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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    Ecstasy (25.5.15)

    by , 05-25-2015 at 02:01 PM (405 Views)
    I was with friends at some kind of a bar, which had pool tables. There were people that were near the pool tables. I think they had just finished playing. I could see three pool tables, which were all a different height. I was looking to re-rack the balls on the table, but as I started to do so I noticed that some of the balls were not balls. They were odd looking and small. I don't think all the colors and patterns on the balls were on them either. This made me confused when trying to re-rack them, but Chloe H came over and did it herself for me.

    At some point I noticed I had an Ecstasy tablet in my hand. I handed it over to my brother, so he could halve it, but ended up having trouble doing so. I have the tablet in my hand and notice that it was broken up, and I decided to halve it myself. The tablet looked off. It was shaped like a small potato chip, which had been broken untidily. I decided to have half, and give the rest to Chloe. I kept anticipating the drug to kick in throughout the whole dream, but never climaxed. I may have felt a bit of a change in feeling though. I was intending to get high and have sex with Chloe.

    I'm outside with my brother and Chloe at night time.

    My brother walked over to Chloe and held up a sign in front of her. There was something written on the same in gold letters. It was my brothers way of showing that he was an undercover cop. I believe my brother did this because I hadn't made a move on Chloe. This situation pulled me into saying that I was an undercover cop too. I felt like I had betrayed Chloe.

    I'm now at a table inside. She's eating something nice, and offers me some. She leaves the room and I decide to quickly check her phone for anything that led to her wanting me. She entered the room as I put down the phone. She was suspect on what I was doing. I tried to act calm, and walk over to her for a chat.

    Dream Fragment
    1) I was at my house and was standing in the kitchen. Rob asked what was the smell. I think I had poo on my hands or something along those lines.

    Side Notes
    EFT - Even though I can't remember all my dreams, I deeply and completely accept myself, and will remember all my dreams tonight.

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