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    The Feast, Nanna Wanders Into Traffic (19.8.15)

    by , 08-21-2015 at 11:50 PM (552 Views)
    The Feast
    I was at a girls house and she kept making me food. I was sitting on the couch eating it. Her family grabbed some food off the plate also. The brother took a cake which had pink icing around it. I was left with a pie which was awesome. The pastry was nice and crunchy. I kept eating and eating like an endless pit.

    I walk into the bathroom and have a wank to get myself ready for a some action later.

    Nanna Walks Into Traffic
    My Nanna with old timers is driving a smallish car. She's confused on what to do. I get out of car and get here out and getting her to go into the back seat. There's traffic near us and I have to push the car back into a correct position. I struggle at first, but get it done. I get into the drivers seat and drive away. Nanna gets out and walks straight into traffic. I ask whoever was in car to go and get Nanna. I make a u-turn which takes me longer then usual to compete the rotation. I park car in a safe area. I walk over to see how Nanna was. I ask the guy that got out and saved her, what she said. He said she asked him what's going on tomorrow. I wake up laughing at casual question after almost walking straight into traffic.

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