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    The Search For My Bag (28.10.13)

    by , 10-29-2013 at 02:58 AM (520 Views)
    I'm at a Safeway shopping center and a lady comes up to me and asks if I'll be much longer, cause the shops are about to close.

    I see a back pack which isn't mine but I take it.

    I've now realized that i lost my real back pack and try and find it.

    I'm home now, and I feel gutted that I lost my bag again, which means I lose my wallet again! I look around my house with no luck. I'm searching through something and its my brothers ex girlfriends stuff. I see some kind of device which is like a vibrator. Dad thinks he finds my bag and points at it. It ends up being that bag I picked up earlier.

    I walk back towards the shops and I see 2 cars. I see a piece of paper which has some stuff written on it. It's like a message board about lucid dreaming and people dare each other to complete something LD related.

    I'm in a car with Josh D and we're driving somewhere during the day. I notice that the scene is very weird, as if its bugged. As Josh is driving, we loop through a glitch. I think to myself, wtf am I dreaming, and think it may be a dream. I get scared as Josh is driving blind through the glitch. Josh tells me Jessie James broke out of prison and is on the run. I think he was the reason why the scene was fucked up, by using a smoke appear through out the dream. Josh shows me a video of Jessie James. Its news about him getting out of prison.

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