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    Lady Gaga is coming over!

    by , 12-17-2011 at 08:58 PM (894 Views)

    I was brushing my teeth and I got a phone call from my Dad and he told me that Lady Gaga was coming over in an hour(I seriously love her...). I screamed and called my sister and told her to come over too. When LG showed up she came with another guy(who later disappears or leaves) and walked into my room casually, like she had been over before. As soon as she did, my room grew and I became lucid. She laid on my bed on her stomach and looked out my window and asked me if I wanted to have a photo shoot. I immediately said yes (who wouldn't want to have a personal photo shoot with the biggest female pop star of all time??!!). She started making calls on her phone and I went downstairs for some water. When I came to my back to my room (which grew even bigger since I left!) she asked if I was ready and I said "no not really.." and kinda just stood there lol. She gave me a loose white indian- looking shirt with colorful beads on neck and a pair of shorts and told me to wear it. So I did. My hair was down, straight, and boring but she told me not to touch it because it looked "brilliant". lol trust me though, it didn't. But whatever.

    When we got to the photo shoot, aka my garage?!, there were lights set up and my sister was there with her camera. She started taking pictures of me, and then continued taking picture of LG. Then she took pictures of the both of us. We posed and made silly faces while LG dressed into a dozen of different outfits, only taking seconds in between changing. Suddenly out of nowhere, she started singing at the top of her lungs and I felt strange like I was going to faint (because she sounded that amazing). Seeing her belt "Born this Way" in the middle of MY garage was awe-inspiring, ...like seriously woah.. Then we began skating around my garage without skates. We were barefooted and just glided across the floor, dancing and twirling. It was so much fun I swear it felt like we did that forever. We were singing to each other and making up dances all while skating around my personal garage/photoshoot/skate rink. My sister kept snapping picture after picture.

    My phone kept going off and I kept getting messages but I ignored them. I found my phone to be completely irritating and threw it on the ground, shattering it into tiny pieces. Then LG said we were going on a trip. She said that she wanted to sunbathe with me and listen to my stories, and that she also wanted me to make her laugh. We came to a beach, and there was a row of people in body suits with their heads sticking out close to the shore. LG said "Are you ready to surf?!" I said I didn't know how to surf and that we didn't have surf boards. She said we don't need surfboards then jumped on one of the mens back (like a surfboard) and he took off as she kept balanced. I tried to do the same but kept falling and lady gaga said I made her laugh so it was time to go back. Then I woke up.

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    1. ShadowOfSelf's Avatar
      The papz spotted you with lady gaga at the beach lol! > The News of the Dreamworld: Volume 1 Issue 1 - Reading...
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      OMG! lol. damn papz...EVERYTIME haha
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