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    UT CHiLLEN vs Rousey (1.8.15)

    by , 08-01-2015 at 08:40 AM (407 Views)
    UT CHiLLEN vs Rousey
    I was versing Ronda Rousey at unreal tournament. She is an elite player with great accuracy. I'm leading the game but she is clawing her way back in. I begin to crack under the pressure and make silly decisions. The winning kill comes down to a sniper shoot out down a corridor. The range is pretty close, shooting non zoomed at one another. I hit her with some shots and eventually finish her off. My connections kicks me out of game just as it finishes. I really want to get back into the game as i don't want Rousey to think I beat her and ran from the game. I hear dad yell out something. I think it has to do with resetting the Internet. I tell him to hold on a moment as I try to reconnect to the game. I get back into the game and notice that Rousey enters also. I say gg and goodnight Rousey.

    Dream Fragments
    Abraham was talking to me through a females body. I think I was a bit skeptical or felt a bit awkward.

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