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    3/29/18 | Aperture, Traffic

    by , 03-30-2018 at 06:09 PM (171 Views)
    -1-I was walking to a friend's house while it was raining. Also, I was suddenly going 100mph in a 35 zone. I slowed down, but I couldn't read the speedometer. A cop was present, but he left. Later, I found that the minivan I was driving was suddenly on its side on a walkway, with me standing on top of it. The walkway had almost no friction. People even slid under the car, ending up okay. Everyone got out and cleared the area when I told them to. After that, I slid the van effortlessly to the road.
    -2-I was at some boot camp for some reason. We had to race around a dirt course with yellow posts in the ground. This was inside a room of a seemingly one-story building that was poorly maintained. Nothing made any sense.
    -3-A bald guy was supposed to drive 3 people to "school", including me in a light-blue 90s car. He stopped in the middle of the driveway near the road, while I signaled for him to wait for me. I wanted to grab a water bottle, so I ran back to my house. The weather was sunny/clear with little wind. The deciduous trees were full of leaves (they shouldn't be; it's only March).
    -4-I was stuck inside Aperture above ground, only a wall or two away from the outside. All exits seemed to be inaccessible. For some reason, I found another person (some random dude). I proposed the idea of building a map of the area. Luckily, I found a cluttered room with everything I need inside.

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