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    CHiLLEN's Dream Journal

    Split In Half Tire, Attraction (16.8.14)

    by , 08-16-2014 at 02:44 AM (758 Views)
    Dream 1 - 3:50AM

    I'm at the park entrance, opposite dragon lady's house. I see Kayley's car or parts of the car, sticking upside down on the side of the road. The tires look to have been split in half. I walk over to my house and see Kayley in the drive way. I tell her that I moved the car but she doesn't believe me. She pokes her head around the corner to see if I was being honest.

    I'm now up the court of where Germain lives and I have my bike with me. I take it into his property and decide to pump my tires up. I'm with someone I know and they're pumping them up for me but isn't connecting the pump correctly. I help him out and show him how to do it. He wasn't pulling down the lock function when connecting it to the wheel. I keep looking towards the front door of the house to see if the door is open and it's closed. Sometime later it opens and I hear Shonnie mention something. I leave and then shortly come back. I move bike over towards the trailer and begin to lock it up with a chain. I'm struggling to connect the chain together due to it not stretching far. Before I leave I think about leaving a letter on the front gate saying how much of a nice guy Shonnie is. I walk out onto the road and see that there is a few people stealing clothes from someone's front yard. There's a lot of clothes. I join them and take my fair share of clothes. They look brand new. I carry them over to my house which isn't far at all. As I reach my house it starts raining. I walk around the back which has an under cover area. I see my dog Rex at the back door, he seems to have a dog bone in his mouth.

    Dream 2 - 7:18AM

    I'm at my old house and on the PC behind the bar. I see a girl and we both seem keen on one another but don't show it. She has work the next day but we still intend to go to bed together. I walk into my room and begin to brush my teeth. I think about putting a condom under the mattress without her knowing, in case we hit it off but didn't want her to know my intentions if hers were not alike. I think she decides to brush hers too but can't find a tooth brush or toothpaste. I walk into my parents room and have a look in their if I can find anything.

    I'm in bed with her but forget what happens. I wake up but with the bed on the opposite side of the room. I see her lying their asleep. (I had strong emotions in this dream)

    Dream Fragment:

    1. I think West Coast football club or the Suns win a game of football. They are celebrating as if they won a grand final but I think all they did was beat Collingwood. A team they always struggle against. As the winning teams players run on the field, I see that the stadium is empty apart from their members area which is a few levels high. The team is running in a single line holding up flags with their club on it. One of the players is Jade Herrix, I don't think he played in the game and may have been a sub or emergency player. I was focusing on him and see that he was the most excited about the win then any other player. They all start hugging and congratulating one another, making sure no one missed out.

    2. I see a conference table with well dressed adults. I'm not sure what they're talking about but do notice they are all accompanied by one of their children (under 10 years old). One of the kids asks a question to one of the other adults but tells their own dad the question so he can say It out aloud. The father asks the question which is something like "can you leak a confidential phone number?"' The man that was asked is black. He shakes his head and says no. They try and tempt him with money and offer a maximum of $100,000. The black man looks to pause a little as if he is thinking about it, but insists with a no. I start to think that maybe if they asked him for a vowel he would open up to that idea.

    Side Notes:

    Another poor nights sleep. Struggling to get back to sleep after recalling a dream. Sore neck is still uncomfortable to sleep with.

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    1. OneUp's Avatar
      I think about putting a condom under the mattress without her knowing, in case we hit it off
      Haha thats the way to do it man, always gotta be prepared! Not sure what it is, but been having alot of more sexual dreams lately, maybe dudes just have them more often? Either way, gotta say they are pretty enjoyable lol. By the way, your recall is still getter better man! Stick to it and don't give up even if your recall isn't the best everyday. I've definitely seen alot of improvement
      CHiLLEN likes this.
    2. CHiLLEN's Avatar
      I bet the ladies have them more but are just hiding it from us.......
      Thanks for the encouragement. Last week or so has been a struggle for recalling and getting back to sleep unfortunately. Still getting something written down, so that's the main thing
      OneUp likes this.
    3. OneUp's Avatar
      Exactly man, just gotta keep going. I have a feeling that after a while you'll be able to recall dreams with no problem, it just takes consistent practice. I know you can do it CHiLLEN!
    4. CHiLLEN's Avatar
      How do you go about your recall throughout the night?
      I can't seem to wake up and remember them all at once, so I usually just write down important stuff of the dream and try and work off those. I'm going to buy a Voice Recorder and try that method, so I don't wake myself up too much.
    5. OneUp's Avatar
      To be honest man, it just takes practice. One thing I have found myself doing unintentionally though, is that whenever I wake up from a dream in the middle of the night, I ponder over it for a few minutes and what happened within the dream. Other than that I don't do much, I've found however that practicing recall daily for me causes it to increase every day that I do it. Good luck man, I know you'll get it down eventually.
      CHiLLEN likes this.