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    Get a job, and literally get lost

    by , 03-17-2013 at 06:40 PM (329 Views)
    I was standing outside a soon to be restaurant in a commerical district in Winter Park. I'd check up on it every now and then, to see if anything physically changed with the resturant. Eventually, lights slowly flickered on, and I planned that as soon as the manager came out and walked around, I'd ask her if I could apply for a job there. I was very excited, but I kept to my patience, and after while, I saw her. I walked inside, introduced myself, and asked if I could get a job application. She didn't have one, but she did have a notepad with names of previous people who appilied, and she told me to right my name and phone number in one of the boxes. Once I did, she asked for my lisense and stuff, and I told her I lived very close by. She then told me to right a taxi number down, and I did something like (407) 777-7777 and in real life, there actually is a taxi company that uses 777-7777 in its number, which is pretty cool, since I've actually never known how to call a taxi, and through a dream, I now know how! Afterwords, a taxi came to pick me up, and I ended up being the driver.

    I was on the highway, and I was on the far left side, and my exit was coming up, but it was nearly impossible for me to get to the right and take the exit. I missed it, and thought, "I'll just catch the next one, but the next exit became a bridge that crossed over the highway, farther away from where I needed to be, so I kept taking the main highway, and It came to a toll road, so last minute, I took the nearest exit, which went into an open field, and stopped. Turns out, Cat, Matt, Jessica, Michael, Jared, and some other familiar faces made the exact same mistake, and that apparently they all had their own cars, and were following me.

    We decided to walk to the toll booth lady, and explain what happened, and she said she'd give us $3,000 dollars to pay the toll, and then I woke up

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