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    3/24/18 (L)x5 | Traffic, Buildings, Samus

    by , 03-24-2018 at 02:14 PM (284 Views)
    -1-This LD lasted less than 10 seconds and took place at my old house.
    -2-The next LD in this group happened after a lengthy scene of odd questioning in a hyper-realistic mesh between my old house and another house. Even the shower was near perfect. Later, I finally did realize I was dreaming. Samus appeared in a turquoise drag racer while her Sm4sh victory theme played. I lost lucidity shortly after. The scene was a busy-ish road with trees and small buildings. There was an intersection to the north.
    -3-I regained lucidity for a while as I jumped on top of trucks and buildings.
    -4-(DEILD) I spawned on the northbound side of the same road, looking west. I tried to take over a large, red thing that resembled a semi truck, but I couldn't open the door. Seconds later, I approached the intersection from the southbound side, and was immediately surrounded by cops. On one side were Americans, and on the other were Chinese.
    "The Chinese are quick to secure their target." --a text in a book

    -5-(DEILD) I spawned in a tall building east of the parking lot, which was north of the intersection by a half-block. I look to my right and see a room with FNAF characters in it.
    "Oh, look at that," I said, slightly annoyed. I was not a fan in the slightest. As I continued east inside, one of the characters followed me and acted like a hyperactive child with ADHD. Looking up, I saw that the ceiling of this wide, concrete-floored hallway was about 5 stories high. The character then turned into Pinkie Pie, so I shoved her off a convenient ledge.

    Lucid Time: 4m5s--6m25s

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