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    dream fragment

    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Geek Squad Taco Bell 10/5/10

      by , 10-06-2011 at 08:18 PM
      Sleep 10:00 pm

      Smoked last night, terrible recall.

      Was driving on a motorcycle to taco bell (could have previously been lucid, I don't remember if the dream started like that or not). I was driving on the main road in my town, and I didn't have my permit for a motorcycle. I quickly zoom through traffic, but the bike was not accelerating. I end up trying to find a parking spot, and I think I can't fit because the space was too big? Anyway, a geek squad car just corners into the parking lot and steals my spot. I was pissed and then I realized I was inside the building. I was walking around trying to find the bathroom or something and someone was with me.
    2. A Saturday night full of Dreams!

      by , 07-25-2010 at 04:29 PM
      July 25. 2010
      6 Dreams Recalled

      Me and my friends are at this Amusement Park place, walking around. There was this one ride where you free fall, and land through hoops in the air like when you throw a basketball into a hoop, its the same idea. We went on the ride to see what it looked like, and when we got in line it was closed so we left.
      I am strapped to some kind of luggage in a dead moss covered field. There is one person there telling me that a plane is coming to pick me up. In the distance I hear a plane. The plane crashes into me, but this is how I am supposed to go on the plane, and I ride harnessed with the luggage on the plane with a rope. Not inside the plane but outside. Then we fly off.
      I'm in a train station now, with two of my good friends. We walk off the train station and the room turns into a 6th grade hallway. We walked down the hall and kept bumping into little 6th graders, and they started to punch us. We just kind of pushed them off and kept walking. We walked down a staircase, and the room resembled a basement. It turned into an interrogation room somehow, and we sat down in chairs, that didn't happen to be there before. My friend pulls out a bowl, with weed already in it. For some reason he pulls out a spray can and starts spraying the weed in the bowl. He tells me he does this so it bunches up better and it smokes better or something like that. He starts to light, but the dream ends.
      *Dream Fragment*
      I'm in a hotel walking with random girls, that I don't even know in real life, and we just walk around and do stuff I don't remember.
      I am now on a bus going to a championship meet. The buses windows are full of signatures of other people. The people there are from a championship meet that is supposed to happen two weeks after the one we are going to, so I was confused. I talked to them nonetheless and did not find anything wrong. The bus stops, and I go to sign my signature on the bus.
      *Dream Fragment*
      Escaped some kind of trippy place with people chasing me, and I have to cross waterfalls with icebergs and stuff. Don't remember how it went.
      non-lucid , dream fragment