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    Casting Shadows

    Four Dream Fragments

    by , 07-29-2013 at 07:31 PM (244 Views)
    [I actually thought that last night would mark the start of a memory without fragments, but I was wrong. Oh well. Normally these sorts of things only last from two to four or five days.]

    1) In this room there is a lot of brown. There are adults with us kids. What we (the kids, I don't know about the adults) were doing is rebellious, but not necessarily "bad" or "evil."
    [Those were the words that I chose when I woke up this morning: "bad" and "evil." I really want to know what we were fucking up ]

    2) Krystal and I were playing a card game, or maybe even a board game (though I don't think so). I had never played it before and so Christine was trying to teach me the basic rules. She was explaining to me that whatever you were to say, you were to say it clearly because all of what you said would be actions carried out by your side. She proved this to me when she said that ice would be a way to escape. I then seen the scenario that she was talking about. A slightly boyish-looking girl was behind a layer of ice, and behind her was a blue monster that had been chasing her. The girl placed her finger onto the ice and drew a circle, which then made that portion of the ice fall to the ground. Both the girl and the monster jumped through the ice and continued their chase. When it was my turn a scene came into my head of a reddish-orange car carrying the game's cards in the back of it and hitting an electrical fence. All of the cards exploded and the scene disappeared and I was looking at Krystal again. She was disappointed about losing her cards, but she understood. "Especially since this is, what, your third time playing?"

    "Fourth," I corrected.

    I was grateful that she wasn't mad at me

    3) Stan was up to something.
    [Can you believe that that was supposed to be a long dream?]

    4) Hogwarts looks like your typical haunted mansion. It's on top of a cliff that is so high you cannot see the bottom, and there are four rickety bridges that lead to each of the four Houses. The rain is falling terribly here. There is a "House Switching" where some of the students are transferred to different Houses.

    I take the viewpoint of Harry and I am talking to sixth-year Tom Riddle. He keeps talking about how he didn't do everything he ever did "evilly." I don't disbelieve him; in fact I think I am contemplating his words, wondering if Voldemort is truly one-hundred percent evil or if he is something else. I think that Tom was talking about the House Switching in "his day" and how he remained in Slytherin.

    Anyway, Harry started crawling on one of the bridges, the one to Hufflepuff. Depending on how you stood it could have either been the one on the left or the one on the right, and I'm pretty sure from the point where I was talking to Tom it was on the left side.

    Here's a point where I can't remember what happens and suddenly I (again, as Harry, who looks very Hufflepuffy) am sitting on a balcony. I only remember there being three balconies for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, but there may have been one for Slytherin as well. Ron was still a Gryffindor but I think that Hermione had been Switched over to Ravenclaw. The three of us were talking about all of the House points we were going to collect.

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