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    Think I'm Tough, Johnny Rollins (28.7.14)

    by , 07-28-2014 at 04:05 AM (280 Views)
    Dream 1
    Recorded at 8:00am

    I'm at my old house and I'm sitting on the couch with my brother. Across from us is someone my brother knows who is also sitting on a couch. I'm playing a game on a device where you beat the other person up while they're eating. I tell my brother i would beat up his friend in this game. Deep down I think I would lose to this guy, but I keep acting as if I could. Brother friend says he's not feeling too well and I begin to think i have scared him out of a battle. He farts and says he's feeling much better now. I feel as if I need to fight him now that he's not pulling out.

    I'm outside a house, about to leave in a car. I see my bike near the door and notice it's not locked up. I walk over and lock it up to something. I put the lock through the spokes in the rim.

    Dream 2

    I see Johnny Rollins from 'The Voice' Australia. He's in a studio was Kylie Minogue. He's singing and gets up on the bench and really gets into his singing. Kylie and her famous friends start digging his performance. Kylie gets on the drums and starts singing along with Johnny.

    I see Johnny showing a game he's been working on. It's not fully finished. He has a hand in the game that reaches over to the enemy's side of the map. He shows some fruits in the game that are lined up. He mentions a few are coming out the same due to coding problems in the game. I see a donate button in case anyone wants to support his game.

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