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    Conservative Military Pigheads

    by , 07-06-2013 at 11:19 PM (434 Views)
    I was at my school. Which school, I have no bloody idea. I think it was my current school, but everyone here is speaking Thai. We were in a PE class, even though I don't have them anymore IRL, and we were playing some kind of bizarre combination of tennis and five, where you play tennis with your hands. The court is divided into either four or five smaller courts, with a pair playing at each of them. I was playing pretty badly and the tennis ball rolled off. When I went to get it, somebody told us to line up. My friend said it's the military recruitment programme.

    We went into a bus, and the annoying drill sergeant doesn't let us use your electronics. When we were finally at the headquarter, he went off somewhere and we all kind of faffed around. Then I found out later the students are supposed to report for examination according to their number. I do not know my number, but I decided I would be told later and didn't worry about it.

    I then tried to have a shower. After I'm done, I was putting my clothes on when one of my friend, naked, snatched my pants. I was annoyed and tried to get it back, and even though IRL I think he's attractive, I don't really care about his nude body and his flaccid penis though I saw it. He soon got bored and gave me back my pants. Note that it was a pajama pant, and I don't wear boxers to bed.

    I grew worried about my number, and I went and asked around about it to no avail. I got frustrated and went on a rant to my friend about how the military is full of conservative pigheaded old philistines who would rather stick to old, obsolete customs even though they have new technologies and the world is moving on. They would rather use their brawn than brain, and would smash obstacles rather than using tactics.

    My friend, the other one, who is a thai, said that he'd smash obstacles too, and that is what he do in his games. He would cheat and one-hit-kill annoying bosses.

    Then later we walked down some street, me apparently not caring about the military examination anymore. I started to talk to him about stupid conspiracy theories and how I think they're all bullshit. I think I told him what if what you do in dreams actually affect some distant alternate dimension, he laughed. I remembered that I was about to talk to him about the theory where the Anunnaki rules the Earth and manipulate the media when I woke up.

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