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    3/31/18 | Florida, Snow

    by , 04-02-2018 at 01:49 AM (248 Views)
    -1-There was a Miami sign in "Westchester", FL, which was about halfway down the western coast. It was snowing half-inch-size flakes ahead of a cloud bank that I saw to my west and southwest. All other parts of the sky were clear. Time of day was just after dusk (earlier on, it was daytime and cloudy). There was no wind that I remember. In front of me was a line of gravel garages built from logs. Beyond the line was a flat gravel lot, followed by woods. Then, I was watching an Accuweather video. Bernie Rayno motioned to the location of a Pacific system, and then to the Puget Sound area in Washington. He said,
    "This...is goin here. This is a--you're supposed to be a lucario. The approaching mass of water should support life." He was calling out the meteorologists in Washington for not doing their jobs properly.
    In a later scene, he pointed at the east coast of Florida and said "[...]I'm thinkin 8, 9 inches." Also, Florida was distorted on the map, being turned 60 counterclockwise.
    There was pizza at one point.
    -2-There was a white wolf next to me on a grassy hill. There were restrictions for something. It was sunny and there was a feeling of really wanting to do something.

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