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    Casting Shadows

    Two Moons

    by , 11-01-2014 at 04:09 PM (425 Views)
    I took a nap after waking up from the previous dreams, and this is what transpired:

    I was playing a Harry Potter themed video game and had to collect a lot of food along the way for health. Professor Snape needed me for an examination, and then once I was done there I had to go to Professor Lupin's for the same reason.

    Then the dream changes and I was Against the Moon's Remus Lupin, in a trailer park that surely isn't the one I live in. The afternoon was very bright, and the Sun was just starting to set. I'm standing in a gazebo doing something or another, and then when I turned around I seen two Moons.

    I was surprised. Surely to God I was dreaming??? That was off. We don't have two Moons. And yet, I didn't do anything. I stood still, perfectly still, and continued to watch. Was I dreaming? Was I really dreaming? I didn't think I was, but there were two Moons!

    I was waiting for something to happen, and then something did. The second Moon turned into something else, and then something else again, and it kept moving in the sky and zooming around until finally it landed in one of the trailer's yards.

    It was an artistic development--not really a second Moon--and I was definitely not dreaming.

    Later on Sirius and James came, and we were all skipping down the road. Eventually we stayed in my room and my parents went out to get the pictures of all the different things from the sky that I had seen. There were actually a lot I hadn't (as I wasn't even looking in that direction for a good bit), but all of them were less than impressive when compared to when they were in the sky.
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      lol. I'm sorry that the second moon didn't end up getting you lucid. If you pay attention to the sky in dreams you can sometimes see multiple moons, suns or even other planets in the sky. It can actually become a functioning reality check; especially if you see that sort of thing a lot.
    2. CNGB's Avatar
      Thanks for the tip! I'm definitely going to keep that in mind. I have a good bit of astronomy-related dreams (I've dreamed of certain constellations appearing even though it isn't that time of day yet, and I've dreamed of Mars and once I dreamed of six Moons, etc.), though I'm not sure if it would really be counted as frequent. All the same, I'll just have to train my brain to recognize odd things in the sky like that. :3