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    Bus Anxiety, Disclose the Truth, Administration

    by , 01-31-2013 at 04:27 AM (342 Views)
    I was on the bus, early in the morning, which had an interior of an RV, and it slid sideways on the highway, and I managed to open the ceiling emergency roof, and stoop on the top of the bus roof, waiting for it to roll over on its side, for me to jump onto the next upward facing side, though it never rolled. Once the bus came to a stop, it ended up crashing into something, and when I returned to the inside of the bus, it was noticeably larger on the inside, and things happened, talking, walking, and planning, I noticed the bus driver was dead and there was weed being smoked as well

    Once I arrived at school, on the corner of building 6, where that windowed computer lab room was, this blonde stoner kid who rides my bus was in front of a carnival like game, with an Airsoft Pistol, and I confronted him, and asked to play. As soon as I played, I noticed administrators coming in this direction. I gave him the gun, and stood to the side. He saw them, and stealthy hid it under the stand. They bothered me for awhile, until I redirected their attention to the kid, and left.

    I was in a portable that was where the ASL class was. I managed to leave the portable, and stood on the side. I was wearing my leather jacket, and remembered previously shooting the gun twice before leaving the class to escape the oncoming trouble. And just like that, I saw most all of the School Administration, Police Guards, and Security, all crowing the front door of the portable I just left, though hidden behind another portable, I saw it all unfold, and decided "Fuck it" and confronted them, and they commanded I not move, to where I ran up and jumped up the Portable near by, got onto the roof, and waved the gun in the air.

    I was in the 'office' though it resembled the Cafeteria in Chapter 1 of Half Life 2, the one where Citizens eat food, that you talk to, in the very beginning of the game. I sat at a booth table, with Mr. Sanchez to my left, and Mr. Urichko, the Principle, opposite of me. He asked me about a green flyer that was circulating the school, about disclosure of global truths, government corruption, and other things. I asked if they knew about those truths, and they replied "of course" and I jumped from my seat excited, and ecstatic to realize that they were awake to, but mad that they haven't taken the responsibility of disclosing the information over the Announcements.

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