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    1. Clyde Machine's Dream Journal

      by , 06-17-2010 at 11:00 PM
      105: 5.28.10; 9:08AM Part 2: Ancient Egypt + Invasion. (The True Power of DEILD.) (DEILD)


      I go into a DEILD from a previous dream and am reading a newsletter or news article that's taking up all my vision. Knowing that I wanted to do one of the tasks of the year, I tried imagining Egypt, and tried opening my eyes to go there. However, I felt my real life eyes trying to open, so I attempted this only twice before abandoning the idea. I thought of how else to clear my vision, while watching the article go from having a white background to a black one then back to white. I thought of pulling it off my face, now feeling like I was very much in the lucid, enough to not worry about real life bodily movements, but moving my hands to my face didn't help. I really considered leaving the lucid and going back into another DEILD, but I began looking around the newsletter for other possibilities first. While looking over all the words I found that looking off to the right of the paper brought me to a desert city with a richly-coloured landscape and horizon - I'd done it!

      In my excitement I shouted profanities and flew through my fully lucid world, flying skillfully over small lakes and cottages nestled into rocky areas of the desert, and I began searching for pyramids to find one being built.

      Coming across a few more settlements, complete with trees and houses (basically want you'd expect to find if a city flourished in the middle of a desert - it was pretty cool looking, rather relaxing and inspiring), I saw some pyramids in the distance. I closed in on one, obscured by a little fog, and when I drew close I found that it wasn't yet a pyramid, as it was still being built.

      There was a proper square brick foundation, with tall square pillars standing inside it in a disorganized manner, none of equal height. Coming close to the pyramid's foundation I found that there were workers inside it, wearing oddly regal ancient Egyptian dress for being pyramid builders. On the sand floor, in the middle of the square sat two parallel sarcophagi with no lids, white sheets covering the bodies inside. Two workers were laying a golden lid on the one on the right, which might explain why they were regally dressed. (This wasn't simply the construction of a brick pyramidal structure, it was a burial ritual.)

      At this point the dream plot was interrupted by something inbound toward our location, like a massive vehicle. Whatever it was, it was plenty large enough to convince me to get out of there, and in an instant I was on my home road, surrounded by the many woods on either side of the pavement, the sky now covered in beautiful shades of blue with stars lighting it everywhere.

      Like I said before, my road (at least, most of it) has incredibly few houses on it, and my nearest neighbours are barely within walking distance, so my road has dense woods on both sides, which are only interrupted by my quarter-mile long driveway - this dream was the same way. Because of the woods and my incredibly long driveway, I was nowhere near anyone else while standing out here on the road.

      Whatever had visited me in ancient Egypt was here in present-day Michigan. From the woods came an obscenely oversized car, crashing recklessly through the thick trees and brush to get to the road. I made my way to my driveway to get behind our massive gate, in an effort to distance myself and to hide myself from whatever was out there.

      The car left down the road and from another part of the woods came a tank, also oversized, and an older-style SUV. They both made it onto the road without a scratch and started racing off. I wasn't scared of them since they weren't coming toward me - on the contrary: I watched the SUV rolling by and said out loud with a laugh, "This is one weird f*ckin' dream!"
      I don't talk like that in real life, so that should be a good indicator of how insane this dream was.

      Things got a little weirder, but a whole lot more cool. The tank and SUV, as well as a few other cars heading down the road in the same direction, started leaning and skidding off the road toward the woods opposite my driveway, going back to where they'd come from, and disappeared noisily into the dark woods. I looked up above the trees and saw a great car rack, loaded with these giant vehicles - like those on trucks that hold all kinds of cars being shipped to and from dealerships. I looked around and noticed another 20-story rack behind the first one. Behind that, two more. Behind them, enough to stretch beyond the horizon.

      A quick look in the other direction told me these racks were making a line probably around the entire world, or at least as far as my eyes could see. I focused on the one in front of me and made my way to it, though unable to fly. When I approached one, which now seemed to be out of the woods and right beside the road, I found it was covered in what seemed to me like Spider-man's webbing, with a few kids stuck in it. I attempted to fly to the top, but my jump brought me back to the pavement. I remembered successfully flying in a past lucid by shooting my arms up. I tried this, failing again.

      I resolved to try jumping and grabbing the webbing - it was there for a reason, right? - and tried slinging myself up. Instead, it just made me bounce off the pavement, which made me go disproportionately higher in the air, and allowed me to grab onto more webbing, and onto the top of the rack. (One of the kids said that if I hit the ground I could "bounce off my lucidity!" I guess he/she was right.)

      On the top I found more kids trapped. I pulled out something from pocket that resembled a breadbag twisty-tie, and cut the webbing to free the girl nearest me. I made sure she wasn't hurt, and asked where my girlfriend Julia was. She replied that Julia was above her, but being at the top of the rack I assumed this meant "above" being relative to her perspective - since she was lying down, I had to go to where her head was pointing.

      A quick check initially revealed no sweetheart, but an instant later I was with her, and thought about getting intimate with her. Of course, the dream began fading now,
      and I was out of it before I could try stabilizing.

      I have the coolest dreams....