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    Nuclear Winter

    by , 11-08-2016 at 07:14 AM (234 Views)
    I was a researcher in the SCP Foundation, and was working alongside a senior researcher. He was terse and did not seem like much for conversation as we worked, but slowly he started talking to me about something that had been agitating since and driving him insane and his thought that an SCP had breached containment, and everyone but him forgot. I put forth a suggestion that he might just be growing paranoid from work stress. In which he replied "Oh.... that's a possibility. I shouldn't have called in the secret nuke strike then."

    Cue us all getting in a car to evacuate the city as a nuke is on the way to destroy the site and the nearby areas. I switched to a child again and the researchers became my elementary boarding school friends. We arrived at the shelter which just looked like a very posh summer resort, with a courtyard in the middle. Me and a few got inside but everyone else was vaporized as the nuke hit, so we quickly shut the door. The shelter went into full lockdown and covered all the openings in the house.

    Later, as the dust cloud wore off, it started raining acid rain. The shelter reopened again. I asked the supervisor whether it was safe to open the shelter to the elements, and she told me that the radiation will not penetrate the general idea of the shelter, although the acid rain will.

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