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    1. REX Goes Missing(8.12.15)

      by , 08-12-2015 at 12:21 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      REX Goes Missing
      Im walking my dog REX in my estate. I take my eye off REX for a min and lose him. I start to panic as I know he won't here my calls or whistles due to being def. I think I have a moment where I think I may be dreaming, and decide to wake up to check. I'm laying in bed and realize it's just a dream. I quickly close my eyes and perform a DIELD. I wait for a scene of my room, which comes pretty quickly. I get up and head outside. I feel like going for a drive, so I choose from a few cars. My eye catches the blue viper, which looks pretty tiny. Almost like a kids car. It's parked next to my house steps, which makes it a little hard to get into. I find the door and slide in. I check a few common spots for keys when no luck. The car rolls down the drive way, onto the footpath. I see some teenagers walk passed. I try the ignition, which seems to have something i can turn over to start, but it doesn't work.

      I lose my lucidity as I'm back inside the house. Rob and Bro are in the kitchen. Rob offers me some small candy looking things. He says that they are capsicum candy. I try them and they don't taste like candy.

      I'm sitting in Robs lounge room with Cuzzo. He's just cooked some rissoles and REX goes over to him straight away, hoping to get a feed. I try to pull REX away but I only make a little effort to. Cuzzo pushes REX out of the way instead. I walk into the Kitchen and see that there's rissoles on the bench. I go over and try one, it's bland but I'm easy and enjoy it either way. Bro asks how the rissoles are, and I tell him they're alright. I wasn't sure if I tried his or cuzzo's.

      I wake up again and perform another DEILD which is successful. I'm only in the dream for a few moments before I wake up. I keep chaining the lucids together at this point. At one stage I'm using a phone in my dream bed to check when the picture is clear enough to get out of bed. I see someones eye on the phone camera. It looks like we're both trying the same thing. I get out of bed lucid again. This time I intend to find a women. I expect to see one in the laundry. It's dark and not the best to see. As I walk into laundry, I feel something I brushed passed, which scares me a little, which wakes me up. I try another DIELD which fails.

      Dream Fragment
      I'm playing COC and I notice that a pine tree has been placed almost in the same place as Christmas tree. I almost removed Christmas tree without knowing. This happened with 2 Christmas trees.
    2. (8.7.15) That's A lot of Cake, Big Ben Bucks Headache, That's Not My Car, My 2 Second KO of Shonnie

      by , 07-07-2015 at 11:38 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      That's A lot of Cake
      I'm lining up somewhere with a couple guys. One of them is Andrew gaze. We're intending to buy 2 cakes, and will eat a quarter each. It's our turn to be served and one of us orders. I laugh as he orders, cause it's going to look odd walking off eating a quarter of cake. The lady hands us the plate and its a pretty big slice. Not only is a got a lot of width, it's got height too. We take the cake into another room to taste it. One of the guys is having a hard time eating it. He is trying the sauce, mixing one with the other. It seems sour or acidic to him. I reckon eating the cake itself would be more ideal. It would mix all the flavors together and could compliment each other.

      Big Ben Bucks Headache
      I'm with Ben and I ask him how the engagement went, but correct myself and say bucks. He says he fucked up a bit with the pool cleaners. He explains that he had them going in the wrong direction. He points out a ventilation system for the shower fan. He says this is the most simple and less effective system. I explain its use to him. I walk inside with him but have dirty feet. He offers me his thongs, so I slip them on. They're dirty too, so I have to walk in them funny, like on my soles. I picture Ben being a big black guy for a moment.
      I'm back at blaxland and I see Kayley at the door. I hug her and kiss her on the cheek a few times. I think she is with Ben.

      I'm looking at someone with a small growth hanging from their nostril. They're able to hide it if they please. A dr is having a look at it and says there's some good news about it. He's getting at that he will be able to burn it off. He also checks another of the persons issues, which is a long latex looking material that's stuck down their throat.

      That's Not My Car
      I'm out the front of a house. I may have driven there because I'm looking around for stuff in 2 of he guys. It's night so it's hard to tell. I mistaken one car for the another. I see a man walk towards me and soon realize it's Gary Craig, founder of EFT. I say "Hi Gary, how are ya?". I feel a little odd saying that because he doesn't know me from a bar of soap. He mentions a few things to me. Eventually he leaves and I say bye. I felt great that I met Gary. I begin looking through one of the cars thinking it's mine. I soon realize it's not the right car. It looks like an expensive car. It has a nice look to it, and long. I quickly get out of the car in case the owner sees me going through it. I would find it hard to explain what I was doing. Shortly after getting out of the car, I see it beginning to roll. I don't think quickly enough to jump in and stop it. It rolls into a house at slow pace. I don't think it damages anything, but would have got the attention of who was inside. I walk up to the house to see if I can see anyone. I see a person move off their chair which makes me a bit nervous. I realize that the car has disappeared, finding this odd I decide to do a RC. I count 6 fingers, instantly knowing I'm dreaming. I walk up to the door of the house to see if I can find someone. I see A girl walk towards me and I grab her. She is all for being man handled. First off I do some EFF on myself but seem to be just rushing it and not putting any thought into it. I'm too distracted by this girl. I hold onto her and do as I please. I feel her body and move her next to the wall where I pull down her pants. She has a nice Ass, which promotes me to eat her pussy from behind. It tastes like I remember it. The dream begins to fade due to body clock.

      I have this girl in the bed with me and I'm treating her a helpless innocent girl. I think she likes this. I'm sitting on top of her and move closer to her face. I begin slapping my dick on her face, teasing her and getting her worked up. This may be the girl from lucid dream.

      My 2 Second KO of Shonnie Carter
      I'm in the UFC as one of the fighters. I think I'm Ricardo Lamas. I'm standing across from UFC vet Shonnie Carter. The fight starts and I knock Shonnie out within a couple seconds of the fight. I decide to perform a RC and realize I'm dreaming. I notice that the fight is about to replay itself again. I try to rush the process and knock Shonnie out before the fight even starts. I do this and rock Shonnie. It doesn't feel right so I let the dream run its course. As soon as the bell goes I run towards Shonnie and KO him in the same fashion. I couldn't really feel the punch connect. I jump up onto the octogen and look into the crowd. It's not the biggest of venues. It is only a single level seating. In my view I could see around 200 people. I decide to jump off the octogen and fly, but the dream fades. I brace myself for a DEILD. I wait in the blackness and try and bring on another scene. Now that I think of it, I felt like I was laying in bed at my old house in blaxland. Possible FA.

      Side Notes: EFT doing it's work for me. Reality checking upon awakening without an issue.

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    3. Breaking The Fast (2.7.15)

      by , 07-05-2015 at 12:35 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Breaking The Fast
      (Too lazy to be more detailed)
      I was walking to a hotel room with Dave Clarke maybe. Get in room and see home and alone with 2 kids.
      They're pale. Back at home eating. Realize It may hurt breaking fast my fast. I start eating a plate of meat. I soon realize it's a dream and I can eat whatever. Someone laughs as if I should have known that already. I grab a fruit cake that's in the pantry. It's in a shape of a square firework.

      Side Notes: I was on a 4 day water fast when I had this lucid. It's been a while since I had a lucid dream. I wasn't fully lucid, just felt the freedom.
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    4. Disabled Seminar, Rangebank Choir, Box of Protein LD#41 (2.9.14)

      by , 09-02-2014 at 11:11 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      Some guy giving seminar in a wheelchair. He tells everyone to stand up, making fun of himself. Everyone laughs, and i stand up as If I didn't get the joke at first. The man in wheelchair stands up. He talks about his arse, and what it looks like since he's been in a wheelchair. He makes his arse blow up outwards to about the size of a head.

      I'm playing a video game with Daryl. It's FIFA. We are taking shots for goal from free kicks. Daryl hasn't really figured out how to shoot properly.

      Dream 2

      I'm with Daryl and we're at our primary school. We are walking passed library when I see Soyer. He's sitting in the drivers seat of a car where the new portables are.

      Daryl and I are now at the preps toilets. I see a crowd of people singing where the gym is. I avoid going that way due to having to get involved. I see Troy Ost and one of his mates, maybe Hobs?
      Daryl is looking at a 20c coin and I happen to think that his face is on the coin, but soon after realise that's silly, and wouldn't be the case.
      Harley walks towards us and I jokingly tell him that anyone that sings in the choir can't be friends with us. He doesn't crack and smile, and I tell him he doesn't look too well. He agrees with me, and kneels down and farts. He now cracks a little smile. It's a silent but deadly one. It smells like diarrhea. Daryl walks over towards Harley and I tell him to not go too close cause he smells like he shat his pants.

      Dream 3 - DILD - 9:05AM

      I'm in a car with Josh Alford and a couple others, maybe my other mates? We're talking and I'm kinda avoiding getting in a convocation with Josh A. We pull up at the bottle-o near the settlement. It seems to be a protein powder store. We walk over and the boys get their stuff. I'm thinking of buying some, but only if it's pure protein and not with the junk additives they usually put in. I grab a box without telling anyone, and drag it around the store. I eventually put it back under the table where the rest of the supplements were. I see a row of what looked like glass pineapples.
      I walk out of the store and I see John Rickard on the foot path. John has something or is about to buy something. As I pass him I say "hi john" but he doesn't respond back.
      I walk over he road where the old Reece plumbing shop is, except it looks different to RL. I start to become aware that it's a dream. Not sure if I reality check considering I just knew it was a dream. I rub my hands together as the dream seems faded or fading, which doesn't help. I brace myself for a DEILD as the blackness takes over my vision.

      I visualise the last thing I saw which brings on a false awakening in my room. I do a reality check and realise I'm dreaming again. I get out of the bed and decide to do the spinning technique with my eyes closed hoping that a random dream scene appears and not my room for a change. I begin to think what if this isn't a dream and I start banging into walls while spinning, which would probably wake people up. I open my eyes and I'm slumped against the wall in my room. Dream fades again and decide to DEILD again. Same thing happens, end up in my bed. I do a reality check and my hands are blurring as I move them. I struggle to get out of bed, and feel half in and half out of the dream. The waking body wins the was and I awaken for real
    5. Safe Good Driver, Max The Hacker, Snow Beach, Bank Confusion, LD#40 (28.8.14)

      by , 08-30-2014 at 03:37 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm in a car with Kayley and she asks if she's a good driver. I tell her the truth and tell her the difference between a good driver and a safe driver. I tell her she's a safe driver. She doesn't take it too kindly and she seemed to think she was a good driver.

      I'm now on foot and walking towards a house flat. I see Jamie Pennys kids at the door step. I decide to turn around and leave. As I turn around a corner I see Jamie himself. I mention to him that I saw his kids out the front of his house.

      Kayley seems to have bailed on me and I have to figure out how to get home. I start to think about the long distance it'll take to get home. I have a backpack on so I check for money inside of it, and find a few coins. I see a man on the other side of the road and he's standing next to a car and looks a little suspect. He just doesn't look like a guy with good intentions. I'm taken back by the size of the man, hes very tall. He offers me a smoke which is unlit but looks to have been already half smoked. I keep insisting to him on why I don't want the cigarette. I tell him I quit a long time ago. I have a feeling the cigarette itself has something wrong with it and would cause harm if smoked. I end up taking a couple of drags of the cigarette. I tell him his very tall and he tells me his 6'8. I have a feeling his taller than that.
      I can now see a scene of the guy in a nightclub. Two males approach him and they're taken back as well by the size of him. They tell him jokingly ''Where's your cousins at?!'' meaning that they must be tall as well. Now he's cousins come into the scene, and they're just as tall.
      The man asks where the bus is, and I look into the distance and see one coming. The bus looks weird from the distance. It looked skinny. I tell him ''There's a bus coming, but I doubt it's yours''.

      Dream 2

      I'm sitting at the computer, about to play some online poker. I enter a table and notice that Max is sitting at the table also. He name is odd and consists of Max in it. My avatar is a picture of myself and I quickly leave hoping he hasn't seen me.

      My computer shuts down from being hacked. I figured it was Max, he must have seen me before I left. I walk over to my Dad, who is in front of his own computer. He seems to be having problems as well. He tells me that Microsoft Office isn't working. I tell him about Libre Office, which is FREE.

      Dream 3

      I'm walking down a street. As I'm walking, I'm pissing at the same time, leaving a trail behind me. I see that there's two males on their bikes heading towards me. I get worried thinking they're going to know I left a trail of piss behind me. I get on my skateboard and start to try and build up speed, but seem to struggle with power and cardio. I look back where I had previously pissed and see that it wasn't as noticeable as first thought.

      I reach a beach which is windy and overcast. I see that there's snow and rocks leading towards the ocean. There's a flash of lightning which hits the ground only meters away from me. There's a lot of people looking towards the ocean. I have a look to see what all the fuss is about and notice that the waves are swelling a lot and that there looks to be a lot of seals in the water. The waves begin to come over the concrete barrier where I am standing and begins to flood. My shoes get soaked but I feel no sensation of wetness or cold in my foot. As I'm leaving the beach I throw some snow at a kid and he gets pissed off at me. I think he's a bit of a sook, so I flick sand up towards his face to toughen him up.

      I'm now at Josh's old house in Strofford Ave. I enter the house through the backdoor and notice that there's a dog trying to enter the house also. I have to push him back to stay outside. I stroll through his kitchen and notice that his bench top is different and see a toaster near the sink. I leave the kitchen and walk into the lounge room. I see Dad standing next to what looks like a iron board. Dad begins to question me, as if I had done something wrong. I keep insisting that everything is fine but he keeps digging for answers. He asks if I'm hiding a female in my room. He now goes on about something I may have done outside. I start to get confused on why he's questioning me so much.

      Dream 4

      I'm on Dreamviews IRC and I'm talking to gab. Gab asks me a question and I don't seem to be paying enough attention to what she asks and I respond with the answer. Gab asks me to explain my answer and I feel I have been caught out not paying attention.

      I'm now sitting down talking to some people that work at the bank. I begin to tell lie to them about having a house and that I have been living in it for 3 years. I hope that Daryl is over hearing our convocation cause he would find it funny that I'm making shit up as the convocation goes along. I start to get confused and can't seem to follow what the bank employees are telling me.
      I see Daryl sitting at a table with three young ladies.

      Daryl takes me to another room inside the bank. He introduces me to another bank employee. I tell him I didn't understand what they were telling me earlier. He hands me some paper.

      Dream 5 - 9:25AM (Lucid - MILD, DEILD)

      I'm watching a female get ready for a fight. She is standing where the fighters are usually checked by the referee. I begin to come aware in the dream and I start concentrating on her facial features, until I realize I am dreaming.
      I think I'm in a class room and I kneel down to stabilize the dream and start to feel/smell/rub face/lick the carpet. I dream still feels a tad unstable. I begin to feel as if I'm still in bed and have something covering most of my vision (probably sleeping mask). I successfully attempt to bring on a false awakening to restart the dream, by falling backwards with my eyes shut. I feel my body float to the ground. I start to visualize the last thing I saw in my dream which works instantly. I'm back in the dream but only for a few seconds before I wake up.

      Side Notes

      Night 2-3 of practicing MILD with success. I become lucid just before my wake up alarm goes off, this is a common thing for my lucid dreams.
    6. Lost, 2 Short LD's, Backyard 4WD, Grand Theft Auto (8.8.14)

      by , 08-08-2014 at 03:19 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm outside standing in an open area. I can see the trees, and if looks like botanical gardens. I get a message from Germain telling me they're lost. I get another message shortly after from my brother with a similar message.

      I think I get in contact with my brother on the phone and he tells me to look for a green sign (highway direction sign). I look around and eventually see it in the distance. I think Kayley was with me at the time and she has gone towards where the green sign is. She finds a car with Germain and my brother. I think there was a couple others with them.

      Dream 2 - DILD

      I'm standing in a bathroom with my top off. I'm looking at my body and flexing and posing. I look more muscular and ripped then I look IRL. The bathroom doesn't look familiar but has a nice fresh look to it. I see a few odd things happen which makes me wonder if I'm dreaming, so I so a reality chick. I see that I am missing a finger but I'm not fully convinced and check check again. This time I have half a finger.. K I'm convinced now and realize I'm dreaming. I leave the bathroom and see that I'm at Germain's house. I don't stabilize the dream but try something that I haven't tried before but thought it would be interesting to see if it works. To find that pill which prolongs a dream. I reach into my back pocket and don't feel anything, but instead of give up I turn it into a false memory and think to myself "it's not in my back pocket, it's in the kitchen drawer. I walk into the kitchen and open the drawer and can't seem to find it. I awaken shortly after.

      Dream 3 - DILD

      I'm near a bush/tree and it has a massive sack of liquid around it it. Like a massive ball of puss. It ends up being cancer. Not sure if it's the trees cancer or someone's cancer. I walk around the tree and have a closer inspection.

      A story starts to get told to me and I see scenes etc. it's about a aboriginal man that had everything going for him. He had a career in the NFL and was a nice healthy muscly man. The man comes into my view in front of me and see that he is not the man he used to be. He has his shirt off and looks pretty thin and notice his skin is sagging. I ask him what happened and he tells me he got sick (I assume his cancer was what was on the tree). I see flash backs of his life and see him at a party. One of the scenes is a photo of him in his day and he looked totally different. He was a lot faller in the face and didn't look like he has aboriginal in him. The scene is now showing me more of the party and I see Bruce Buffer (UFC ring announcer) in his younger days. He's connected to a human train.

      I'm now in my house and I let my dog outside without supervision. I freak out and quickly go and check on him as i don't usually let him out by himself. I see him up the street. I walk towards him but see a lot of cars and I start to panic as my dog has no road sense what so ever.

      Im inside my house and I see that Dad gets off the computer and heads over towards the front door. I see that someone is still in the computer room and think that's odd that it's only myself and dad that is here. I do a RC and notice finger is half missing. I'm only lucid for a few moments before awakening.

      Dream 4

      I'm outside in someone's backyard. It looks familiar. I'm watching a 4WD driven by I think Luke Stool. He's spinning the wheels and doing 360's on the grass. I decide to jump on the side of the 4WD. He starts spinning the wheels again and I think a child is now driving the 4WD. I start to worry about he dangers of me being on the side of the 4WD while they're driving like this and eventually get off it. I see them drive off into an extended area out the backyard. It's as if they have their own track. I think about Ash Comp in the garage waiting for them to get back.

      I walk inside and Kayley tells me that Daniel was in the 4WD, drunk and as a passenger. His friend Barlett was driving. I walk into the lounge room and see that Daniel is sitting down and Barlett is laying on a beanbag. It looks like they're playing Xbox. I shake both their hands and start a convocation with them. Dani offers me a beer but I decline. He gets me one anyways and I take it. I look at can of Victorian Bitter and notice that it looks weird. It's wider than a normal can and looks to have curve going downwards between 2 cans. The hole which you drink out of looks flush with the can. A nice smooth finish. On the right hand side of the can looks like someone has punctured a hole in it. I become suspect that he may have put something in it without telling me.

      Daniel asks if me if I would like to play cricket in the lounge room. I grab the bat off him and line up at the end of lounge room. The item that's placed on the ground in front of me that was marking the crease falls over as he bowls the ball towards me. He bowls out but I tell him I was distracted by the falling crease and was about to fix

      It as he bowled. As I'm fixing the crease I see a lot of random shit on the ground that could be used for a crease but i pick something simple like a straight piece of plastic, the size of a ruler. I hear voices in the background, and soon realize it's guests. I recognize them, it's Jane and Sonja. Jane looks pretty good looking and has toned her body up nicely. Sonja invites me to come for a smoking session with them. I explain that I don't handle most weed too well, it tends to make me anti social and dumb. They tell me about one of their friends who is quite similar when it comes to smoking.

      Dream 5

      I'm walking with Daz up Germain's court and we see a white car. I think about stealing it but soon realize there's a man in the front seat. Daz doesn't care too much and decides to attempt to steal it anyways. I jump in the passenger side and rip the man out of the car and throw him in a pool which is 5 meters away. A man walking in the distance saw what happened and calls the police. I jump in the drivers seat and try to drive away. The man that called the cops is running over to the car to stop me. I try to drive faster but the car hasn't got much acceleration. I get away and head for the main road. I see a group of people half way down the court. One of them tries to stop the car but I avoid him. It looks to be raining and turns dark as I reach the main intersection. I feel as if I'm still getting chased and am in a hurry for traffic to allow me to cross the road. I see my chance and go for it. As I'm driving I notice that Daz isn't in the car with me but is on a motorbike. I ask him if he wants to come inside the car did to it raining. He likes the idea and tries to come to a stop and ends up going straight over the handlebars into a pond. I don't think Daz was wearing any protective clothes that would keep him warm either.

      Side Notes:
      Alarm hasn't been waking me up. Seem to be having natural awakening. Kept forgetting to continue sleep breathing upon awakening to try and bring on a dream. Tried it once but I think I was too awake. Time to follow a routine and stick to it without changing things up.
    7. Short DILD Into False Awakening (6.8.14)

      by , 08-06-2014 at 01:14 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm in a game and I see the enemies shooting their shock rifles towards me. I fire back and try to combo their energy balls before they reach me. Im up higher now in a building and still fighting. I think I become lucid or semi lucid around this point and must wake up shortly after.

      I catch the False Awakening. I'm in a house and decide not to do anything fancy but just stay aware of my surroundings and check stuff out. I see a fridge with writing on it and have a look at what it says. It looked like if made sense from a far but as i get closer, I don't think it makes sense. I hear someone in the kitchen and go and check who it is. As I'm about to walking towards the kitchen I think about eating some chocolate. There's shopping bags all over the floor in the entrance and decide to step around them. I see my brother in the kitchen and don't bother worrying about him too much. I look in the fridge and see a cake. I try to get it out but I almost drop it. My brother comes up to help. I forget about the cake and think about something I wanted to do in a lucid dream. I'll try and convince my brother his dreaming. My speaking in lucid dreams as been slurred since starting again and I try to talk. It works no problems this time. I sound pretty clear. I begin to try and work on my brother. I grab him and tell him his dreaming but he tries to walk away and doesn't want to hear it. I tell him to watch what I'm about to do, which was going to be levitating/flying but I never got the chance to do it. [i felt the dream fading multiple times. I didn't stress too much about it and just focus on what I was doing and it bought back the dream clarity]

      Dream Fragment:
      1. Im with Kayley and. Marleigh. I need to buy a letterbox. I check a few out as there's all diff sizes. It's a factory.

      2. Dad must win some money on the horse racers and I ask him about the other week if he had won. He didn't win.

      3. Dad fills the dog bowl with tap water.

      Side Notes:
      Struggling to remember dreams. Woke up at 5:30am and couldn't sleep for an hour+ which probably worked as a WBTB. Took sleeping mask off as I struggled to get back to sleep and it seemed to do the job and woke up with eyes closed without the assistance of the sleeping mask. Pretty happy with the small progress in lucid dream length as they usually last under min. This one felt as if it lasted 3 mins. Mantras for RC upon awakening is paying off.
    8. Sex Crazed Maniac (Semi Lucid), House of Holes (1.8.14)

      by , 08-01-2014 at 01:37 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      (Not sure if this is a new dream or linked to the 2nd dream)
      Im outside with Josh and we're watching the neighbour do some yard work. I can see an excavator in the yard also. Josh mentions about the man not doing much of a good job and that the girl with him has a weird nose. I can now see 2 girls in the distance, who're wearing work clothes. I can now see one of the girls up close. I notice the nose of the girl which is like a shrek nose but still not bad looking. I start to feel sharp stomach pain which transitions from waking life into the dream.

      I'm in a house and I become semi lucid. I turn into a sex crazed maniac... Ugh, and can't control myself to stop and become proper lucid so I can try different things for a chance rather then chase some tail.. I see a women running away from me (don't blame her) and she's nude. I have intentions to have sex with her. I chase her down and wrap my arms around her from behind and start to feel her breasts. She has small cupped breasts and rub them and squeeze them. She isn't relaxing and still trying to break free but I am physically too strong for her. I man handle her and start to fuck her from behind. It feels little odd, as if I was too high up on her back and needed to find the right angle for penetration. It lasts for what feels like maybe 30 seconds before I wake up.

      Dream 2

      I'm with Daryl and Josh. We're walking through an area with a lot of people and someone throws a piece of tissue or rubbish at me. I pick if and throw if back as a joke. I think I throw if at a guy that didn't throw it at me for starters. I get a reaction from a group of the guys once I threw it. One of them chanted something similar to "ceiling to ground". They come towards me and pick me up and throw me to towards the ceiling and catch me as I come down. They repeat this process for about 10 seconds. This was all in fun.

      I leave the area and reach Daryl and Josh. They're in what looks likes a house or a restaurant. They're eating their dinners which is steak and veggies. I ask them about something to do with how I'll be able to get my food. Daryl gets up from the table and says that he's done eating. Im surprised due to the fact that Daryl truly loves his food and never leaves a scrap IRL. I ask him is that all you're going to eat? He gets my drift and says I could have it. Now a older lady comes over with her and offers hers. I feel like a burden now that everyone is sacrificing their food for me. Daryl's steak looked as if it hadn't been touch and was perfect looking in shape and colour.

      I'm outside with my brother and he goes over to next door to offer to fix things. He's knocking but getting no answer. I somehow make a noise or hear a noise which tricks my brother into thinking it's coming from inside the house. There's a large women in the garden and she spots me and asks what I'm doing. I feel as if she is suspicious of me and I tell her I'm looking to do some repairs on the house. She starts to get angry and points at the tool I have in my hand, when is an old looking chisel. She keeps insisting that what I have in my hand is going to be used for other purposes. I insist that it's for fixing things. I start feeling pretty defenceless in the convocation.

      I think the lady tries to catch me out as if she knew I was bullshitting to her, and invites me inside to have a look at things. I walk inside and it's very dark. I see a light from a smart phone around a corner where a man around my age is laying in bed looking at his phone. I greet him and he thinks I've said something different to what I said and repeats it to me in a confused manner. Moments later he clicks on what I really said and greeted me back. As I look around the room I see major holes in the whole, some small and some big. A few of the holes were shape a human body as if someone had walked through it. It was a perfectly shaped hole of a human.

      I sit down on the couch with my brother and the man on the phone. The light are turned on now and I can see peoples faces properly. Myself and the man gets into a convocation. He looks to have long hair and some facial piercings. I get a feeling as if the man is maybe gay and attracted to me or maybe just wanted to be my friend. I tell him that I live next door and if he ever wanted to hang out to just come over.

      As we're leaving my brother kisses the man on the lips. I'm confused on how to approach this goodbye and go in for a hug. As I hug him he doesn't hug me back but instead shakes my hand as I'm hugging him. It's an all time award moment.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    9. Black Eye, Cat In A Hat (Short Lucid), Fish Burglar (31.7.14)

      by , 07-31-2014 at 07:09 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 7:15am

      I'm at the main shopping centre in my home town. I'm with my brother and I notice there's some kind of party going on. We see Nathan Carrot and he's looking a bit lost. I go over to him and get him a blanket, as if the blanket is some kind of in thing and cool.

      I'm standing outside the swimming pool entrance on the grass near the road. I'm with a few people including a security guard which ran the party I think, and a boxer. He is waving people back who're trying to come through the entrance. I see proctor and he's a bit upset at the guard who's telling people to turn back. He pleads his case about it only being 11pm.

      I'm in a clothes shop with only myself and the person that works there. I seem to be standing in front of an area of clothes for a while, and not doing a hell of a lot. I look back and see that the worker is dosing off at the counter. I think to myself that anyone who steals would go to town on this store if he fell asleep like that. He awakens as I start to walk out of the store. I say something along the lines of "bye sleepy head" lol.

      I approach a elevator and walk into it. I see a famous AFL football played by the name of Bryce Gibbs. It's just him and I in the elevator. I start a convocation regarding when he's next game is. He smiles and says something. I feel a little uneasy due to being In the presents of a celebrity.

      As I leave the elevator I see a group of people, which includes my brother and cousin Trav. I catch up to them and notice my brother is holding his eye. He tells me he got punched in the face by a women at the party. He seems pretty up beat about it though. He tells me he got punched due to lying about who was on the phone. He said that someone famous was on the line as a joke and for a fist to the face for it lol.

      I see either my cousin Rach or Sarah Wadsworth. They're waiting for the commonwealth games flame to be passed on to her. She offers for me to run with her and holding it at the same time. I think I will do it with her. She walks over towards the entrance of the place that sells dirt end stones and tells the girl with the flame that she's ready to take the flame off of her. I think to myself that she's in the wrong area and needs to be on the other side to get it off the person coming in the opposite way. The flame bearer mentions the same thing to her.

      She heads off somewhere and I wait for her at the bottom of a water slide. There's 3 or 4 possible water slides to choose from. I see a scene of people coming down the water slides and they look as if the speed they come down is slow. Some even come to a stop as they reach the bottom and have to push themselves off the edge into the water. I see personal belongings to my cousin or Sarah and expect the worst. I seem to think its Kaykey who's coming down the slide and that she pregnant.

      As I continue to wait I see 2 dogs which come up to me. They look similar to Trigger and Rex. As I pat them they growl, but I think in the sense of jealousy.

      I leave through a backyard and wait for my cousin/Rach/Kayley to hopefully meet me at McDonald's.

      Dream 2

      I'm at my house, inside my bedroom. I see my brother and Germain.

      I'm on the computer playing the game 'need for speed world'. I'm using a dark silver car, and try to impress the guys with my driving. I seem to be hitting walls a bit but driving ok. I can see the lucid dreaming affirmations flicking on my screen while playing. I hear a noise in the background and it's Germain doing something with his saliva In his mouth, as if he was swishing it in and out of his mouth quickly.

      I am now on the side of the road. It looks as if I'm near the train boom gates down monohans rd. As I'm standing there, I see the main character of the cartoon/book. He walks passed on the opposite side of the road. He looks as If he is in stilts. He's at least 10ft tall. I think to myself "WTF" as he continues to walk but at a unrealistic speed. I'm pretty sure something is not right and do a hand RC. I notice that I have a finger missing.

      I see a car drive passed and I wave it down so I can talk to someone [I've never actually had a proper convocation with someone in a dream, and would like to start experimenting with it]. The car continues to drive as I stand onto the road. I see a man in the distance walking my way. I start to walk toward him feeling pretty great, knowing exactly what I was intending to do (talk to the DC about anything). I reach him and try to talk but my speech is slurred again (my previous lucid dream was the same). The man kind of looks at me. The dream fades out quickly and I decide to do a DEILD but as I await my legs become extremely itchy which disturbs my focus, and the alarm goes off anyways.

      Dream 3
      Recorded at 9:05am

      I'm at the park near my old house and I see a sniped marksman in the distance, laying down on a hill. I think about scoping in and heading from a distance but I realize he has his back to me and decide to sneak up on him. As I get closed to him I hope that he doesn't hear me sneaking towards him. As I reach him he is kinda facing towards me and I panic and try and shoot him. All my shots miss, even a point blank range shot.

      We start talking after that awkward moment and he asks If I'm a noob and I kinda feel a little shitty at my performance as he says it, cause I rate myself a lot higher then a noob. I can see Rhianna the famous singer in the distance. I notice She's wearing fashionable clothes and just wandering around the park with a bit of a crowd with her. I think my brother and another person I know is at the skate half pipe across from the park. No one is there, so they can enjoy it for themselves.

      Dad comes over to where myself and the sniper kid is. Dad notices that the sniper has been fishing and steals his fish. The first fish has beautiful colors of triangles on it's back and front. Dad puts it in his own tub of water to keep it fresh. Dad grabs another fish from the kid, this time the fish is already in batter. He takes it out of the batter and places the fish down in the dirt. I think about the filthy ground with the fish on it and tell dad not to leave it there. He then places it in his water tub but the tub now has little water left. I start to fantasize about seeing Rhianna kissing me or someone else in public and see if it would end up in the headlines. I assume that with all the smart phones that the possibility would be high.

      Side Notes:
      I forget to stabilize my dream which doesn't help the length of the dream. I need to start reminding myself to really observe the surrounds and use the effective techniques. I seem to have a lot of lucid dreams around the time of my alarms go off. It's as if my body is beginning to awake itself which makes me more aware in my dreams which brings on the lucidity? I guess I can DEILD as my alarm goes off (I have preset alarms throughout the night which turn themselves off after a couple seconds)
    10. 3 Short Lucid Dreams - First in a long time (27.7.14)

      by , 07-27-2014 at 06:54 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm inside a abandoned house which looks old but classical to an extent. I feel a little creeped out by look of the house and the fact that it's empty and abandoned. I reach a room which has metal panels which I thought, may have had computer technology attached to it.

      I'm now sitting on a couch with Kayley in the lounge room of the house and her dirt bikes riding outside. Kayley mentions something about them.

      People start to come inside the house as if it's a party. I see Tilly from the reality TV show Big Brother, and others that myself and Kayley recognize. We both look at each other as if we know and secret which no one else in the room knows. I get up and greet Tilly, by shaking her hand i think. The other guy we knew is sitting at the table with us. Kayley greets him and says his name by accident. He's name was Matt. Matt is surprised that she knows his name and is a little suspicious.

      I begin to become aware inside the dream at some point. I don't think I did a reality check.

      I'm looking through a beautiful stained draws. I open up some compartments with another DC. I compliment the look of the piece. She doesn't mention anything back to me, and is just standing near by. At this point I'm pretty much lucid and my animal instinct kicks in [i really gotta kick this out of my mind when lucid lol] I begin to seduce her by touch her feet and stroking them very lightly. She is now caught in my intentions and begins to take her clothes off. She's down to her underwear and I feel it's time for me to lay down and bring her into me. Dream ends.

      Dream Fragment:

      1. I'm outside doing something. Think it was linked to previous dream.

      2. I'm laying on the ground and Jade is laying over the top of me with her breasts in my face. They have a bad odor smell to them. I tell her that they smell.

      Dream 2

      I'm walking towards the train station via Daryl's street and seem to be off to the shopping center. I realize i forgot my bike and seem a little unsure if I should turn back or continue walking. After if-ing and are-ing I eventually decide to head back to get my bike. As I'm walking back I see a girl from my school Jess. She has very blonde hair, you could almost call if white. We smile as we pass and I decide to do a reality check by looking at my hands. I notice I have extra fingers but it doesn't click with me straight away and decide to do it again and count. I have 7 fingers. I try not to get overly excited as it's my first time being lucid in 5 or so months. I see Jess walk passed again with someone else but I ignore them and decide to stabilize the dream. I rub my hands together, spin and even shake my head, but the head shaking my head feel off. I'm in a room with about 4 of so DC's. I'm a bit overwhelmed of what to do in my lucid dream. I walk up to a DC and annoy him a little. I try to talk but my voice is slurring as if I've had a stroke. Dream ends.

      Dream 3
      Recorded at 7:40am

      I'm back inside the abandoned house in the kitchen. I'm already lucid and don't think I needed to reality check. I see a man which seems to be a teacher of lucid dreaming or maybe just giving his 2 cents on what was happening. He tells another DC the reason he became lucid is probably due to the fact he was excited.

      I have a water bottle in my hand and decide to pour it over my face to see if it helps stabilizing which didn't really have much effect except a slight feeling of cold when pouring it. I see Sabrina from a talent show "The Voice" Australia. I find her attractive and pull my non hard dick and slowly put it in her mouth (face palm). Before I get any pleasurable sensations, I awaken.

      Side Notes:
      Woke up a few times and had a headache, which kept me up a little, which may have played a factor in being more aware in dreams.
      I try to DEILD my way back into each dream but I seem a little impatient and cut it short. I did see light flashes at one point. By me trying this, it may have played a part in my awareness in the upcoming dreams which gave me lucidity.
    11. Multiple Short LD's/Normal Dream

      by , 10-26-2013 at 08:07 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      I talk to an old lady and she brings up the convocation about Creatine. She say's that she had previously thought it contained ammonia in it. I had heard this before and said I too thought that. We continued talking about Creatine and were talking about the immunity benefits to it, and that there's still a lot of unknown benefits that have yet to be discovered.

      I get asked a question by a teacher. It's about what was written on the piece of paper. In some what a lie, I say yes. I do know what was written but it slipped my mind earlier. She asks what was written, and I think long and hard, but couldn't remember. She hands me a piece of paper that had the information on it.

      We talked about someone called Tracey Lee?

      I see a category of what I can choose from. The choices were, Health and a lot of other options which I don't remember.

      Dream 2:
      Time Lucid - 10 secs
      Non lucid - grey text
      Semi Lucid - red text
      Lucid - blue text

      I'm on a bus and I see Daryl two seats in front of me. He's trying to tune a black girl. I think to myself, Daryl is clueless when it comes to picking up women. He said something to the girl which was a joke, and she knew it was a joke, but he kept insisting it was a joke. I start to feel a strong emotion of awkwardness, as I come to my senses that this is in fact a dream. I know I'm dreaming, even without reality checking. I try to get up out of the bus chair, but I'm stuck. I attempt again, but no luck. I wake up.

      Dream 3:
      Time Lucid - 30 secs
      Non lucid - grey text
      Semi Lucid - red text
      Lucid - blue text

      I'm at Jamie S's house, outside in his backyard. I see 2 dogs? they're eating their pigs ear treat.

      I'm on my Dads computer. I suddenly realize I'm dreaming, without really anything weird happening. I do a nose plug which doesn't work. I now try the hand and it looks a bit off. I try to stabilize the dream by going through my senses. I first take a strong whiff of the air, but I feel myself losing the dream. I attempt something that I've never tried before, and that's falling forward straight into the ground. As I hit the ground, I don't feel it. I see blackness, and feel a sensation of rocking up and down. This happens for a few seconds, and then I end up in a bed in a random house. I get out of bed and see 50+inch TV in the distance with something on the screen. I walk into a lounge room, it's my old house in blacks land. I see a cat on the couch and I try and chase it down, but it's too quick and hisses at me. I grab the cat eventually and then wake up.

      Dream 4:
      Dream ended - 8:25am
      Time Lucid - 1 min
      Non lucid - grey text
      Semi Lucid - red text
      Lucid - blue text

      I think my mum passed away and I was thinking about the heart attack. I see a bath with stuff in it, so I decide to step into the bath and push my feet into it. I wake up, and turn it into a DEILD. I see a scene come on like none other. I see a tree and the image comes closer and closer, to the point of where I actually go inside a flower. I see a fuzzy flower image spinning around. I get projected straight into a dream scene where I am standing in a bush. My vision is weird, it's as if I have no peripheral vision. It gets worse and worse, so I try and pry my eyes open with no such luck. I try to pull off my sleeping mask, but same thing. I even take off my glasses and throw them front of me and kick them like a football. My vision comes good eventually and I see 2 football ovals in the distance. I think I'm at my home towns football oval's car park. I decide to do something I have heard before to what I thought would prolong the dream, but really it's only for vividness. I bend my fingers back to break them, but not too long after I awaken.
      I think I did another nose plug which didn't work again.
    12. False Awakening + DEILD

      by , 10-23-2013 at 03:48 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream ended - 6.25am
      Time Lucid - 2 mins
      Non lucid - grey text
      Semi Lucid - red text
      Lucid - blue text

      False Awakening:
      I reality check and notice fingers are smaller, and nose plug which worked. I'm dreaming. I get up and stabilize by rubbing my hands together which works, and study hand and spin for maximum effect. The scene looks quite vivid and I'm happy. I spin again and think of a night club to hopefully teleport there, but my couple of attempts don't work. I walk outside and realize I'm only wearing my underwear. At first I think to myself I should put some pants on, but meh it's a dream and move on. I'm outside my old house in blacksland, and walk to the letter box. I see a car come towards me and I run in front of it to see who's driving. It's RP, and he is driving a station wagon which has it's back cut off like a convertible. RP say's to me, how did you know it was me?. Dream fades and I try to DEILD but nothing happens.

      Dream ended - 7.25am
      Time Lucid - 30sec
      Non lucid - grey text
      Semi Lucid - red text
      Lucid - blue text

      While falling back asleep, I catch the moment my vision goes from blacky-grey to black. I figure this the transition from awake to sleep. I relax my body with each breath and intentionally bring on the sensation of sinking into the bed with each breath. This brings on a scene, but it's not very vivid. I do a hand RC and notice my fingers look tiny. I'm dreaming. I try and get out of bed, but I struggle a little. It feels like I have a lead blanket on me, but Im able to complete the transition. I'm in my bedroom and I stabilize by rubbing hands together. I try another method and check my senses. I take a whiff of air which smells normal. I move onto the visual and look to pick something up. I see my computer table which has a lot of junk on it. The pasta bowl stands out and I figure I should study that. I feel my sleeping mask on my head and decide to take it off but I begin to wake up not long after and try to chain a lucid. It brings on a little scene but fails.

      I notice both dreams were logged at 25 past, which makes me think the dream is failing due my mind waking before the alarm goes off in the next 5 mins. I set intervals during the morning to go off every 30 mins.
      I've been thinking of my dream body and waking up early from a lucid. I really need to get this out of my head.
    13. Dild (21.10.13)

      by , 10-22-2013 at 10:52 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream ended - 8.30am
      Time Lucid - 1 min
      Non lucid - grey text
      Semi Lucid - red text
      Lucid - blue text

      I'm with my Brother, cousin Trev and someone else (SE). We're in a resort bedroom and receive a phone call from someone that is dangerous if you get on their bad side. He says that we stole something that meant big to him. I think it was drugs. Once the convocation was over, we all looked over to the SE, and he looks devastated. He knows he fucked up and put us all in danger.

      I walk into a bath room which is my old house in blacks land. I see Trev in front of the mirror. I place down 3 bottles near the bath.

      I'm looking through the window and the resort looks beautiful. I see nice tree's, pool, gorgeous ladies. A fat man that looks quite wealthy jumps into the pool with all his clothes on. Some of the ladies walking beside the pool jump in too. I think to myself, I wish I was dreaming so I could have sex with those ladies. I reality check by looking at my hand, and notice a couple of my fingers are smaller than the others. I'm dreaming. I fly straight out the window towards a playground. I see a girl standing there. Instead of just have sex with her, I ask her if she wants to have sex. She looks at me strangely and walks off a little freaked out by me. I remember that I wanted to have a conversation with a DC instead of doing random fun stuff. I walk over to some girls and start having a chat, but they don't seem to want to talk to me. I move along and notice a tall man walking near me. I say Hi and he pauses of a couple seconds and says Hi back. I try to keep the conversation going by telling him what I'm doing here, just hanging out with friends I say. He doesn't seem to want to talk so I move on. I think about sex again and turn around to find some ladies, and to my surprise, they're all morbidly obese +some. There's even a lady on a swing set (must be a strong swing set). The dream fades and I try to chain a lucid together with no luck.

      I've been trying to promise myself to do tasks instead of random stuff in lucid dreams. I felt when I wanted to have sex, my subconscious kicked in and made sure the women were not up to my standard lol. I hope my subconscious continues to do this more often
    14. DEILD + Multiple False Awakening

      by , 10-15-2013 at 03:27 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Time Lucid - DEILD (30sec), False awakening 1 (30sec), False awakening 2 (2min)
      Non lucid - grey text
      Semi Lucid - red text
      Lucid - blue text

      Dream Fragments:
      I'm watching TV at my house, and I see my Dad.

      I'm looking into the trees/ditch, where I used to run around the c-town football ground.

      I'm at my primary school, on the oval at night. I was thinking of having a wank on the oval (right.. getting my creep on I see.) I see a girl walk passed the fence, and she was dragging a sheet along with her. I wake up and begin the DEILD process. I've been on a bit of a dry spell and got a tad excited and got up too early out of my dream body. My vision was pretty messed up looking, so I decided to take off my glasses which worked for more clarity. I check my hand for a reality check, but just do it out of habit, due to the fact I know I'm dreaming. I double check by levitating myself up to the ceiling of my room and touch the roof. I walk out of my room and notice that my Dad is making his bed, but the room looks different. I try and piss him off for the hell of it as he makes his bed. I then wake up.

      False Awakening 1:
      I get out of my bed and look at my hand, and notice I have 3 fingers. I'm dreaming. I look around for a pill in my draw, expecting it to be there and being LCD. I keep coming up empty, but I do find some empty medication tabs. I look towards my bed and see that there is another empty tab. I decide to fly out of my room, low to the ground. I fly through the kitchen and passed Dad's lounge room. I notice that someone is in the lounge room as I pass and I pull on the brakes and slide across the floor. I begin to wake up and I prepare for a DEILD chain. The scene re-appears, laying in the exact same spot. I rush through the transition and fail the DEILD *shakes head* so impatient lol.

      False Awakening 2:
      I'm in my bedroom standing up, I do a RC and realize I'm dreaming. I begin to stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands together, and taking off my glasses which helped a lot. I look at my hands and really study them to get the scene even more vivid. I walk out of my room into the lounge room where Dad is. I see that he's half on and half off the couch, asleep with a blanket half over him. I try and wake him so I can talk to him, but pushing him a little. He awakens and still looks half asleep, and doesn't want to make convocation. I give up on Dad and walk into his bedroom, and walk towards his bed. I look to see if Mum is under the blankets (or anyone else). As I lift the blanket up, I see a dog walk out from under the blankets. It's not my dog Rex and it is a lot bigger then my dog. I look at my hands again to try and keep this lucid dream going, as the recent lucid dreams have been very short). My hand looks as if they are cracked. I continue to really focus on them. I felt confident the dream would last longer now. I figure I should leave the house (I usually never make it out of the house). I walk towards the door, intending to go across the road to the neighbors house to see who I could meet and talk to/have sex with (my penis gets the better of me a lot). As I reach the door, my alarm goes off and wakes me.

      I've never had more then 2 lucid dreams in 1 night. I'm wrapped with getting 3. What made it better was it was coming off of a dry spell
    15. Short & Strange DEILD

      by , 10-14-2013 at 11:52 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I think I attempted a DEILD or I may have had a DILD, it's very fuzzy. I remember nose plugging and straight away being in a gym to meet Kai Greene. I think I imagine him and he appears and walks up to me. We talk to each other and dream ends.

      What made it strange, is that it felt like I was in a non lucid dream through out the whole dream. I had incubated this scenario before, but somehow It didn't click with me.
      lucid , side notes
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