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    1. Too young for me o.o

      by , 03-16-2018 at 04:34 PM
      Started where I was sitting down outside the park near my house.....I was confront of the little old house inside the park by the entrance.
      I must of unloaded my bag for some reason and must of meditated as I was on my own but can't remember what I did.I walked off from the place and then when I returned there was an older lady in her 50-60's looking at my stiff on the floor which included my dream journals and a purse which I don't own but must of in my dream.I must of told her abit about my dream journals but didn't get lucid *palm to face*.
      She later went into her old lil house at the entrance of the park.I then saw a small attractive girl approach.She was wearing a type of school uniform which for some reason didn't compute to me that she was too young.We chatted for abit then she invited me into her house which was the same old house.
      I chatted with her in the kitchen,she seemed quiet intelligent and she could tell I wasn't but it made her like me.Her mom came in and noticed me which made me think she was gonna get angry but she didn't.
      I then found myself in her room chilling sitting up on her bed.After abit of talking I started to feel her leg and she took off my jeans and grabbed my **** when suddenly her mom came in again so I quickly pulled my jeans up before she noticed.
      I then said "wow I just realised I haven't asked how old you are? Which could be cheeky to ask"....she asked me how old I was in which I said "30".She looked abit worried and said wow that's abit older than me.She said "I'm only 13".I then in a nice manner told them that I apologise but I cannot go forward with getting to know you better as your far too young and left.
      Outside I saw Wayne who is an old friend from years ago.He seemed abit angry and intimidating.i explained what happened with the young girl which made me sound abit like a player like I always pick up girls that easy.We walked off and was near the old swimming baths opposite where my big sister used to live.To make Wayne feel better I told a story of how I did cry when his brother died and I sometimes talk to him in my head which made him less annoyed and more warm.He had a little skateboard that was like a long board so I decided to show him the first trick I learned on a skateboard.I told him that you haveto flick the board up into your hands then jump and put it back under your feet.When I did it it kept doing a wkd flip which was every time and was a fluke.
      I watched him try it and of course he struggled as he doesn't skateboard but he was intrigued unroll his mom came and he wondered off and chatted to his family.
      I decided to skateboard down the road and onto a patch of grass....as I did I put my arm out behind me and a man grabbed my fingers and prevented me from falling.I nodded and said thank you which was very nice of him even tho I knew I wouldn't fall.
      I walked back to the top of the grass opposite the swimming baths and people were inside what looked like a little hut or coffee shop.For some reason I went out of character and decided I wanted to scream loud and scare someone which in real life I would only do to ppl I'm very close to.
      As I did the main guy nearest me which looked like trigger from a programme called only fools and horses screamed and everyone laughed alot which made me think yay I made ppl laugh.I sat down near my old friend from work joy and her mates who are all around 60 yrs old.One of her friends had large breasts....which up close were a little hairy o.o my mom then came in and I told her my little sister is here waiting on a chair slightly behind the door.