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    Teacher's Pet

    by , 03-03-2013 at 09:56 PM (687 Views)
    I have been having a hard time recalling dreams, but this one shocked me, it was a semi-nightmare, I suppose. Now that I recalled it, it is pretty stupid now.

    I'm in the computer class, and the teacher was being butthurt about me not handing it the first assignment from the last term (which doesn't exist IRL by the way) and was getting on my case all the time. For some reasons everyone in the room were from my previous school, but the room itself is something I have never seen before, and the teacher is a New Zealander who speak Thai with perfect fluency. I got him a paper and asked him to get the topic for me, but he started writing up a transfer note (AKA kicking me out of class) instead. I was distressed by this and started sobbing and bowing at his feet while he acted like a smug bitch about it. Then I woke up.

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    1. JoannaB's Avatar
      Are you currently in class? The bad news: these kinds of nightmares may continue to haunt you even once you no longer are in any class whatsoever: nightmares of not having studied for exams, not having attended class at all and now its finals, being late for class, not having written that paper. It's amazing how much more weight our subconscious puts on such things than they deserve. I am not in school or college any more, and have not been in ages, and sometimes I want to kick my mind's butt for still sending me nightmares about that!