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    October Cognac ToTM 10/3/10

    by , 10-05-2011 at 08:15 PM (650 Views)
    Went to sleep at 11:30 PM, 10/3/10
    Melatonin: 5mg
    WBTB 2:30 (feeling groggy)

    Lay down, buzzing SP at what felt like ~10 minutes
    Thinking about Halloween, costume ideas
    After the trip, I find myself in a dark room without lights.

    As I walk around the room I feel like a piece of my brain is missing.
    Something feels different. Suddenly, a feeling overtook me.
    The room takes a different shape, and now I can make out a light switch in the dark. As I approach the light switch, the room begins to distort and twist while I stand still.
    Fearing the worst, I default landscape into my driveway.

    It's night time. A slight breeze tosses and turns my hair. I am walking with my friend down my driveway. As proportion and relativity becomes clear, he is talking to me about my Halloween costume. I am wearing only my swim suit. I don't feel cold, but experience occasional shivers as we walk further down the street. A pillowcase in hand, we make our way to the first house. I decide that I want to be alone, and my friend dissipates from the dreamscape. As soon as the thought had crossed my mind, it had happened so quickly I realized just moments later. I walk up to the door, and it appears to be your average colonial style frame. I start to say "trick or tr-" and the door opens. A middle aged man confronts me, and asks for a trick. The idea of being a god and using a super power pops into my head. I began to remember about the ToTM and grew excited about remembering this task. I decide to be Dionysus because I had never been drunk in a lucid before. Soon a bottle of hennessy in one hand, and a pillowcase in the other had me satisfied. As I conjured the cognac, the man at the door grew weary of my so called "trick" even though I thought it was the coolest thing. He grabbed the cognac, and shut the door on me. I was bewildered. I decided to get angry and open the door, but the handle was no longer there. As I ponder how to retaliate, ideas flooded my mind, but they were cloudy and I could not make any sense of them. I was losing grasp of lucidity, and decided not to fight it.

    The next thing I know, I was awoken by my alarm.
    6:00 AM

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