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    by , 10-24-2012 at 07:24 PM (4553 Views)
    I'm pretty out of practice after my long lucid break, so I decided to post this one anyways even though I didn't even tried to recall it.

    I was on a plane, I think. But now that I think of it it would be more of an interceptor like in Saints Row the Third. It was on autopilot, and while the windshield is open I don't feel the wind nor freeze, dream logic I guess? I commented that it's fun to be on an aeroplane.

    Later I somehow talked to my dad in telepathy, I spoke aloud until someone asked me what I am doing, so I started trying to talk to my dad in my mind. My dad wasn't in sight, by the way. I told my dad about my fascination about skydiving, but he said that I can't drive them because I'd need a piloting permit, which I remembered just now, and went OK.

    I think directly after this I segued into some MS Paint adventure thing.

    then it skipped to my talking to my friend about how to defend yourself if you're lucid in the middle of a dream siege in a restaurant (FACEPALM) and another of my friend went kinda "I'm sorry, but your conversation is a bit... umm..."
    And I finished for him, "Retarded"
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