dream-induced lucid dream.

      I followed F to nana's room. I wanted to talk to her! But people kept blocking me. She went into nana's bathroom and I couldn't get through.

      I decided to go downstairs and outside. I didn't have to do any stability techniques at all. It was all perfectly stable on its own, for quite a while! I walked down the hall. Two people were running down the hall behind me. Not chasing me, just running.

      The thought crossed my mind to crouch down on all fours, in a table top position, and trip them. I did it at the top of the stairs. Sure enough, they tripped over me, and went flying down the stairs. They landed with a bang on the ground, sprawled out and in pain, on the next floor down.

      I felt really bad about that. 'That was so mean,' I thought. 'Even though its a dream, I know that was too mean.' I put out my hand. 'Heal!' I thought. The two of them got up and ran off. I felt less confident in my healing power, and wasn't sure if it really worked.

      I went down the stairs and finished going outside, out the back kitchen door. I flew up. Where nana's pool is, there were lots of trees. They were kinda like palm trees, but with yellow and brown and golden looking leaves. I flew up above them.

      I really needed to use the bathroom! I landed and used the bathroom on the dirt, in the middle of the dream. (I didn't wet the physical bed.) Aunt B was sitting nearby with someone else. She kind of scoffed. I tried to ignore that, and flew up again. After I used the bathroom in the dream, I felt some relief, but I hadnít really wet the bed. It makes me wonder if the whole feeling of needing the bathroom was just an illusion in my dream body, rather than a physical need.

      So, I was flying up in the air. 'Maybe I will just go straight to outer space!' I thought. So I put my arms out in front of me like super man, and flew up. 'Wow, I am really gaining altitude,' I thought. I felt I was going really fast.

      'My shoulders might get tired if I keep my arms up too long,' I thought. 'I will put my arms down, and still fly.' So, I did that, and kept flying. I felt a good flight speed.

      There was a pinkish cloud in the sky with writing in it. I don't remember the words. But after a while, I looked down, to see how tiny the Earth looked beneath me. 'Huh?!' I thought. As I looked down, the pool and everyone down there were only like 20 feet below me.

      I surrendered and just floated back down to the ground. 'I will use the pool!' I thought. 'I could do a really reckless jump off the diving board!' Where the diving board usually is, there was just a little blue platform at water level. A young child was jumping off of it into the water. 'I need to jump from some place higher,' I thought.

      'Ah! The ladder rail!' I went to the rail of the ladder, which was a few feet high, and I guess I jumped in. I don't remember clearly. I do remember doing some wide grip dips on the edge of the pool, with my eyes closed, and thinking, 'This is hurting my shoulders, even in a dream!' Then, when I went to where I expected the ladder to be in waking life, it was right there in the dream, too. That's pretty amazing. I guess I swam in that pool so much as a child that my dreams replicate it with great accuracy and consistency.

      I climbed out from the ladder. Then I noticed a really tall tree trunk, but it had a flat top like it had been cut. It was at least 10 feet tall. I jumped to the top. Before I could dive into the pool, I saw that there were other tall trees with flat tops, and then a mountain of logs much taller.

      'I could practice my flight skills by aiming for the flat surfaces, instead of just flying aimlessly into space,' I thought. 'So I will!' My aim was good. I could jump from one flat top to the next. I felt myself gradually gaining altitude again. 'Maybe I will just climb these logs all the way into space.'

      Then, one of them appeared to be wobbly. 'Uh-oh!' I jumped to it anyway, thinking/hoping it was the only wobbly one. 'Uh-oh!' It wasn't the only wobbly one. I jumped from one flat top to the next and then the whole mountain of logs toppled. There were also orange protein jugs piled up there. They all toppled down.

      The people on the ground went running. "Ahhh!" They all cried out. When I got to the ground, I ran to the front yard to escape. I knew they would be mad at me!

      I forgot if I woke up briefly, or if the dream just transitioned. But I found myself watching two people talk about popsicles. One woman ate a popsicle. The other guy ate more of them, really fast. Every time, he said, "I like this one!"

      I remember a scene where I was writing a dream.

      I remember a thing about people selling pills. They had all these pill bottles. They said the pills were to help someone become a good lawyer. They had all sorts of names. I think they were supposed to be nootropics. One bottle had a clear side where I could see little white crystals, like sea salt. It said "Toxic" on the side, on a purple label. There was more detail to that part which I forgot. Something about limiting the amount of supplements per day.

      I remember a part where I had a funny red and yellow hat. It said something like, "M S C," on it. Other people with me had similar hats and shirts. I asked one person what MSC stood for, thinking there might be some kind of psychic download of information that I could verify in waking life. But the answer seemed silly. I forgot exactly what it was.

      We went along from store to store. This part was much more detailed but I didn't remember it in full. I remember in one store, they had some food on the shelf. I was aware it was a dream, so I kept making little hints, hoping my fellow dream figures would catch on. They didn't seem to notice it was a dream.

      We got to another store and I was busted for having stolen the MSC hat. "I will just give it back to you!" I pleaded. "Please don't make me be in trouble. I just didn't know what to do with it." I handed the hat and other stolen clothes over to the police man. He was wearing a dark blue uniform. When I looked down, I saw that I was wearing a dark blue police uniform, too, with a badge and everything! 'How am I gonna explain this one?' I thought.

      I looked at both of our feet. I had on black boots. He had on similar black boots, too, except they were elevated by black ice skate blades. 'That's interesting,' I thought. 'There's no ice in here.'

      An African American woman came in. Someone was laying on an examination table. Maybe I was seeing myself from outside at this point. "We will give him an X-Ray like when they are checking our mini for a baby!" She said. I think "mini" meant "womb". "That will determine if he stole the clothes!"

      I was found to have stolen them, and put into a coffin, and dropped into the sea. I felt like I was watching a show. Even though I wasn't the one in the coffin, just watching it made me feel all this claustrophobia.

      Luckily, a friend had snuck along with me. He could move in and out of the coffin and survive underwater. He positioned the coffin inside a sunken ship kind of thing, and then brought back some biscuits. "Here, eat these biscuits," he said. "It will keep your heart rate down." I guess the carbs would kind of sedate me so I wouldn't feel so bad about being imprisoned in the coffin.

      'If its my dream, why can't I just teleport outside the coffin?' I thought. But, I didn't have the powers at that time.

      Some how that dream ended. I am not sure if there were more details or if it just transitioned. I found myself in Aunt C's room. I knew it was a dream, but I really, really needed the bathroom again! I didn't want to wake up, though.

      Another dream figure appeared to advise me. He said I could go to the bathroom in Aunt C's room, and then my physical body would sleep walk to the bathroom at the same time, go, and then sleep walk back to bed, so I could continue dreaming. I really believed that this was going to work, and I would never have to wake up from a dream to use the bathroom again.

      I went to Aunt C's bathroom and saw two toilets. One was a urinal, on the left. The other was a toilet, on the right. I also thought that my physical body was sleeping in Aunt C's room so that made me really not want to wet the bed. And I thought that my physical body was positioned exactly where my dream body was in relation to the toilets.

      'I know that in waking life, there's a sink on one side, and a toilet on the other,' I thought. 'So, which side corresponds to the physical toilet?' It would have been the left, but I chose the right side, which was a toilet in the dream, but a sink in waking life. I peed all over the place. It wasn't easy to aim in the dream! I felt some relief after, and hope it worked. there were little trinkets all over the place, including on the toilet seat, that I knocked over.

      I noticed myself in the mirror. I had a short brown mushroom cut. 'Thats not me!' I thought. 'I have long hair and a beard.' I knew it was a dream, and continued on.

      'What should I do now?' I thought. 'I won't need to wake up for a while, so I could do anything I want!' While I used the bathroom, the dream had even done this thing where the bathroom light was flickering. It looked like my vision could be flickering between two worlds. I was really convinced that I had sleep walked to the bathroom, went, and sleep walked back to bed, to continue dreaming. Did I really wet the bed? Let's find out... (Cliff hanger!!!)

      'I know!' I thought. 'There was a party here before. I will go downstairs and get some food.' So I walked and flew down there. My dad was talking to my uncle. "Everyone is off doing their own little party!" he said with some scorn. My Uncle J was there. I remember seeing him for a moment. On the counter, there were rectangular packs of muffins with blue packaging. They had tiny muffins. I grabbed a pack and flew upstairs.

      'Wait!' I thought. 'What if I'm really in the physical world, and I just think I'm dreaming?! I would really regret eating this." So, I did a finger palm test.

      looking at the back of my left palm, I didn't see a finger poking out. 'Uh oh!' I thought. 'Wait, let me check the other side.' When I looked at the other side, my right pointer finger was buried in my left palm up to the second joint. It just wasn't poking out the other side. 'Interesting,' I thought. 'Never had it happen that way before.'

      I continued eating the muffins, just enjoying them. I think I got one or two bites before the dream ended. I guess just relaxing and eating the muffin caused the dream to end, while some degree of stress or action seemed to keep it going? Or maybe it was just time for it to end. I would like the dream to last, even if I do absolutely nothing but sit back and relax and look around.

      I remember being in my bed, and staying still, to recall the dreams. I must have still been in the phase because another dream began. In this one, I was watching someone like Beerus sleeping on his special planet. He woke up and saw a giant cloud up above, shaped like a dog's head and body. 'Oh no! I must position my body like the dog's body in the cloud!' he thought, and hurried to copy the posture.

      It must have been some kind of ritual. There was a crow like character, coming from the left side of the "screen" with a firey torch. They had a sash around their waist like Beerus shoulder armor, with the stripes. There were lots of torches lit behind them, too.

      I woke up from that special bonus episode of the dream marathon and stayed still, thinking of the dreams. My body felt really heavy, and I had no urge to fidget for a while. I couldn't tell if I had wet the bed. When I finally got the urge to stretch a little, I tried to feel around to see if I had wet the bed.

      I didn't! What a relief. It was a close call.

      Well, I am glad to be done typing those! I have been watching some cartoons lately and I feel inspired to try to make a comic from my dreams. When I recalled my dreams I kind of imagined them as a comic book.

      Like usual, I did my outline first, then typed them in full. I am finishing it now right at 10 A M. I am trying to get all the dreams written in full before going off and doing other stuff, just so that my biggest task of the day is completed. After my dreams are written up in full I can kinda relax a little easier.
    9. 2,035 words

      by , 06-29-2018 at 01:29 PM
      Tonight's sleep pattern was a little different. Instead of 5 rounds of dreams, I only had 3, and then it was morning already. I went to bed a little after 9, so that might be partly why. But my recall was good.

      I tried using a version of the mind palace method. But instead of using external objects, I just used my finger tips and the joints on my fingers. For example, I made the memory of the sea monster one fingertip because it was very memorable. Then I associated a memory linked to that with the next finger joint, and so on. I tapped on the finger joint as I thought about the memory to build the link.


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      I remember something with a Pokemon battle. I think I had a Pokemon with Psychic and Ice moves, but couldn't decide which to use.

      I remember being in my Nana's room, and/or at the Arboretum. Thinking of some homework assignments. I don't remember the particular assignments, but I remember the teacher.

      My idea in the dream was to create an excel file to hold all my homework assignments. This way they could be squeezed into a little excel block but look very organized. I was very excited about the idea.

      I remember floating on a raft around a lake. There was a bridge I would pass under, and a small water fall.

      There was something about aliens. They had come to Earth many years ago. Something about how they tried taking credit for the previous millions of years when really it wasn't them. I'm not sure how to describe it but there was one date mentioned from millions of years ago.

      I remember being at my Nana's. there were people with cell phones. They didn't have good reception, but they were happy anyway.

      I remember being in Nana's kitchen. I saw her go up the stairs with a cigarette. I was like, "Argh! Don't smoke inside! If you go outside, go far away, not even near an open window!" She seemed to be sorry. Smokers should be. I had a horrible run-in with an inconsiderate smoker on the way out of the store. They think they're having the time of their lives, getting stoned on nicotene, when really they are poisoning themselves and everyone else. I feel so angry at those damn smokers.

      I remember something about some EZ-up style frames being put up, with hoses traped over them. Uncle C or my dad was saying something like, "You wouldn't understand," which I think referred to the smoking. Oh, I understand, alright. I understand that those jerks should fuckin' stop. And I understand that their right to smoke ends where my right to breathe begins. Which basically means that all smokers belong in confinement camps.

      I remember the dream ended with me being at my nana's dinner table. My sister was to my left, and nana was to my right. I had my wallet and pulled out 6 dollars. A one dollar bill and a five dollar bill. I am not sure what I did with them.

      I woke up and recalled them. That was when I thought of that finger tip method, and using associations to ensure that I can re-remember the dreams later.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I was in a bedroom with a horse. I don't know if E was there. but I remember the horse could walk up on its hind legs. It also ran sprints accross the room, even though there were only 20 or 30 feet in one direction.

      I remember a black marble notebook with some writing in it. One page talked about how fire Pokemon should get more Energy Cards or something like that. Something about how they didn't make enough Fire Energy.

      I remember being at the little bridge at the back of the Arboretum. I was thinking about the difference between Humans and Saiyans.

      Then it shifted and I was in a church booth thing. I was hiding out as someone approached. It was A M. He was there to talk to someone about starting A C A meetings. When I appeared, he was glad to see me, and thought I had already got started on the meeting thing.

      He went to talk to the person. There was a huge puddle of water forming. I found a big basket of dirty linens and used them to soak up the water.

      I remember being in the room when the meeting was starting. Chairs were all around. I think R was there. I was trying to walk around. Some women were in a circle of chairs. Some how I got stuck in the circle and couldn't squeeze by the chairs. I made some funny faces and funny noises and they made way in the chairs to let me out.

      At some point, there was a totally different scene, but it seemed right in the middle of the meeting and food court scenes. So i will write it here. Someone like Goku was flying with someone like young Gohan through the air. They were carrying something big. The Goku guy was carrying it while the young Gohan character was just hanging from it by his arms.

      Then the young Gohan's arms started to stretch and he fell down to the water. Goku had to fly down and save him. There was a giant blue whale or sea monster thing.

      I remember feeling like i was the one flying after a while. I could land on a raft, but I knew the sea monster could bump the raft from underneath. I wanted to get to land, where we'd be safe from the sea monster. It had a blue back and face and a white under belly.

      I don't know how it transitioned to the next thing. But, next, I was in a cafeteria thing. There were food selections all around the room. Lots of stainless steel surfaces. I remember pouring myself some milk and then some bran flakes. I was going to put the milk first, then the bran flakes. I considered adding some sugar.

      A woman suggested I eat something else. I said maybe later. I wish I had got lucid! I noticed that they were putting out desserts, but not in a refrigerated space. So, if no one took the desserts within an hour or so, they'd have to throw them out.

      I said to R K, "Don't you think they should buy some fridges, and serve the desserts from there? The fridges would pay for themselves within..." And I estimated a time frame. He replied by questioning me, in a way that made me realize I didn't need to know what he thought about it.

      He had a big sundae in a glass sundae dish, and another food item. When I looked away, and looked back, I saw that he had already finished the three full scoops of ice cream in the dish and had added another 5! I wish I would get lucid in these food dreams! I would eat lots of dream food.

      I remember driving down the hill that leads into the Staples parking lot. I was hearing some song about "smoking the water" and was concerned about the smoking reference. I took a left, then a right. There were some road signs... I think the car vanished and I was just walking.

      Where I arrived was another facet of the cafeteria and meeting room place. This time it was another computer lab. There were only a few computers, and one person there.

      She was a blonde woman in a grey medium sleeve shirt. The shirt had red around the cuffs and red lettering.

      The woman sat back in a computer chair and told me that she wants to meet someone who needs her affirmations. I told her that I don't really need affirmations because I am already okay with self talk. It seemed like she wanted to coach someone in self talk.

      Then, J B came in through the door. I remember seeing his head through the glass window. She began to ask him about some things, and some other people they knew. I felt sad that she might lose interest in me.

      They were playing a guitar song. I think it was played in a way of criticizing someone else. Whoever they were criticizing came in. He happened to be the original artist of the song they were playing. He got his guitar and played, singing, something like, "Brad, dont go and blaze youself." I originally remembered the tune, but lost it. Dream memories of musical tunes have sometimes slipped my mind more easily than other dream details.

      Then there was something about work at the big food store where M R worked... There was something about a chimney pipe on top of the building. Someone in the room with us was saying how is was difficult to work there, not knowing who was the evil one and who was the good one.

      I woke up and recalled those. It was really satisfying to be able to go back, and back, and back. I guess my waking life recall is paying off again.

      I took my Alpha-GPC 300mg and Huperzine-A 100mcg before returning to bed.


      Round 3 of Dreams.

      I couldn't remember any dreams from round 3 for a while. So, I re-played Rounds 1 and 2 in my mind.

      Eventually, after my mind had wandered off, I remembered! I was in the high school locker room, changing for gym class. I saw my running shoes and didn't want to wear those. I wore my white vans and tan khaki pants. I wondered if those were going to help in gym class, but figured I would give it a try.

      That was all I got, from Round 3.

      However, something else interesting happened. I had a memory from last night's dreams return to me. I just remembered seeing some kind of pink tiles... Almost like Trick Room from Pokemon. Appearing in front of me. And I was like, 'This is a dream! I'm lucid!' I know it was from last night's dreams.

      I finished the outline around 6:36 A M, so I was up early. I am getting shoulder pain in my right and left shoulders when I lay on either side for a few hours, which is making it hard to fall asleep. I hope something will alleviate this, since I don't know how to sleep on my back.
    10. 3,709 Words

      by , 06-28-2018 at 03:51 PM
      On this night I had a much higher dream recall and lucidity compared to the nights before. I think part of that was that I practiced waking life recall again. I had been playing back to back pokemon battles or DB Super episodes but I changed it. Instead of going back to back with those, I journaled about each one afterward, kind of like recalling a dream.


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      I remember something about a computer lab, and some people trying to contact outer space. Then, I was looking at a television. On the television, there was a row of pictures of cymbals. The sounds from them were used to communicate to outer space.

      Then I was looking at shelves. There were bottles of juice. The bottles had kind of a swirly design around the outside. Almost like a winding ramp.

      Someone said that J A wanted to ask me something. I went to pour myself a cup of the juice. I don't think she wanted any. The juice was a dark orange color, like mango.

      J A wanted to ask me what I thought about having a baby. She asked me if I wanted to have one. It wasn't clear if she meant, have a baby with her, or if she was just asking in general, like some kind of survey. Either way, I was like, "Yeah! I think having a baby would be cool." But of course there's a lot to think about before having a baby.

      I had been leaning back on my chair the whole conversation, without realizing it. Someone to my right said not to lean back on my chair. 'Have I been leaning back on my chair this whole time?' I thought. I tried to make sure all 4 chair legs were on the ground.

      I recalled those and then went to sleep, still re-remembering most of it later... There were one or two earlier parts I didn't re-remember though.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      There were definitely earlier parts that I couldn't "reach".

      I remember being in front of a mirror, in a bathroom. Ms. M and J C were behind me, talking to me.

      Ms. M left, but a younger kid arrived, around age 14. He told J C that I liked her! I think she said something about not liking me in that way or something... Or maybe I just expected her to reject me. So before it made anything awkward, I told the kid, "Yeah, I like her!" But explained I liked her as a family friend, and mentioned our camping trips, and so on. I think that eased some of the awkwardness that I felt.

      I told the child that if he kept practicing his speaking skills, he'd be very good at it by the time he was 20. He rode his bike away.

      I remember seeing Ms. G (English teacher) sitting at a little desk. Then I went down a set of long yellow stairs. Each step was longer than my foot. I considered going down them backwards but just went down forwards, feeling light.

      Then I was in a Pokemon battle. My Pokemon had 2 steel type attack moves. One had 75 accuracy and one had 85. I was caught trying to decide which to use. I think I chose the 75% accuracy one because both were kind of risky anyway. It had some kind of silver umbrella thing appear on the opponent's side of the field.

      Then I was out of electricity. I needed electricity from outside the game to use to move inside the game. There was a wire with something I could charge up, right behind me. I went to get the current flowing, but realized the wire was directly touching my leg! I quickly jumped away, cursing. The wire lit up bright blue.

      At one end of the room, there were 3 people on a couch. The guy on my left had on a white shirt. He drew a black line with marker on his left side pocket. He said something like, "Please don't curse like that." But something about his tone really triggered me. It was probably because he failed to acknowledge/sympathize with my panic and fear, and instead found fault with my word selection. I started to curse him out pretty intensely.

      There was someone sitting in the middle. Maybe a smaller woman. I am not sure I even noticed the details of the person.

      The guy on the other side of the couch, to my right, was wearing a grey shirt. He coldly told me that I was being "sinful". This brought up even more rage... The exact reason I HATE religion. Because they failed to notice my actual state (fear/panic) and just judged the behavior as wrong. So it is very abandoning.

      I started cursing that guy out and telling him his religion was stupid. He was physically bigger than me, and decided he would physically assault me! So I tried to flee. I realized that the police would probably take his side, too, which sucked... At one point, he had me pinned down. "[name of diety] wants me to punish you!" He said something idiotic like that. I could see he had sharp teeth when he bared them.

      I somehow got out of that pinning and ran away. I saw myself from outside. I looked like Littlefoot from Land Before Time. He caught me in a net thing, like the collars they use in Animal Control. He had me walk ahead of him.

      We passed through a swampy graveyard place. With lots of grave stones but a few inches deep of water. Wading through there, I got a little ahead of him. I snuck off to the side to hide behind a grave stone, and he walked right by, thinking I continued on straight. He had morphed into a white ghosty kind of shape character.

      Eventually, he turned around, and started coming towards my hiding place. This dream was pretty scary. Not quite nightmare level but it reached around 70% nightmare level.

      I remember it transitioned into another Pokemon Battle. I had a move that only did 10% of their HP each time. I used it for a few turns. Suddenly, it did 25% of their HP, without even getting a critical hit. I wasn't sure why, but one more would have the K O.

      I remember thinking that I don't want to curse out people like that if possible, since they might want to beat me up. But I don't like having to... Filter the way I express my emotions. Anyway, I just remember being in the woods. And leaning my stationary bike on the wheels. I was going to push it up some stairs. Then I woke up.

      I recalled those and went back to sleep. I just made sure to re-play them in my mind enough to form a solid memory. I still re-remembered it all by morning.

      I also took my 100mcg Huperzine-A and 300mg Alpha-GPC Choline at this time...


      Round 3 and 4 of Dreams..

      I remember being in my Nana's room. I was on a lounge chair near her dresser. I had the land line on the floor to one side. She almost stepped on it. "Don't step on the land line!" I yelled. I moved it to the other side. My sister was there too.

      I went home to get some protein. It was morning, but it was dark out, still. My dad had just got home at the same time. I called out to greet him.

      I remember being in my room at 15. Someone was sharing about religion on a phone meeting. (I heard a share about religion yesterday, involving false loyalty to a dysfunctional church, that seriously pissed me off, so that's probably why i dreamed of it so much. Recovering from religion is a big deal to me.)

      After the meeting, on the fellowship line, I was telling the guy that his comment was stupid. And that his religion is stupid... He kept hearing what I said then taking a moment before replying. Whenever he spoke again, I tried to shut him down again. I remember looking at a pair of black pants while being on the phone.

      Then there was a woman with a book. She was talking about Satan but then she started calling it "Thesatan". There were some other concepts of dieties in the book. She also said that heavy people, with an over-eating habit, might want to make friends with a janitor. Since janitors see all the food people drop on the floor.

      At some point along these dreams I was awake physically in bed. I didn't need the bathroom though so I stayed still, recalled what I could, and went back to sleep.

      I dreamed I was on a phone meeting with M and 2 other guys. But, they were actually there in person. M shared first. He said that he likes "scriptures", but something someone said in favor of them in an earlier meeting had ticked him off. Hearing him mention "scriptures" had ticked me off, too. I was thinking of sharing reactively about it by the time my turn came around. I felt very reactive, just hearing about it. Religion is definitely a touchy subject for me to hear about, unless someone is saying religion sucks.

      I remember being in the guest room, but in the dream context, it was my room. I still felt a little out of place there. My Dad came to the door. "How was your day?" he asked. "Wait! I'm changing!" I said, and closed the door before he could look in.

      I remember dreaming that I was laying in bed, on my left side, like my physical body was. My dad came in the room again. He was angry about something. He said I wasn't allowed to use pencils any more. I think he also said I wasn't allowed to speak out against religion any more. I felt intimidated, and afraid to say anything, but I will speak out if I damn well please. He's not allowed to touch me... Unless he wants to give me a license to defend myself. At which point I will stop him. Anyway, in the dream, he seemed angry at me.

      My dad came in the room again. Again, from the head of my bed, he was yelling at me. Again, he said I'm not allowed to use pencils any more. A little green and gold emblem thing fell onto the bed. It had the letters "D" and "R" on it. My dad went to leave the room.

      I got the hunch that I might be dreaming. I got up. I might have floated up or perched on top of a dresser. Anyway, I asked him. "Dad! Wait! What's the name of the second car you let me use?" I had to "think fast" to come up with a question that he would be unable to answer if it were a dream.

      "Um... Marrion." He said it very matter of factly. Of course, that is incorrect. "No!" I said, and I said the actual name of the car. "You're not real!" I said, and flew up in the air. In hindsight, I probably would have been better off letting him walk away, then enjoying my lucid time, but I didn't think of it.

      I flew towards him and he became a sort of robot with a big white dome top and white vaccuum hoses for arms. I could see him through the slightly opaque white dome. At first I got ready to fight off his white vaccuum hose arms.

      Then I remembered to stop fighting in the dream. I gave the big robot vaccuum thing a hug and said, "I love you!" Then the dream ended and I woke up.

      I stayed still and recalled those. After using the rest room, I played the dreams back some more in my mind, then went back to sleep.

      I re-remembered it in full in the morning. This re-remembering thing is awesome. I never thought it would be possible to remember all the nights dreams, even rounds 1 and 2, in the morning. Without even making notes. I guess I have reached an advanced stage.


      Rounds 5 (and 6?) of Dreams.

      I dreamed I was in a version of my room at 15. My mom and sister or dad and sister were in the room, talking. I was on a phone meeting. Well, I was sleeping with the phone near me, and I dreamed that I kept waking up to dial a phone meeting.

      'Wait, why am I sleeping with the phone near me?' I wondered. 'It has lots of radiation!' So I pushed it away. 'Also, why am I on the phone when the other 2 are right there? I could be talking with them!'

      Once I hung up the phone, they dissappeared, too.

      I remember being in a bed. I was adjusting my position. I kept trying to put a pillow over my eyes, but accidentally covering my whole face. It really scared me that I would be unable to breathe while I slept.

      Then I remember being in a dorm room kind of building. It was more eventful but I didn't remember 100% from the earlier parts. I know I was lucid though. I was practicing abilities with some other people. There was "William" and there was "Lauren" and one other guy. (No waking life correspondence.)

      I knew it was a dream but they didn't seem to. "William" could punch really hard. Since it was just a dream, I let him punch my hands for practice. It actually hurt a lot, even in the dream. But I knew it wasn't doing physical harm so I let him continue. I think that came from watching DB Super, when they punch each others hands.

      Then I remember having a pain in the right side of my thigh. Maybe it was from the pillow in waking life. I showed "William" that if I used a twig and pressed into the location of the pain, I could release the trigger point.

      He was enjoying punching me so much that he wanted to punch my leg. At first, I hesitated. Then, remembering it was still a dream, I let him go ahead. Behind us, "Lauren" and her boyfriend were listening to a song about "[name of diety] is good" that was really ticking me off. I wanted to ask them to stop the song but didn't for some reason.

      Then "Lauren" and her boyfriend were just being affectionate, telling each other things like, "I love you" and "I always support you" and "I am here for you." Hearing them have that kind of bond brought up a lot of grief for me. As they walked off to the side of the room, I thought of my Inner Child.

      There was some kind of tac in the wall. To the right there just so happened to be a blue shoe box of my childhood photographs. I doubted my ability to "summon" the inner child, but the dream did it for me.

      I noticed one photo looked like my 4th grade photo. I picked it up. I was smiling and had big teeth. I was wearing a black plaid button down shirt with white and gold/tan lines. The next photo was of me as a kid, at a lemonade stand kind of thing. There was a big neon green poster in front of the table. It said, "I Love Narrating Elimos". The lower case "i" in "Elimos" was bold. I think it meant "Elmos" as in Sesame Street, but in a child's spelling.
      The next picture was of me as a kid. This time I had an orange poster. It said "My Russian Robot Bug" something something something. I forgot the exact words. I became very emotional and started to cry in the dream. I don't know if I cried physically when I had woken up but I felt very emotional.

      I had a brief awakening there. I don't remember if I got up, stayed still moved a little, or anything. That's why I wasn't sure if this was 5 rounds of dreams or 6. But I fell back asleep and they continued.

      I remember a part near the dining room of 15. I remember someone was saying how they wanted to get some kind of fat-removal surgery. But they probably wouldn't stop their overeating habit. So they'd just be in a cycle of overeating, gaining weight, getting surgery, and repeating it.

      Someone else said that they were afraid to go to college and get a career going. But really they were alluding to what was underneath the heavy person's condition.

      I remember another part about some kind of underground sewer or cement tunnel. Then I was walking around a building... Being called in to work? When I got inside, the job was to go into a giant bag of dirt, and I guess dig. I was eager to be called in to work, but other people were called in first.

      I remember being in the dorms again from the previous lucid dreams. I was practicing using powers with other people there again. "William" and "Lauren" were still there.

      I forgot some parts but I think we were afraid we'd get in trouble for breaking in. So, we left the dorm. Then, we realized that "William" and "Lauren" actually lived there, so we hadn't broken in.

      Anyway, we were out front. "Lauren" was sitting up on a table. It showed all of our names on the side. "Lauren"'s name was "SEVIL". She had to put herself as "single" on her profile due to a lawyer situation, but she wasn't really single. She said that if she was actually single, she would be in love with me. Wow! That was nice. She had blonde hair.

      I walked around the side of the building. I might have been riding a bike or a car, or flying. I was aware it was a dream. "William" and 2 others passed by ahead of me, from the other side of the building. "We're going to the dining hall! Come with us!" They said. I followed along.

      It changed from night time to day time as we went up the hill. It was a grassy area. I knew it was a dream, but I don't know if anyone else did. "William" was doing amazing tricks on his bike, but couldn't understand how he had gotten so skillful. He did one trick I forgot. Then, a 360 tail whip, and landed back on the bike. I got on the back pegs and he did a prolonged front wheelie.

      After that, he kind of rode or fell down a steep grassy hill. I used telekinesis to lift up some green leaves and tried to lift him back up the hill. Then I noticed the food court area.

      The chefs behind the food stands were saying, "Telekinesis isn't real!" and it was ticking me off again... I was gonna prove them wrong! I started to use telekinesis on some of the purple domes on top of the building, and then the dream faded.

      I was briefly in the phase, thinking I had woke up in bed... Then suddenly I was on an elevator. A guy ran buy, holding 5 big scrabble letters that said "DEILD". He held the letter "I" right up to my face, and I realized, 'It's a dream!'

      I woke up from those dreams and recalled them. My body felt much heavier than usual but I knew I was physically awake. Eventually I used the bathroom and laid back down, to replay rounds 1 through 5 or 6 in my mind, and see if I'd sleep again. Nope. I got up and made the outline of the dreams around 8 A M.

      It was a Thunder Storm last night. I actually enjoyed the sound of the thunder and rain. I like the natural sounds but not the industrial or plane noises.
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      by , 06-27-2018 at 02:54 PM
      I went to bed around 8:30 or 9. I did more journaling and memory work on 6/26 than I had been doing on previous days.


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      I remember one part about being angry about washing machine noise. I was on the phone with my nana. And the washing machine was making annoying noise. So I just flipped out about it on the phone. Nana was listening very sympathetically.

      I remember another part at the end where I was running from some pirates. I was inside a building. Maybe a basement. I had locked the door knob behind me. It was one of those door locks that has to be pressed in. Then I ran up some stairs.

      Some how I re-appeared on the other side of the door I had locked. But I just opened it again, and locked it again.

      I woke up and recalled what I could, then did an RBFA. I didn't re-remember everything but still got a good amount.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I remember being in my Nana's room. And then near her dresser drawers. I had stored my food in some cups and shoes. I had stored one serving in each of my white vans shoes. And some others in some cups.

      I wondered if the food in the shoes would be edible. 'Wouldn't it get contaminated from the inside of the shoe?' I thought. 'Maybe I will just eat it from the shoe this time and then start using other containers.' I didn't want to waste it.

      At some point I remembered the cups I store my food in in waking life, which are more sanitary.

      There may have been a part with my sister and her friend M. Maybe something with my dad.

      I also dreamed about rolling down a hill. I had been encouraging people to roll down a snowy hill as fast as possible, and they wouldn't get hurt. Then someone rolled down and landed on some stairs or someone who was stuck at the bottom, and got hurt badly. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'I mean, they could roll down, as long as someone has verified that the coast is clear.'

      I went to write some kind of amendment to my original statement so that I wouldn't be sued or anything. That led to me posting on some message boards. There was a board that had a variety of topics, all in alphabetical order.

      I also remember being in a building with some stairs. The forum had lots of pages. White back ground, blue hyperlinks.

      I recalled those and did another RBFA. This RBFA and re-remembering thing is great. I am getting so much more sleep now.


      Round 3 of Dreams.

      I remember a part outside these buildings. A guy was reading from the Big Book. It was an early chapter. Maybe Doctor's Opinion. I didn't want to hear it.

      Everyone was waiting outside the building for the meeting to start. Sitting in an overhang thing by the door. I didn't want to sit with them in case any one smoked.

      Eventually we got inside. I remember standing around with people. Then some other people wheeled out giant peanuts. 'They make peanuts this big?' I thought. 'I guess so!' The peanuts were like 4 or 5 feet long and wider around at the biggest point than my shoulders.

      Then there was something with coconut oil. It was for something specific in the meeting. I had a little table spoon measurer, maybe a green plastic one, and I took a table spoon. I wasn't supposed to have done that.

      Y J saw me do it, but didn't get me in trouble. I hid the tablespoon of coconut oil under something, and considered eating it to make sure I wouldn't be caught. I wondered why I had even taken it, if I didn't even want it right then.

      There were a bunch of rectangular tables. They were a light golden brown color of wood, with a wood grain patterning. I kept expecting them to put all the tables in one long row, but they didn't. Instead, they had them separated. I guess it made it easier for people to walk around them.

      I sat next to someone who showed me the design of the table. They showed me how it repeated almost like a fractal pattern. And how the design looked like peanuts. They also showed me some dark spots and said something about how it looked like a holiday.

      I remember being at some kind of store in the mall. It was something like S P's store but also reminded me of C W's store. It was a lucid dreaming store. He had shelves of lucid dreaming related pills in the middle. One was called "Red Tops" and said Benadryl on it. I was like, 'They use Benadryl for lucid dreaming?' Those were just circular red pills

      There was also something called "Blue Tops". Those were blue cylinders with white stuff poking out of each side. There were other shelves of pills, too, but I think I woke up.

      I remember seeing a picture of Alakazam. And something in the dream was telling me, "You have to fall asleep with focus. Once per night practice falling asleep with focus, then the other times you can fall asleep normally." Something like that. I understand that, but I already fall asleep focused on dream recall, so my mind is occupied.

      I recalled those and let myself RBFA again. That last detail with the lucid dreaming store was funny because it was on my mind as I typed the outline, but only OTTOTT. Then suddenly it came back into full view. Yay!

      I took my Alpha-GPC 300mg and Huperzine-A 100mcg before going back to sleep for Round 4 of Dreams.


      Round of 4 Dreams.

      I remember being at a shoe store in the mall. I was trying on some black and/or tan shoes made of a fabric material. I needed another size. The attendant guy there was saying how he needs 45 minutes to find the right pair. but I'm not allowed to leave the store to go any where else while I wait.

      So I waited. Then a woman brought out a form for me to fill out. It was at least 4 full pages of stuff. "Do I really have to put my social security number?" I asked, noticing 3 little squares. "Yes," she said. I went ahead and filled it in. (I was thinking of how forms say "last 4" of your social but in the dream it was "last 3".)

      As I filled out the form, and looked around, I figured it was because every person's shoes would have a different foot print. Then, they could easily catch someone who did a crime based on the foot prints. They wouldn't just sell shoes to someone with cash any more.

      Then I saw my Uncle C at the register. He might have had someone with him. I looked at him, but he didn't seem to notice me at all.

      I remember being at this church building place. Then went outside. A Mustang was out to the side, in the drive way. I got on a motor cycle. I had my lap top open on a panel of the motorcycle. It showed a map which was similar to near the Arboretum.

      I had a funny feeling throughout this dream. I thought it was waking life, but I thought that I could fly or use powers if I really, really tried. So my plan was to fly the motorcycle to the arboretum.

      Then I decided just to drive it... But realized I had no helmet. 'Will I get in trouble for having no helmet?' I wondered. I had on my orange glasses and some head phones or ear muffs.

      Just then, a family pulled into the drive way. They were out of gas. The father had 2 red gas cans to help fill up the car. 'I could just give them some gas from my tank,' I thought. But I didn't know how to get it out.

      They came into the church building with me. The dad went to light a big cigar. "Wait! Please don't smoke that while I'm here. If you start smoking that I will leave." He put it out.

      "Maybe you should just call some actual mechanics," I suggested. The mom told me that she didn't want to, because of a bad experience with the mechanics last time.

      'Maybe the other people arriving at the church can help them!' I thought. Sure enough, some people were beginning to come in from a hall way over to the right. There was one older man in a suit. I figured they could help, and I went to the bathroom.

      'I know it's not a dream, but I really think I can have some powers,' I thought. I was in a bathroom stall and some how the lock didn't work right. But anyway, I tried to jump in the air, then turn my body into a push-up position in midair. Then, use the force to push against the ground, making me levitate. It actually did work a little, but I eventually landed on the ground. More lightly than I would have with full gravity.

      I left the bathroom stall and walked back out to the room I'd previously been in. There was some water I slipped on. A heavy African American guy was out there. I asked him why I felt like I had powers, or something like that. "Because of all the love!" He said. I still didn't know it was a dream.

      I walked over to a table where E L was working. He was in charge of a Pokemon card table. I remember seeing one Venusaur card. It's HP was in red lettering, but not in bold. It had something like 228 HP. There were other cards, too. Some looked like proxy cards. I remember an electric type.

      I realized that E L had been covering for me, and really, it was my shift to be in charge of the Pokemon table! From 3 to 4 PM. It was already 3:50. "Do you want to do the rest?" he asked. "Sure!" I said, almost not seeing the point.

      I walked around the side of the table. There was a chair. I wanted to do a front flip with my hands on the chair, and land inside the 4 tables. I managed to get in the air but crashed down on the table on my left side.

      Then i woke up. I had been laying on my left side physically, so it made sense to land that way. I think I was afraid I had hurt my ribs, until I realized it was a dream. Then, I was like, 'Argh! I was trying all that stuff but didn't realize it was actually a dream!!!'



      Round 5 of Dreams.

      I remember driving around near O B and then being at a gas station. I was thinking about making a You Tube channel. Something about hiding my identity though. Or responding to comments. Not sure.

      Then I was in a place like that church place again. I remember Vegeta was there. A guy from the church was offering him some diagrams on the wall that would be helpful for target practice. Vegeta said, "no thanks," because he was afraid the pictures would brain wash him.

      Then, an older man came through without a shirt. He got his shirt and put it on. There was something about how that man proved that people here were being brain washed. They were under mind control.

      Then Vegeta was about to buy something at the vending machine. "No! Don't buy the processed food!" I said. But it was too late. He selected a thing of cookies.

      He ate half of one. "I will just use these when my HP gets low," he said. There was something about writing it down. "Okay," I said. "It's good to have something you like."

      Then it shifted to where I had a brand new blue chair cushion on a table... And a guy was walking on top of the table to get to something. He stepped on my blue cushion a little and I got really angry. I started yelling at him. "You should ask first to see if its okay to step on my cushion!!!" Something like that. He yelled back.

      I also remember something about writing my dream journal entry. I was writing on paper, and also had some drawings on the paper. I was writing around the drawings. I remember I was writing about the part with the mom and the kids.

      I also remember something with a stack of coins. I think that was as I was waking up. I saw that image.

      I woke up and recalled those, then re-played all the night's dreams in my mind. I've been regularly getting 5 rounds of dreams per night, which I think is good. I also appreciate the consistency. My shoulders have begun to hurt from sleeping on my side again. That worries me a little but I hope it goes away. I missed the 7:30 W A meeting because it was 8:14 by the time I finished the dream outline. But I'm glad I'm sleeping enough for a change. Sometimes early morning meetings are hard to let go of. In the past I would be too adrenalized about getting to the meeting, and not let myself finish sleeping. I am trying to let go of that now, since there are plenty of day time meetings.
    12. 1,408 words

      by , 06-26-2018 at 01:18 PM
      I went to bed around 9. After one more match of Pokemon Show down... Times 5!


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      I could only re-remember one part, which was an abstract chart C R had made to document his achievements. It was designed like a building layout.

      I remembered more parts from the end of Round 1, but didn't re-remember them once I woke up again.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I remember something about really luxurious hotel rooms. And installing a special stair case in them. Also, there was an African American person in my room. I forgot the details. I think they had a similar personality to the hip hop artists I listened to when I was around 16.

      I forgot the middle parts.

      My memory begins again with a part when I was outside my high school. By the tennis courts. I threw something in a garbage can. A teacher noticed, and asked me to stand near the garbage can for 5 minutes, and sketch it.

      I didn't want to. But he insisted. His reasoning was that if I added up all the time I spent looking at a garbage can when I threw something out, just a few seconds each time, it would add up to at least 5 minutes. So, therefore, standing near it for 5 minutes and drawing it wouldn't be too much.

      The dream changed and it was something about time to eat. Ms. M gave me some italian food. I jumped down like ten feet and landed just fine in front of it. There was also a hydro massage thing, like from a hot tub, as I stood there.

      I needed some utensils. Ms. M gave me some plastic ones. At first, I doubted the effectiveness of them. Then I decided they would be fine. There were some tiny carvings on some of them. One had a piece of wire as part of it.

      K S came by and I showed her the utensils. She thought they were cool.

      At some point, earlier, I remember something with a train. it was probably more involved than I could remember. Oh well!



      Round 3 of dreams.

      I think I just woke up from a short dream or one I didn't remember much of. Got up for a moment than laid back down. At some point there might have been something about not using too much light at night. Only the minimum.



      Round 4 of Dreams.

      I remember something about getting a pet dog. Maybe I even saw the dream from the view point of the dog. Not sure.

      I remember at least ten pounds of black beans. I felt bad because they were going to go to waste if we didn't plant them. I thought of some local field and how I could spread the beans all over the field. There would be bean stalks cropping up everywhere and no one would understand why!

      I also thought it would be inhumane because people would keep mowing them down. It wouldn't be a fun life, to be a plant, planted somewhere they keep mowing everything down.

      There was a little strip of grass indoors. I thought that might be a nice place. I pictured a big tree sprouting up from the sun that came from the windows. On a side note, I also remember something with a box of cereal at some point.

      I thought of pouring the beans into big plastic containers and putting them in the closet for now. As I poured them from one thing to the other, they cried out, "Ahhh!!! Help!!!" or something like that. They almost seemed like little bugs by then.

      I remember various sizes of those brown amazon boxes sitting around. And something about Stewie Griffin kicking the littlest one, but very lightly. Also, I remember something about packing peanuts or popping the bubble wrap.

      I remember a scene where Cat Dog (the Nickelodeon character) was lost in the middle of a city. Something with a bunch of cars driving by. I think they were sick or poisoned. I hadn't even thought of Cat Dog in like 10 years but it randomly came to mind, and I watched some on youtube, within the last few days. Funny how its in my dreams already.

      I remember being in a house with some people. I don't know if I was myself and they were my family, or if I was someone else, or if they were someone else. Etc. I remember something with magic and something with water guns.

      Some people were going up stairs. I followed them and began to be lucid.

      After that I woke up. I was able to recall a bit more of these dreams and then still re-remember it later.


      Round 5 of Dreams.

      I remember being someone else in these dreams.

      I remember we were eating some Italian food at the table. I sat at the head of the table accross from an older woman and there were other guys my age sitting on the sides of the table. A big towel appeared in my mouth. I tried to absorb the sauce from it and then take it out of my mouth.

      While I did that, the woman said something like, "Isn't it great how he doesn't say anything?" I got really mad, and looked at my fist. But I was still working on removing the towel from my mouth. 'Oh, I guess she doesn't want me to say anything. Well, then, I won't reply when she says, "I love you", either,' I thought. So I imagined her wanted me to say, "I love you," And me not speaking. and just thinking, 'Well, I guess you don't want me to talk!'

      I remember beginning to leave the place. I was going to move out or something. There was a blonde woman around my age alternating between complaining about me and then not wanting me to go. I left. I remember seeing a chalk board. It said how I began to work an A C A program that day, and healed from the problems in those relationships.

      The woman from the dream had been in W A and found out about me being in A C A through an inter program survey she was taking. It was about how the nay sayers of addiction based 12 step programs can sometimes end up going to the anon programs.

      I remember sitting in a meeting. I was taking really long and slow breaths. It took a while for my lungs to fill up, but once they did, I was able to feel that "lungs full" sensation.

      There was a guy accross the room sharing. He paused to take an in breath. In that time, the guy next to him thought he had finished, and started to share. The guy was wearing an aqua green shirt. He got up and shrugged it off, walking to get something and sit back down.

      I woke up from those and recalled them. Then, I went back around through round 1. I almost lost the end of Round 2! But some how I retrived it. What a relief. I made my outline then typed them up.
    13. 2,987 words - selected parts in bold

      by , 06-25-2018 at 03:00 PM
      I went to bed around 8. I spent most of the day watching cartoons and playing on Pokemon Showdown, so it was surprising how many dreams I got.


      Round 1 of dreams.

      I initially remembered more dreams, and even re-remembered them once I woke up from round 2. But the memory had vanished by the next time I went to retrieve it! I was lucky to even recall this. There was actually a lot I initially remembered and I made sure to think about it a few times over instead of lingering on the one detail I was stuck on, to form a more solid memory.

      I think there was something at my nana's. Maybe with my uncle or Aunt C or more relatives.

      There was a part where I was at my college house. I remember being in the room 2 or 3 loft. There was something about a chimney leading up. A square hole in the ceiling.

      There was something about a T V show or movie. Maybe a cartoon. Something about 3 episodes. So I figured that all 3 fit in the half hour time period. But then 4 episodes were listed. So I figured 2 fit in a half hour and the whole show aired for an hour. The writing had a green background, with black text. I might have navigated a computer monitor.

      Then I was going down the stairs from this movie theater thing. Mr. Krabs from Sponge Bob was the manager. There was something about taking out insurance before going down the stairs.

      I woke up and recalled a good amount. I even remember the feeling of going back through it and being glad to remember further back into it. But I can't get it any more.


      Round 2 and 3 of Dreams. I think I woke up at some point in between these and fell back asleep but I'm not sure where. There were earlier parts that I forgot. I think I woke up with only one dream memory at first. Something gray. Then thought about round 1 of dreams and went back to sleep.

      I remember being in my high school. Mr. E had told me that everyone should be resting and relaxing, not working too hard. I got to the gym class. We were all seated in that lobby between the weight room and the wrestling room.

      I wanted to tell everyone that Mr. E said they should be resting and relaxing. Not working too hard. But I felt bad about telling them what to do. The person didn't really look like Mr. E, but just the same hair color.

      I was sitting in a line of people. I think M C was there. I wanted to change my socks. I had grey socks. But I didn't want anyone to see my feet. In the dream I imagined my own feet and didn't want others to see them. So I thought of going behind another set of doors to change my socks.

      I remember drawing an octopus, or trying to. I made it have a tongue thing poking out of its mouth. And I was going to give it lots of extra tentacles. I was drawing in pencil on white paper.

      I remember a part with C P. We had been friends in the dream. I wanted to tell him that I had seen his little brother one day in the nieghborhood. He said he already heard my story.

      I wished that he hadn't said that. I really wanted to tell him the story again, and had hoped that he would just sort of humor me by saying he had never heard it. That would be putting more focus on emotions than facts, which was what I think can be more important some times.

      I remember seeing lasers in the sky. It was night time. There were some yellow lines of lasers and some other laser things. R M had a remote control that he used to control them.

      Soon, we were flying above the high way, shooting yellow lasers at cars. I thought it was all just a visual show, and not really doing any damage. Then, one of the cars shot one white orb of light up at me, which I barely dodged. I realized that we had probably been blowing up the cars every time we shot a laser at them, so we could stop now.

      I remember getting down to the high way, and it was day time again. There was a truck which was said to contain oxygen. A rectangular vent on the side was open. The driver said to put the plug in it. The plug was another rectangular thing with black goo dripping off of it. "Are you sure you want this in the oxygen?" I asked.

      I remember a guy had pulled a prank which was not looked on favorably. I wanted to vouch for him because I usually support the under dog. But this one was too much for me. I had a yellow piece of chalk I was using to write on the bricks and pavement of the ground. As I went around thinking, 'Sorry, I don't know if I can help this time...'

      I remember arriving at a restaurant area. There was one restaurant which was built on a 45 degree hill. I looked around there and might have seen families dining.

      I kept walking along and got to an area with a high step up to the dining floor. My mom was up there, so I went up to see her. She was sitting accross from Uncle M.

      I wondered if I would sit next to Mom, or next to Uncle M. There was a chair next to Uncle M but it turned out to be wobbly. I went looking for another chair.

      The table they were sitting at rotated and then L N was sitting there. I think my mom was talking about stuff, and left. It was some kind of meeting. After my mom, or maybe it was another woman, left, L N went on to take their inventory and complain about them. I think complaining is great. However, something about how she took the woman's inventory reminded me that I need to go to A C A.

      I thought of an A C A meeting I could share on. I thought about what I would say in the 4 minutes. then, I realized that by the time I get to the meeting, I might forget all about that, or it might not come out right. So I just had the realization for myself in that moment.

      As I thought, I found myself swimming or body surfing in a body of water. It was very colorful with blue water and orange sun shine from the sun rise or sun set. I was able to do hydro kinesis. Meaning, I seemed to be able to pull the waves in various directions. I pulled them toward the center which was in line with the direction I was facing. I pulled in some bigger waves, too.

      I think I was doing a big crawl stroke. I reached a wall, which I guess was the destination, or resting point. It was a cement wall. I didn't have any fear of fish, even though it was deep water.

      L N and another woman were swimming behind me. Before they got to the wall, I reached for their hands. They looked tired, but I felt bad for taking away their chance to reach the wall them selves.

      I guess we were just supposed to turn around and swim to the other shore. But, I stopped when I saw 3 green turtles on the sand in the shallow water. I wanted to call out to the others. I looked closely at the turtles. They had pink dots for eyes. One had a few pink dots in one eye place, in a line, connected by a thinner pink line. Then some bigger, furry, green fish or badger things swam above them. I petted one of them.

      I forgot if there was anything else before the dream ended.

      I RBFA'ed but re-remembered it later.


      Round 4 of dreams.

      I'm not sure exactly when this one took place. But I remember being in the living room of my current house. And my dad had papered the entire place. Meaning, he covered all the walls, ceiling, doors, windows and everything with 8 and a half by 11 sheets of white paper. I thought it looked kinda cool, and wanted to do it in my own room.

      Near where the phone is in waking life, he had a tank with a bunch of lizards. There was a bright lamp glowing over it.

      I remember another part where I was in nana's upstairs bathroom. At the top of her stairs. I was on the phone with a kid. But what happened was he had been speaking a while so I just plugged in a recording device to the phone so I could record what he said and then listen later. But then I was listening back to it, and I felt bad, because he had been asking me a question, and it seemed like I had ignored him. So I was thinking of how to explain that to him.

      I remember being in a cafe kind of place. And seeing J L and M B at 2 tables at the end there. M B and J L were talking. I sat accross from M B and greeted J with a hand shake. I think M B asked me why I sat with them. I wasn't sure!

      I remember being at another table in the cafe thing. I was looking at a book. it had a black background, and white text.

      Someone was reading it to me. I saw that after the next page, the font became really, really tiny. Also, I didn't want people to overhear the content of the book. So I tried to turn it off.

      Then I was like, "Who is this?" And I guessed who it was.

      I realized it was K L. Then I realized I needed ice and water. I was almost out of water. I thought of what the best way would be to re-stock my ice and water supply.

      I felt like I was in the O B shopping area near the pharmacies and big food store. I was accross the road from one pharmacy, but instead of a factory, it was a place with a deli and maybe a beverage store kinda thing. But my car was all the way over in the grocery store parking lot. I realized I would have to run and get my car, then park it with the trunk facing the ice store, to fill it with ice, in coolers. I ran as fast as I could to go do that.

      Next thing I remember, I was still running, but this time I was near the high school bus drive way. There was an area of green grass surrounded by cement walk ways.

      An African American woman was the monitor of the place. She started to yell at me. "Don't cut accross that! You have to go around!" She chased after me. I pretended not to hear her. "I'm gonna tell those cops to stop you!" There were police officers up ahead, by the track.

      I switched from needing my car to get ice, to needing wool. I could hear the woman yelling but pretended to ignore her. If they asked, I would just say I hadn't heard her! Seemed like a plan to me. Also, I would say that I went around the yard last time, so this time I could cut through it. There had been a layer of sand or snow on the grass.

      I reached two or three guys at a little cart thing. They had the wool. The woman caught up, too. She was telling them her side of the story. I saw that the guys had sun glasses. I guess they were the police but also they were the guys with the wool. (The plot is kind of confusing to me.) "I get to tell you my side of the story after she finishes," I said. They acknowledged.

      Eventually that part passed and it turned out they didn't have any wool to spare. It showed a baby on a couch, playing with a rectangular pillow thing. Apparently, the pillow had a piece of cedar wood, and a book, inside it. Those things gave it good energy. And the wool around it made it soft. The baby was squeezing it.

      I felt some of the wool. It was tan and felt comfortable. But they couldn't spare any.

      After that, I woke up, recalled, and RBFA. but I re-remembered it later!


      Round 5 of Dreams.

      I remember being on the phone with someone. Or maybe they were right there, talking to me. While they spoke, I opened the fridge. And noticed that each shelf had big puddles of black liquid. Like olive juice.

      While they spoke, I took some towels to wipe it up. I was still listening, though. The fridge happened to be totally empty other than the black liquid, but I didn't notice that.

      I had another dream of being in that cafe again. I was journaling. I was feeling good because I had gotten calls from a few friends. And had some nice conversations.

      The journal entry reflected a much higher self-esteem than I have in waking life. I wanted to convert the font to times new roman. so i pressed "Control A" and highlighted it all.

      When it came time to select the font, I thought pressing A again would change it to Times New Roman, but it didn't. Instead, the letters became some kind of ancient ruins. They were gold in color. I thought it was cool but wanted Times New Roman. I navigated to the top panel of the word processor to do it manually.

      I had 2 false awakenings of waking up to use the bathroom. In one, I was near the restaurant from round 3 of dreams. I was looking into a card board box. It was empty. I was going to go to the bathroom in it. I kinda worried that someone might see me.

      I noticed more card board boxes near a fence. I realized that the conversations held at the restaurant were different from conversations on message boards. They weren't posted on line for later. But then some boxes were put out that had thread titles on the side.

      One thread title said that alcohol gives people a child-like glow in their eyes. I don't know why my dream said this. I think alcohol dimmed out the glow in my eyes, and it was only quitting alcohol that brought the life back to my eyes.

      The other box top beneath it said that it was a choice. Meaning I could choose to be full of life even without depending on alcohol. Maybe that's why. There was another box top saying something about the "top topics" of the night.

      I had another false awakening where I was trying to recall my dream. And got up to use the bathroom. But then I heard a really loud concert from outside my window. There was a female "soul singer" type of performer.

      I also remember hearing something like the intro to Bob Marley's "stand up" song. 'I gotta get my ear muffs and keep recalling my dreams,' I thought.

      I woke up and there wasn't really a concert playing. That was a relief.

      I stayed in bed and formed some memories of those. Then I re-played rounds 1 through 5 in my mind. After i was sure that I had finished sleeping I got up to make the outline. I got up around 7:30.
    14. 1,340 words

      by , 06-24-2018 at 10:00 PM
      Went to bed around 830.
      1,340 words.
      0 L Dís.


      Round 1 of dreams. I woke up after an hour or two of sleep. No dreams yet.


      Round 2 of dreams.

      I originally remembered a little more, but did an RBFA, and forgot parts after that.

      I remember being in a library with a few other people. We were talking about how nap time was after lunch. I said that I was taking a class about napping... During that time! So I wouldn't be able to nap. But once the class ended I would be a master of napping. And be able to use that time to nap.

      I remember something R M was worried about. Not quite sure.

      I remember something about religion being the main problem. There were books and some kind of group to join about de-programming from religion.

      I remember being at the back of 24. There were some containers of liquid hanging from the door. I wondered if it was my spinach shake, or gasoline. When I went to smell it, it didn't smell like gasoline. I went to double check it with someone else.

      There were un-blended leaves in it. At first I was going to dump out the liquid and save the leaves for later. Then I decided to just make a whole new one since this one might be old.

      I remember driving around a place where I could loop around. There was something about an animal covering its ears by a tree. It didn't like the noise.

      I remember playing a Pokemon game. I felt like I was in the Team Rocket Base. I walked around. A square painting thing on the wall emanated some green lines from the corners, like it was lighting up.

      I went up to it. It said I got the "Ten Ups". As I continued playing, I thought what those might be. I figured they were a way to Max Revive the other 5 fainted Pokemon in the party. Five ups would be regular revive, to half H P.

      Then I woke up and recalled. My amount of recall surprised me. I let myself RBFA, re-playing it in my mind. By the time the morning came, I had lost a few things, but still re-remembered a good amount.


      Round 3 of dreams. I don't know what happened here. I think I must have woken up at this point but maybe I didn't. I don't even remember recalling anything.


      Round 4 of dreams.

      I remember being at my college house. I kept drinking a little alcohol to help reduce my anxiety. I was getting really nervous before social events. 'Why am I even drinking?' I thought. I decided to be 100% sober and just accept the nervousness.

      I remember being in a field with pugs. I had a little pug. There were some big pugs in the field, too. Someone had like 20 pugs, of all various sizes.

      I asked if my pug could join them. They were mostly black pugs. One little pug was climbing up the fence post like a spider.

      I remember a scene with construction. I was outside the door of a building we were working on. The bottom of a hammer was taped to the door. Two of them. It was just the oval of laminate wood that had ripped off. I tried to put them more in plain sight. Someone else there objected to me moving them. But I thought they should be moved. We argued a little.

      I remember being outside a pool type of place. R S was eating. He said not to photograph him while eating, because he was a model.

      Then there was a part with water and boats. It was a treasure hunt thing. We were all looking all over the place for the treasure. Time was almost up.

      I remember a plank led from something over to the boat. I started to have visions of something being near me, but when I looked, it wasn't there.

      I followed the vision and dove into the water anyway. My vision said there was a platform there with a black treasure chest. When I swam accross, there was a platform there, with a black treasure chest. However, it had already been there, and we had already opened it.

      The last time we opened it, it had another black treasure chest inside. When we opened that, there was nothing of interest. I kept opening the treasure chest anyway. There were more layers of a smaller treasure chest in each one.

      After I had opened 5 or 6, and they had gotten progressively smaller, I reached a treasure chest with a bunch of money. I was amazed at how many hundred dollar bills there were.

      Time had just been called. We all gathered around the coordinators. I showed them that I had won the 672 dollar prize. There was a money order included with places to fill out my name. As well as the hundred dollar bills. I considered giving 100 to each person around me but... Decided not to! They were kind of mad at me for winning it.

      I woke up from that part and recalled it. Then went to RBFA.


      Round 5 of Dreams.

      There was something about sponsoring someone in a program. I kept not having enough time to meet with them. There was a bunch of stuff I had to go do. I thought I could read the person the questions from the book and they could answer as they drove. I remember being in multiple locations, nana's, 24, and a few others.

      Then there was something with S. He had a place set up. It was like an obstacle course. Within it, there were some obstacles.

      At the end I remember seeing cereal boxes. It seemed like he wanted people to buy the cereal at the end. Some was chocolate, and some was peanut butter.

      I tried to reassure him that his business model was good. The cereal box said something about how gum should only be chewed for 4 minutes per piece. 'Wow, I never knew that!' I thought. 'Why?'

      As I thought about it, I realized it might be because the flavor goes down to a point where it doesn't taste good any more. 4 minutes seemed like a really short amount of time. I haven't chewed gum in years. It contains too many chemicals. Anyway, my view changed to seeing a waterfall kind of thing. I think it came from watching Just Around the River Bend.

      In another part, there was a kid helping me set up some weights. I was doing rack deadlifts. My weights were some where around 400 pounds. I thought I might be able to squeeze on another 2.5 pound plate on each side. But decided against it. I figured that much weight would be enough.

      I remember a part with a guy who could scale a wall. It was like the walls in my high school gym made of cinder blocks, then coated over with some kind of plastic stuff. There were places that indented a little around each cinderblock.

      "Is that how you scale it?" I asked. I think his answer was yes. I tried doing some myself. I might have climbed up and not known how to get down.

      Then I was near a table. Someone was playing with a squirt gun. I think L was eating something with tomatoes.

      T squirted a squirt gun up at us from where he was sitting. On a lower floor. I thought L would be mad, but she just laughed.

      So, I recalled those, then played through all the dreams in my mind, until I felt like writing them!
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      by , 06-23-2018 at 03:34 PM
      I went to bed pretty early, and probably slept by 8 or 8:30.


      Round 1 of dreams. I think a noise woke me up after only an hour or two of sleep. There might have been some vague memories that I forgot. Being woken up around then actually kind of helps because I won't need the bathroom as much after waking from round 2 of dreams. Although I'd still like to sleep in a sound proof enclosure.


      Round 2 of dreams.

      I couldn't remember all the way back to the beginning. But, I do remember being at my college house. Then I remember being at 24. My dad was working on some kind of bathroom thing.

      I remember the toilet hadn't been working for a few days. I was really hoping it would work soon. There was a wooden wicker basket I had to take out by the shed and dump out. There were ants crawling on the stuff in it. I didn't want to harm the ants when I dumped them out.

      Then it kind of transitioned to where we were in the field to the side of the football field. My dad was driving a pick up truck and I was in the passenger seat. There was a football game going on. He drove around behind the bleachers. "Are you sure you're supposed to drive here?" I asked him. "Won't it disrupt the game?" My main concern was that his head lights would shine on the field and distract the players.

      He told me it was allowed and kept driving. It made sense because I'm sure other trucks would have to drive around there some how.

      When we got to the entrance to the football field, I wasn't in the truck any more. The dream kind of shifted again. D T was there. He told me the coach wanted me to go in and play. 'Huh?' I thought. 'I don't even know what position they're talking about!' But I didn't want to tell them that! So I figured it was "full back".

      First, I was the center, and snapped the ball. I think... But then I was the full back and got the ball. I don't know if it happened in the dream or I just day-dreamed it, but I ran 70 yards or so to a touch down. First I just bowled through some of their defensive players and then ran down the field roaring.

      I thought of how I had gotten 100 dollars. And how G A would probably pay me 500 dollars for such a good play. Before playing, I remember thinking how I had hoped they wouldn't call me in. I didn't want to get hit!

      After that, I was in the touch down zone, so i just walked off the field. I figured I was done. D T said I was still supposed to be in the game. So, I went back in.

      I noticed a woman on the bleachers and wanted to talk to her. Then someone else began to talk to her before I got there, so I just kept walking. When I got to where the game was going on, no one was playing foot ball any more.

      A bunch of people were walking down the field towards us. Everyone was fully clothed except one woman who had on a black bathing suit. She said that we should all race up the field, to where the drive way was. It would be about 600 yards.

      We all started to run. P B was to my right. I pushed myself up over the 5 foot fence with my arms. P B was right next to me, and his arm bumped into mine as we pressed over, but we both still made it.

      Once we got to the end of the field, M C was saying something I forgot. Something "tough" I think. Instead of another black fence there, there was a glass wall with a glass door. I needed the bathroom, so I went out of the glass door to find one.

      When I got out there, it was more like the outside of a restaurant. I looked for a place to go to the bathroom.

      After I went to the bathroom I was missing my ex girlfriend. I thought about how to get her to come back into my life. Some how this translated into walking along the top of some cabinets or clothing store display racks.

      On each corner, there was a white bracket, shaped kind of like the outline of a harp. I pulled one off the wall and walked around with it. The bracket thing was my idea for asking E to come back into my life.

      As I walked around with the bracket thing on top of the various cabinet things, I realized they probably got me on camera, tearing it out of the wall. I decided to bring it back.

      When I tried to put it back on the wall, it fell off. Also, it knocked down all the shirts from the display case. There was just a row of navy blue shirts hanging there. It was a dark brown display case. 'Oh no! I will lose my job now!' I thought. 'Maybe they will just see it as learning time.'

      I began to hang up all the shirts. but then, they became pairs of socks. I remember grey and orange ones, and white ones. Something M, a woman from the phone bridge, said, came to my mind. Something about not being too harsh or something.

      I didn't wake up directly from the dream. Instead there seemed to be a "blank" phase in between or where I had some random thoughts before realizing it was dream recalling time. Still a lot came back to me.

      RBFA and re-remembered later.


      Round 3 of dreams.

      I think I dreamed of a football thing again. Maybe I fell asleep while thinking about that part.

      After that there was a context about needing to evacuate the place where I live. Lots of people were getting on planes. I realized it might be viable for me to just drive.

      At one point, I remember downloading a bunch of music. They were some kind of hip hop songs.

      There was also something with mobsters. R, from a Wednesday meeting, was one of the mobster boss guys. He was Italian and had the kind of hair style. The mobster thing played a role in the evacuation thing.

      I remember walking by the beach. Hurrying along, trying to get to my car to drive away, something like that. The water was coming up, and it was windy.

      I came to a person's property on the beach. There were fences made from posts and long metal bars. I accidentally pulled one of the metal bars off when trying to cross their lawn.

      They came out of their door right as I was crossing, probably trying to evacuate, too. "Sorry about your fence!" I said. I figured it would have been destroyed anyway, by whatever we were evacuating from. They weren't upset about the fence.

      I forgot any middle parts there. but I remember being in an auditorium. There was a kid who was somewhat heavy. He was standing near an older man, I guess his father, inside his father's coat. He looked kind of like an owl.

      Then I remember R was there as we left the auditorium. There was a little table with sandwiches on whole wheat bread. And two types of mustard. One in a bottle with a screw-on lid and the other in a squeeze bottle. With a red label. I tried squirting some mustard but I think only the water came out.

      I think that was the part I woke up from. I let myself do an RBFA and re-remembered it later.


      Round 5 of dreams.

      I don't think I got up and moved after round 4, so there was more continuity. The mobster theme continued. I think the evacuation theme continued a little bit, too.

      Something about nana's drive way. And nana getting a new place to live. That surprised me in the dream. I forgot why.

      Something with a free e-book by S M. One of the chapters contained a quiz. It was chapter 15 or something like that. I forgot the title. Anyway, as I read it, the quiz got covered by a big black rectangle. So I couldn't see it any more.

      It turned out that I would have to e-mail him to get the quiz and answers un-locked. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'I didn't pay for the book.' But then I realized it was a free e-book. So I went to go e-mail him. I was in the kitchen at 24.

      I remember being out front of a library, similar to my local library. There was a rock and some logs I was arranging. They were painted red and white. I was thinking about a hero who had helped me.

      I had written some papers. There were yellow pictures on them. I had printed them but never gone to retrieve the printings. Eventually, one of the librarian women mentioned it in a conversation, so I went inside to get them.

      I remember a black limousine. R was in it, and a woman. Both wearing black. There was a black purse thing on one of the seats. They talked about how they always had someone to take care of the kids.

      I went inside and talked about meditation. Someone walked by and recommended a meditation style that reminded me of Hinduism. I think he gave me an object, too.

      Then another guy walked by and said something like, "Be more of an adult." I felt those toxic shame buttons being pressed and kicked him down the stairs! Wow. As he fell down the stairs, I saw an audio wave form of his bones cracking and him going, "Ow!"

      Just as I expected, the police came. I went outside. But then, I was seeing myself from another person's perspective. The person who had done that was on hands and knees out front of the library door. A police officer slapped his face, which didn't seem right to me.

      The guy on his hands and knees was about to be punished, it seemed, when a woman appeared. She was like a motivational author. She had an inspirational book. The name of it was similar to Winston Churchill, but not quite. The cover of the book was gold and shiny. She said something about "cheesy" and "milky". She had grey hair.

      As she sat near the guy and read, it seemed to bring peace to everyone. Eventually we all moved back inside.

      Then we were in an auditorium thing. There were people in the front. There was someone like Michael Weston from Burn Notice up there. It was showing how people were getting hired for jobs like "lawn mower" but really they were cover-ups for the actual mobster activities they were doing.

      There was an Asian guy. He said something about how he needs a sleeping pill. I said something like, "Just wait, and you will sleep naturally!" He paused for a moment, then continued walking to go find a sleeping pill. I guess he didn't want to sleep naturally!

      There were some people in the auditorium talking. When I squinted, I could see gold religious symbols over their heads. One guy was saying how he was very "selfless". He was wearing an orange shirt and a small tie. Then he decided to give up "selflessness" and told us all how his family was fighting a lot. Then left.

      They called all the kids up to turn in their pin things. A little girl walked up the auditorium, to the back, where I was, to walk out. She had on a little egg-shaped pin that said the word "Obey". I wanted to say, "You don't have to obey!" But missed my chance.

      Walking through a hall way thing, I heard a guy saying how he had worked on himself a lot. Learning to lucid dream and stuff like that. And now he wanted to help others.

      As I walked through the hall and towards the front of the auditorium on the other side, I realized I could jump, fly and do flips. I did a bunch of jumps and flips to show everyone. I'm not sure if I was lucid though. But I did some cool tricks. The kids were on stage giving their pins back.

      I remember something about a grocery store. They offered a 5 minute hair cut for 5 dollars that anyone could get on the way out.

      The last thing I remember is that there were kids up a little later into the evening doing school stuff. Some game with a circle thing. The parents were saying that the kids should go to bed now, and wait until tomorrow to resume the game.

      I woke up and recalled those. I stayed in bed a while, but didn't get back to sleep. So eventually I got up and started the day. It was around 6:30 A M.

      First I made an outline of the dreams. Then typed them out in full.
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