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    by , 03-20-2017 at 10:17 PM (138 Views)
    I had a long, involved dream that just kept getting weirder and scarier last night. My wife, mother, son and mother were (in waking life) staying with some friends at a dude ranch near our home. My son had a little cold, so he was waking up every 2 hours or so, giving me plenty of chances to WBTB. Try as I might, I couldn't quite drag my critical mind into the dream state.

    Towards morning I dreamed I was in Denver, trying to travel west through downtown to a specific bar. It was very dark, both physically and in terms of feeling, and there were all these trips sideshow type people or beings around, like two guys in red and black leather juggling, or a very tall, skinny figure on a tall, victorian era bicycle, dressed like the grim reaper and wearing a top hat. Some of the figures would try to intimidate me, others would just kind of get in my way to slow me down.

    I finally arrived at the bar I was headed to. The bar itself was very tall, like 6 feet. I had to climb up into a barstool. Prince (the artist formerly known as "the artist formerly known as prince") was using the center of the bar as a stage and performing songs so lewd they deeply offended me. There were two bartenders to either side of him, serving drinks in time with the music, as part of the show. I had one drink, but was so disgusted by the lyrics that I decided to leave. The bill was $6.50, so I dug out a 5, a $2 bill and a 1, and left them on the bar. The bartender snatched up a mortgage slip from my wallet and demanded I sign it over to him. I declined and left.

    I arrived at another bar and was telling a friend how offensive the Prince show had been. I saw Robert Downy jr. glaring at me from across the bar, and realized that I had offended the Hollywood set, and had better run for it. The door was locked and I couldn't get out, until a young couple got up from their table and went to the door. I hung back casually, figuring I'd follow them out. The man pushed the emergency exit sign like it was a button, and the door opened. The couple went back to their table, and I ran for it.

    Back in the street, I saw the same weird/scary figures I'd seen before, and turned a corner to avoid them. At this point, the dream looked like that scribbly, jerky animation you sometimes see. A figure was approaching me with a bunch of shadows on leashes, obviously to get me. At this point (finally) I thought "hey, this is impossible. I'm dreaming". I flew up to avoid the shadows, then decided I had better do something about the jerky animation thing. I landed and tried turning around a few times, until the scene became clear. It was morning, and I was walking under an elevated street or a bridge or something. I tried to manifest a pretty girl, without success, then saw 3 cops seated at a table int he middle of the street. Thinking I had better try something interesting, I ran/flew at them and tried to kick one with a mighty kick, but missed, and awoke, flailing, in bed.

    In retrospect, it was like the dream was getting crazier and less plausible as it went on, trying to tell me I was dreaming.

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