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    Dream Journal #1

    by , 03-13-2013 at 07:58 AM (364 Views)
    Disclaimer: I'm just going to lay out here a straight forward 'all-that-I-remember-from-last-night' journal. I'm not really used to making my journal literali-ish (how some DV members seem to make their journal entries like they come out from a Harry Potter book or something! which is a good thing, btw that I admire - just something I can't do now ;_; )

    Last night was really different. Short yet vivid dreams are something I'm not really new to, but over the past few weeks, I haven't really been getting any of those so last night I was sort of just wow'd when I woke up realizing I've had at least 3 of those kinds of lucid dreams last night - all from only 3-6 of sleep.

    Here's what I remember about waking up, etc.:
    First, I woke up an hour I think after laying on my bed to rest, but wow it felt a lot more than that. I was just really too exhausted to think about things that time though so I immediately went back to sleep after checking the clock and my laptop.

    2nd, I woke up again - just a short waking up, I was too sleepy so I went back immediately to bed after checking the clock

    3rd, same thing happened.

    On to the dream:
    My dreams last night in a nutshell. One word. Crazy. One part I can recall, I was in school. I was walking along the corridor when I saw this crush of mine. Weird thing, crush was leading her class to clean up and all that. I assume it was dismissal time and the class was going nowhere unless the whole room was cleaned. So she was there, in front of the class, asking everyone to arrange the chairs, then I marched in lol, then she just smiled at me sweetly. I don't remember anything after that. I just remember marching to my own classroom and that's where I saw Crush #2. Crush #2 was with me started making out. Speaking of make outs, on another part of a dream, I recall basically staying in this sort of center. There was this cute girl who sort of resembles Mandy from Billy and Mandy (yes, a cartoon character), then when we got back to our car, she transformed to a human. Like to Ellen Paige human and we started making out too.

    When I woke up, it was all goody good feeling inside of course. I just felt weird because naturally, the people my dream characters are based on ARE far from how those characters behaved in my dreams. For example, crush #1? The one leading the cleaning in the room? Not the leader type really. More like retreat to a little corner in the room. Total introvert, which I don't mind really. I think that's just the way she is and that's actually very cute of her, but yeah - just to point out the differences.

    Well that's about everything that I remember from the dreams. Not much with details, just everything there is to it: making out with dream characters.

    Note: Last night, I applied mantras for the first time in a while. I also switched my sleeping position. I used to sleep with my head on the foot of the bed and just lying with my belly on top, not facing left or right. Just straight lying on my belly. I switched to that when I wanted to improve my dream. Now I went back to my old position and was shocked at the results. Also yesterday, we went out for an exposure trip - did a lot of walking, etc. I haven't really been out of the house for a while now so the rigorous activities might have added to it. My visualization also became more intense, probably because of all the site seeing. I also took 2 short naps during our trip back home. I've read that taking naps help in giving more vivid dreams. I was also very sleepy the time we arrived home. This might have helped a lot.

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