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    Gmans Backyard, Stealing Petrol/Older Lady (12.8.14)

    by , 08-12-2014 at 04:10 AM (869 Views)
    Dream 1:
    I'm at Germain's house in his backyard. Lachlan and I are talking about something. We're standing near a car which is I'm the backyard and he asks if I'm able to drive. I say yes. I can now see Lachlan's wife and I'm talking to her.

    Dream 2:
    It's night and I'm at what looks like Marinda milkbar, but is a petrol station.
    A man is filling up his car and let's it fill automatically, as he walks away. While his cars unattended, a guy that I'm with decides to steal his petrol and siphon it into our car. I help the man siphon and feel a bit nervous as the man may come back at anytime. As the fuel stops, we quickly pack up the equipment we're siphoning with.

    I'm now at my house and standing in the kitchen. Dad walks into kitchen and he's talking about the person who is trying to break into the house. He keeps insisting that he won't get in. I feel a little uneasy with the idea of just letting a person try and break into your house while you're home. We can hear rattling sounds coming from the door. After half a minuet or so it stops and Dad walks back to the kitchen with a couple brochures that was left at the door. I kind of have a sigh of relief come over me as it was probably not someone trying to break into our house. One of the brochures was to do with a religion. Maybe jehovah's witnesses?

    An older lady is in the kitchen, she would have at least been in her 60's. I feel attracted to her. She's looking in the pantry for something to eat. I tell her that there's not a hell of a lot and will be shopping on Wednesday. She mentions about giving my mother $7 for her birthday. $1 for every year she had passed. I start to feel strong emotions of sadness as I think back to when my Mum was still alive.

    We both walk over to where Dad is, he's on the computer listening to music. I show him trick or fix something that will make listening to music a lot easier for him.

    Dream Fragment:
    Someone walks into my room and it has a strong fart smell.

    Side Notes:
    Poor sleep as I was too awake. May have been from Hemi Sync.

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    1. OneUp's Avatar
      Someone walks into my room and it has a strong fart smell.
      Hahahahaha xD that is hilarious!

      Cool dreams man, I see you are remembering more of each dream now! Of course though, losing sleep does tend to mess that up, but no worries, I know you'll get better! And by the way, its nice you helped out your dad so he could listen to music better, music is one of the greatest things in life
      Updated 08-12-2014 at 04:19 AM by OneUp
    2. CHiLLEN's Avatar
      Lol I know right. Poor bastard to whoever walked into my room.

      Thanks man, I feel it improving

      Music is great! Except Dad's music sucks lol..
      OneUp likes this.