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    A Chat With Amy (15.8.15)

    by , 08-16-2015 at 02:02 AM (355 Views)
    A Chat With Amy
    I'm walking through a grocery store, and I think about maybe seeing Jade. Instead I see Amy, and we begin chatting. We talk about the norm. We talk for some time while still walking to our destinations. We trade texts also.

    I reach my house which is not my house. It seems that someone has tried to break in.

    I'm out the front of my real house. I'm moving Amy's bf (Damian) car around in different spots without driving it. The bf comes into the scene driving the exact car. I think this is going to be odd if he notices the other car that's identical. The other car disappears as he drives passed. I walk up a bit of a hilly drive way. Damian drive up the drive way, but his not in the car, it's other people that look familiar. I show them around the house, taking them to the bottom level where the people were. Pete Rad says a brief hi to them. It looks like he's losing his hair, it's looking thin.

    Im watching an NBA draft game, which stars the young Aussie. I tell dad about him. Dad says his heard a bit about him. I tell him that he moves really well for a big guy.

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