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    With Chelsea at the Food Court.

    by , 10-31-2011 at 04:52 PM (471 Views)
    I dreamed Chels and I were at the mall sitting on a cushioned bench/love-seat thing. My arms were around her, and we leaned against one another as she closed one of her hands around one of mine. After a short while she fell asleep.

    The dream shifts and we are on a different but similar love-seat in the same area, when she lays sideways onto my lap. I readjust my body so she's lying against me and I wrap my arm around her. We were talking about something but I don't recall what.

    Early on in the dream, before we were on the love-seats, I had ordered some food for us at the food court. When I noticed they were taking a terribly long time getting Chellie's food ready, I left her on the seat and went to the counter. On the way I read the receipt, trying to remember what I'd ordered, but didn't recognize or understand any of the items listed. I stopped trying to figure it out when I read the item "1x www.JOOBIE.com," and handed the lone worker at the counter the receipt.
    (That site is not as interesting as it sounds. =P)

    Since I couldn't remember what I'd ordered for Chellie, I just told her, "Can I pick up the order that has a fried chicken sandwich?" She gave me a look like she hadn't a clue what I was talking about, but tried to fake a smile to hide it, and started punching buttons on the cash register. Before the dream ended, I heard someone say, "She's the first woman to discover a whole new world," and I understood that it was referring to the cashier dealing with my order.

    We never did get that order.

    EDIT: Another dream fragment remembered from earlier.
    I'm in a church surrounded by people with their heads down. Everyone is singing and then they all cross themselves. I try blending in - I hum along and place my hand vertically on my chest without crossing myself. My efforts fail and someone announces, "There's a rebel among us," with a laugh. Everyone disperses and I walk about the church before the dream ends.

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