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    Horror Game

    by , 11-28-2016 at 04:56 PM (260 Views)
    My recall wasn't so great today, mostly because I was too tired in the morning to care about dream recall.

    I was drowning in a river at night, I had to drop my backpack and my valuables as I swam out. Fortunately, I still had my debit card with me as I bought new clothes so that I don't die from hypothermia in the winter. I was in a city that I never lived in. I returned to my home, which was in a condominium, on the seventh floor.

    My dream transitioned. I was hanging out with my dad and we had a gaming console, and he was playing a horror game on it (my dad doesn't game) and he got up to go to the toilet during a cutscene, and then the monster started going after the character so I had to take control of run around in circle in a dark house, because I didn't know the context of what I was supposed to do. The monster looked like a muscular necromorph.

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