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    Casting Shadows

    Blackened Days

    by , 11-01-2014 at 03:47 PM (246 Views)
    DF: Dreamed that I had been raped twice, and Script didn't actually rape me, he sexually assaulted me. Ivory was friends with the two rapists on Facebook and she kept telling me all about their funny statuses, and I told her I didn't want to hear about them. She acted like I had hurt her feelings and I thought about telling her I didn't want to be friends with her anymore, but I didn't want to be told that I was just over-reacting, so I didn't.

    DF: My dad needed to be bailed out and so we were traveling from bonds place to bonds place, but so much money was needed that no one was willing to work with us. Daddy wasn't in jail, he was with us, so I'm not sure why he needed it.

    Main dream: Mama and Daddy keep arguing and I finally tell Mama that it would be best if she was to go. Though Daddy complains she does, and I stare out the window and watch her leave. The inside car light was on and I could see that she was struggling to not cry.

    I was worried because I was all alone with my dad. I have many fears about being alone with him, and they all came to the surface after she left.

    It's a weekend in the dream, but I have math homework that is due Monday. I keep putting it off in favor of playing this MyCandyLove-related game, which was almost the same except it was Death Note themed. I was able to play as my Candy, but I could repeat any episode as many times as I liked so that I could talk to whichever guy I preferred. My favorite seemed to be Light, and my second-favorite was L. I also kept trying to seduce one dude. . . .

    Then later on I was talking to a group of people in a dark room and one woman said something like, "Your parents really broke your heart, didn't they?" I agreed.

    At school I'm taking Death Note Discussions III--apparently I'm a junior. I greatly enjoy this class and can't wait for the following year.

    Then it's Monday, and I had yet to do my homework. When I was coming out of my room and was about to leave the trailer my dad caught me and asked if he could hardcore ground me by listening to "Iron Man" by Heavy Metal (pretty sure it's by Black Sabbath in real life XD) that afternoon. I told him I didn't care and he said he likes the song and he used to study to it.

    It's very overcast outside, but blacker than usual.

    When I get on the bus I'm only just above 14% on my phone and don't want to waste my charge.

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