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    Supernatural Detective

    by , 01-13-2017 at 09:26 PM (359 Views)
    Me and my dad are working together, with my dad being a private eye who use supernatural means to get information. A girl had contracted us to find the truth behind the circumstance of her friend's murder. There was a hole in the floor going through three floors below. The police have already took the body and the evidence, but my dad used his psychic powers to see the past. Also, my grandfather, for some reasons, is Joseph Joestar. I called him on the phone and asked him to use Hermit Purple to give us security tapes somehow, and he did.

    We meet up with the client in a restaurant at night.

    We reported to our client that her friend was killed by an assasin using psychic powers. The hole in the floor was caused by her bouncing tennis ball on the floor. (We treat it going through three floors as normal.)

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