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    Breaking the Bank

    by , 12-11-2016 at 12:05 PM (305 Views)
    I dreamed that I was back in Thailand, and we now live at my parents' internet cafe. We have eight cats and six ravens. Two of the cats are calico twins. I was trying to train the cats and the ravens to come to me on command.

    My dream transitioned to me being a middle-aged man living in a swanky condominium. I have the power to enter the 'dreamscape' (jeez, I can't believe I missed that dreamsign. I'll have to do reality checks every time somebody mention dreams.) physically, and for some reasons that's pretty important. There are voices in my head of people who is conntacting me through telepathy or whatever, and they weren't impressed with me entering the dreamscape right in a crowd. They said that if I left the dreamscape in public I might cause a commotion, and that I have to hurry back to my condominium. I passed through some people getting attacked by monsters but the voices told me they're not real and for me to keep going. I got to my condominium and returned to the physical world and felt a bit shitty about not helping the people out.

    My dream transitioned to me in a casino. I played slots and got a ludicrous amount of jackpot.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment