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    Pipe Dream

    by , 11-08-2012 at 07:44 PM (519 Views)
    (LOL PUN)

    My dream(s) is/are fragmented, and I can't remember the sequence because I forgot to recall.... AGAIN!

    I'm in my dorm for a while, then I think I went out to do a test? (I don't remember walking out), but anyways I got the result and it was really bad.

    I went into some kind of portal thing and appeared in some kind of dimension filled with interconnected pipes. I have no idea how but I managed to go down and go into some kind of door.

    I'm in Valucre and I'm roleplaying as a wolf that wreak havoc everywhere.

    I'm going around shooting a certain group of people with a gun that doesn't work, but somehow manage to banish/kill them when they are shot at enough.

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