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    1. Vodka Again: Picking Up A Lady at the Bar

      by , 10-13-2011 at 07:32 PM

      I find myself in a bar almost identical to the college commons. I overhear two guys talking about how they'd like to get dates for the night. They're clearly nervous at the thought of talking to a woman, and I tactfully let them know as I pass by: "Sorry to tell you guys this but you're beta as fuck!"

      I give them a little peptalk and offer to show them how it's done. There's a lady in a blue and white dress standing somewhere nearby. I call out to the bartender to get a drink for her, and two for me. The bar suddenly appears populated, and the bartender (also a lady in a blue/white dress) brings me a tall glass, filling it in front of me. I thank her and join the others at the bar.

      When I sit myself down I find Chelsea is seated next to me with a drink of vodka, and she appears to be enjoying it/my company. I am surprised to find that my own drink tastes really good, and I find myself successful in showing the others how a gentleman handles himself.
      Her wonderful smile stays with me as I wake up from the dream, and put me in a great mood to start the day with.

      I don't know what it is with Chelsea and vodka, and she doesn't know either! XD BTW In case it wasn't clear, my dream-self didn't determine if the girl I'd bought the drink for was actually Chelsea, but it seems to make sense since she isn't a drinker and would be unlikely to have one in her hand had I not ordered it for her.

      I also recall having a short lucid dream earlier in the morning, but it is of an embarrassing nature, so I'll simply say it happened and leave it at that. To protect the innocent, shall we say.

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    2. Clyde Machine's Dream Journal

      by , 06-17-2010 at 10:26 PM
      90: 5.8.10; 10:28AM Inside a Game: Leaving the Arabic City. (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a game that allows me not only to use various weapons but allows me to move as if in real life, which I utilize very much in the way of climbing vines and ropes and walls to go different places. I run into very interesting characters and even find myself fighting someone and trying to use martial arts techniques to beat them.

      Afterward, I find myself in an Arabic city within the game, with a man who resembles Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and I prepare to leave. He protests and won't go with me for some reason. I tell him plainly that I'm going, and I climb the vines that have grown on a massive wall, one that separates the city from the outside lands, and I head out. I find myself in the woods, and come upon a small house/inn with many people inside it, despite its relatively tiny size. They are very hospitable and welcoming. I make myself at home and talk with them while wondering if the Gaston-lookalike is following me.
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    3. Clyde Machine's Dream Journal

      by , 06-17-2010 at 10:23 PM
      86: 5.4.10; 9:56AM Part 2: Outta My Vehicle! (MILD)


      I am in a red SUV that doesn't belong to me, and a bald young man gets into the back seat, requesting I drive him to his home. He's clearly a leech, looking to bum rides off people, so I politely try to get him to leave. After trying to reason with him, I lose my cool and turn around in my seat, shouting "You have 10 seconds to get out." He continues to talk and stall. I say "5 seconds!" He threatens to call his posse and pulls out his phone to call them.

      I figure this is my chance - I wrestle his phone away from him and hold it out my window, threatening to throw it and start driving off. He leans against the window behind mine, where he is sitting, and tries to reach for it. I hit the button to roll down his window and he tumbles out. Rolling up all my windows and locking the doors, I drive off.

      However, the window on my passenger side wasn't all the way rolled up, allowing him to latch on and try to pull himself inside the vehicle again. I grabbed him by the neck and forced him (very roughly) back out, watching him take a seriously painful-looking roll down the tall hill from the road I was on, heading straight into a park bench while clenching his throat and fighting for breath.

      I turn my focus back to the road, celebrating by spouting profanities and laughing my rear end off from what I did to that guy. I see ahead of me some familiar signs and realize I'm in Las Vegas, which I had mentioned in an earlier dream
      (one I haven't logged from this night). I'm still excited and laughing about recent events and start shouting that I'm in Vegas. I realize I'm in a dream, and start shouting, "This is a lucid dream!" I keep driving, and driving well I might add, while I try to remember the tasks of the month. I remember to give someone a flower, and look around for someone to give it to.

      Slowly but surely, people appear on sidewalks and benches, including an old lady in a light blue sweatshirt who's out for a walk. I figure she's a nice enough person to deliver a flower to, and I park the vehicle to hop out and hand her a flower. While I'm trying to summon a flower in my hand, the dream goes fuzzy
      and I slip into a false awakening in which I'm trying to DEILD, and find myself explaining it to someone who'd asked me what I was doing. I woke up thereafter from an external sound.