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    October 7 to 8

    by , 10-08-2017 at 11:35 PM (99 Views)
    Dreams from night of October seventh to eighth, 2017

    I was too tired to get up after my first dream, but then I realized the dream memory was slipping away. I didn't used to be able to think through the dream. I used to have to get up and write. Now, though, I can play it through in my mind. I am not sure how that happened.

    After I wrote about the feelings of laying there, realizing I had forgotten the dream, the details began to come to me. So I guess that is like working backwards.

    I am in the passenger seat. Meg is driving. We are on the highway. She is loading a pistol type of gun, but with what looks like shot gun shells. The gun holds four shells. The shells load straight in. I offer to load the gun while she drives. I am loading a gun as well.

    In another scene, R from a fellowship is there. Something about an enemy.

    Next round of dreams.

    I am walking down a black hill, driveway in front of a white church. Then I see that it slopes up. The pavement suddenly is pulled up like a sheet. I wake up and talk about it. laying on my front, I have some visuals that I can control. I realize that I am half asleep, but my neck is bothering me. So, I turn to sleep on my side. We are having cooler WILD-ish types of techniques now. And if we momentarily wake up we can use WILD again.

    I'm a bit lucid again. A guy and a dog are going down a road. The dog seems to want to attack me. The guy straddles the dog to hold it down. I think it wants to attack me. The guy has long whitish hair.

    Like in waking life, I wouldn't mind the dog coming to me. The guy wants to restrain the dog, but the dog doesn't want to be restrained.

    I am working in a restaurant. My hands are messy as I go to the chef about the food. I am ignoring my messy hands to keep working. For me to stop and clean up, it has to be an order from someone else. Chef Jose asks me to go get him towels. I say "Yes sir" to him. Then, I think, "Did I really just yes sir him?"

    There are a lot of Spanish guys downstairs. I look in the bottom right of the fridge for avocados, but there are only pits left.

    I am on a phone meeting.

    Am I near a jeddy? I am late. A woman is sharing. I am just signing on. Something about. I am pretty star six but its not un muting me. I start to panic.

    I just think it is so cool that I have had a lucid, dream, no matter what the content is.

    I woke up from that around there, really tired. I thought it through a little, but wanted to go back to sleep. I got up to write, anyway. I found I had already forgotten some, so it was good that I got up to write as soon as I did. It used to be that my dream memories couldn't flow unless I wrote, but now I can stay still and just think about them. I still need to record them before I go back to sleep though.

    Dreams round 3

    I am sitting at my black desk. What am I doing? I pee under my desk. It gets the bottom of the desk all wet. I clean it up!

    Under the desk, there is a little note on some paper. The desk is dripping. A door slams behind me. There is a dark building, but I realize I am dreaming. Maybe the noise comes from outside. Maybe it is from the dream.

    At the end of a hallway, two guys are being mean to me. Why are they being mean to me? Anyway, I still go in. I feel like I have done something wrong.

    The clock keeps saying its between 9 and 10 A M but I know its later. It's actually almost lunch, and people are eating at tables in a restaurant. I am sitting alone, next to a booth with 4 guys in it.

    This girl goes to one bathroom, to the left. So, I go to one on the right.

    I judge my apathetic tone. Now its my turn in the bathroom. Something about giving birth, too.

    I'm using a Fii Write type thing, with many colors. A guy wants to use it. I share it, but I try to tell him, to only use the Stylus. He is wearing a white rubber glove on one hand, and no glove on the other. The glove is on his right hand, which is the one he is mainly using. I am so worried about scratching my screen. He says to get stylus gloves and I try to "be nice".

    Game of green Decepticon heads Versus Red Maximal heads. All Green heads except for one, on bottom left. The next part of the game has pyramids. I wake up and lay there some more. Maybe I'll sleep again and dream deeper. No luck. I get up to write, to salvage what little memory I can.

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