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    A lady and her child

    by , 03-21-2014 at 01:28 PM (373 Views)
    I got in an elevator with a couple people and we all pressed different floor numbers. I can't remember what number I pressed I think it was 401. Everyone got off on the second stop including a lady with her daughter but they realized this was not their floor so they tried to jump back in the elevator. The woman got in first and the elevator doors started to close I tried to hit the open button but I didn't hit it fast enough and the doors closed repeatedly in on the child. We finally got the girl out and the mother was so angry at me. I told her I was sorry that I didn't hit the button fast enough.

    Then the mother picked up her child and continued to wait for her stop. As the doors were opening she dropped her child and she watched her crawl under the doors and fall out on to the train tracks( the elevator turned into a train) I was shocked and was panicking saying " how could you do that, the train ran over her!" I was surprised that she seemed really apathetic towards the situation and she blamed it on me. I got out of the train and started to swim to a platform ( the underground station had flooded) I got on a piece of drift wood and noticed the girl in the water. I thought she was dead at first but she swam up onto a ledge. We both got to her and I saw a giant rat in the water so I said that we shouldn't swim anymore.

    The ledge had staircases which lead to a room with a bunch of toys. There were a lot of people in there and I noticed a box that said my name but with io attached to the end. I looked through it and has such a great time remembering all the toys and drawing I made. The stuff in the box was actual stuff I have had in real life.

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