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    mutualdreamer's Work in Progress 8/

    by , 06-23-2010 at 11:10 PM (931 Views)
    *just so you know, I posted this DAYS ago*

    MUTUALSDREAMER's dreams *Work in Progress 8)*
    Blue means non-lucid and red means lucid.


    Of course since it was my first one, I was not completely 100% aware, but I was at least 75%.
    I became aware because earlier that night, I had a dream that I could manipulate water and when I woke up from it, I told myself that that was impossible and to recognize it in future dreams. I went back to sleep and appeared in a boat made of ice. I am sure I was in Antarctica. I decided to meditate since it was calm and when I did, the water around me started to bubble. So I said, "Wait a second," and tried to make it bubble again. This time it was even more powerful. I became mostly aware right there because I remembered that that was impossible.

    I floated along, admiring the dreams beauty, when I came to my garage, it was embedded into the side of a glacier. I hopped into it and my brother was swinging a bat. I told him that we were both dreaming and he said, "No we're not, that's stupid." So I got a rock and set it on the ground and tried to raise it with my mind. It didn't work so I thought if I got closer that it would. As I got closer it was like a magnet and jumped to my hand. My brother said there was nothing I could do to make him believe me so I said oh well at least it's someone to interact with. So I said hey want to go to a dream I had a while ago (I trained myself to wake up after every other dream)? He said, "Whatever," so I closed my eyes and tried to imagine my earlier dream. I opened my eyes and I was in the middle of an abandoned house (the one in my earlier dream). I looked around for my brother but he was not there, so I started to explore.

    As I was walking around, these little gnome things started attacking me. I raised my hand and started shooting them with a hand beam (). Right then I lost lucidity. After I killed all the gnomes, I regained about 90% lucidity. So, I thought I would try to get into my friend's dream. I drew his name in the air with my finger and it opened a portal (I had thought this through many times in the waking world). I stepped in and I was in a Mario game. I couldn't find my friend so I thought I would teleport him. I opened a portal and reached in with my hand. As I started to pull something out (assuming it's my friend) its arm came out and I woke up .


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    1. Wurlman's Avatar
      Are u new to lucids? By reading what u have done u seem pretty advanced if u are In fact new u will be a master in no time!!
    2. CloudOFmichael's Avatar
      I've been off and on for 3 years so I pretty much know all there is to know, I'm just extremely unlucky xD haha. I'm serious about it this time though because I'm so close to mastering DEILD!