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    by , 09-20-2013 at 09:40 PM (469 Views)
    [Title inspired by the wonderful roguelike Cataclysm]

    First off, I remember some random bits early in my dream: I was trying to get some object in the middle of a lake. It turns out that there are no boats nearby for me to get to it, so I had to retrieve a boat from a boathouse that I own, I open up a Saints Row Third-esque map and went to get the boat, then got it to the lake somehow. Although I say lake, it's actually a pond in the middle of a city. I don't remember what I got.

    Then I remember having a bath in one of those small tall japanese bathtub. It actually felt good.

    Then for some reason I remembered driving a motorcycle across the city and avoiding missiles that fall from the sky.

    Then now I remember being in what seem to be a house-bunker and closing a door because I saw a zombie. There are 2 people outside who want in. I told them to kill the zombie and we'll talk.

    Ultimately they failed, but didn't die. The zombie was intelligent and was able to talk. I don't remember what it said but I do remember having to jump away as it tried to blow up the door with a rocket launcher. Luckily the door was fine. I opened the door and blew the zombie up with my own rocket launcher. But then some more nasties came and I locked the door.

    Later in the morning I got out and found really weird enemies, like giant rats, a normal-sized rat riding a giant disembodied head of what seems to be a walrus. After I killed them I found the two people from earlier. I apologized to them about last night.

    Then I woke up.

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