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    Kicking Footy With Elite Movement, Party With Kokinarkis (2.8.15)

    by , 08-02-2015 at 03:57 AM (310 Views)
    Kicking Footy With Elite Movement
    I was in narrow park kicking a footy. I booted the ball pretty far for my ability. I see some people now and then. I boot the ball and it goes through into someone's property. They had broken fence, which allowed the ball the go in. I go into the property and see that it's a car mechanics. Some of the workers come out to see what came into their yard. I tell them it was an accident and they're cool with that. They fetch my ball and I'm on my way. I use 2 trees as goals, and I'm on quite the angle. I kick and miss the goals. I start using my agility which is at an elite level. I'm moving quickly and very responsive. I even do the spin that would break a tackle.

    Party With Kokinarkis
    I'm at a shopping market where I see a vision of a prank someone was using. They would throw an item just In front of them which would make them fumble and fall over. I do the same thing, and throw some items. Someone looks to have knocked themselves out. I have something in my hand that I want to discard. I reach the checkout and security has put out cinema strapping to keep the line together. I duck under it. I tell them I don't want my items.

    I at house which looks familiar, maybe old house. There's a bit of party going on. I see kokinarkis with that Hayley Fits. He's looking to hook up with her. Kok is given a present from one of the tennis greats. Kok tries guessing, thinking maybe it's similar to what myself and Kyrios got. I can see a inventory menu come up at the bottom of the vision. It has the item that was given to me and Ky. I check out Kok's present which ended up being a cooler for beverages. It was a bit bigger then a microwave. I put my hand in and feel the coolness. Kok is kissing Hayley at this point and I leave them be on the bed. The cooler looks bigger in the pic, and different looking. I hear someone say if u leave the party, u can't get back in.

    Dream Fragments
    I've reached a dead end. I'm looking over a cliff basically

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