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    by , 11-13-2015 at 01:05 PM (194 Views)
    Had lots of vivid dreams, but didn't write anything down during the night - I thought I'd remember them. Of course I don't. Only remember fragments now. But I do remember having 2! LD's! First one started by me doing a nose plug RC. I remember being in my living room at home, thinking "yay, lucid!" and that I should look around me at the details of the dream to stabilize the it. I've been struggling with staying lucid, so I found it better to just try to stay lucid for a while rather than try to do some of my dream goals. I looked in a mirror on the wall, I could see my face and that I was still doing the nose plug RC (I kept my nose plugged for a minute or two, just so I would stay lucid). I kept looking at my face as I moved closer and backed away from the mirror several times. Soon it started getting a bit creepy, so I decided to stop and do something else. I levitated and flew slowly mid air through my living room looking at details, marveling at how realistic everything was - although I don't remember the details, only the feeling and my thoughts. I remember thinking that I was doing a good job keeping lucidity, it felt like I managed to stay in the dream for a decent time, but I don't remember much more.

    LD nr 2 was a very short one, or at least I don't remember much about it. All I remember is this: I was driving my car on a high way. There were forests at both sides of the road, and as I was going down a hill (in high speed) I thought to myself "since this is just a dream I could drive off the road and fly the car over the tree tops of the forest. I immediately steered the car off the road and it flew in a sharp upwards bend over the trees. As it happened I thought to myself that perhaps next time I should do a RC first, just to make 100% sure I'm actually dreaming before driving my car off the road!

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