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    Back to My Old School

    by , 11-22-2013 at 11:13 PM (440 Views)
    I dreamed that due to some educational shenanigans I have to attend my old school (and by old I mean OLD. It's my first school, which in reality was already demolished) during summer. (This actually would work since I study overseas)

    I found that what I had found tolerable when I was younger and in this school was pretty annoying, mostly from my culture clash. The whole ritual of singing the national anthem and praying while standing pretty much pisses me off, so I just screwed around.

    I couldn't remember my time in classes, which in my dream I had chalked it up to me sleeping through class and being really sleepy. It actually turned out that it's because my dream is actually a collection of dream fragments.

    There wasn't much going on. All I remembered was that I could fly around the school, and I understood that it is something only I can do. I'm out of practice, so I didn't suspect a thing despite the evidence of me dreaming being right in my face (If I had bothered to do a memory reality check I'd have known)

    What I was looking forward to was to show off my English in the English class, but I woke up first. Well, not really, I'm pretty sure I woken up a couple of times during this dream. So I suppose the more accurate term would be I woke up, raelized I was dreaming, and decided that I'm not going to continue because it's getting boring.


    It appears that I am so out of practice that I don't even notice obvious dream signs, which in this case were memory losses, flying, and the fact that I'm back in my old school. On the other hand, it seems that I'm a natural at flying. Woo.

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