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    1. zombie and vampire apocolypse dream

      by , 08-21-2012 at 06:21 AM
      I was in a depart. Store with nobody I had ever meant before, all a sudden we were on top of the roof of the store and we were protecting two devices that could kill vampires and zombies one was a shimmering heart of some sort the other was a generator/water heater device that had a giant wood plank attached to it as the control panel. But the vampires found out about us protecting it and jumped up towards the roof destroys the shimmering heat by squeezing it then jumps back off, I tried to stop the mystery vampire that appears in my dream on more than one occasion but came up too short. We all wondered if the second device.would do the trick but.could only be charged once we started programming it and I realized I was dreaming then woke up.
      Tags: lucid
      lucid , nightmare , memorable