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    5/4/18--5/8/18 (L) | College, Lava, Bear Grylls

    by , 05-09-2018 at 12:25 AM (236 Views)
    5/4/18 (L)x2
    At an unfamiliar house somewhere. It had an empty yard and a hardwood kitchen. I was briefly lucid a couple times, but didn't do anything about it either time.

    Bear Grylls was placed on top of a mountain in British Columbia. I skipped ahead to near the end, where he found a paced trail with people on it. They noticed. Also, the weather was cloudy the whole time. I rewound the video to an earlier point. Later, I was in a cold cabin, where I had a snow machine setup. If it was cold enough, it would shoot out ice. The weather where was sunny clear, and the time of day was morning. There were multiple other people in this apparently single-room cabin.

    -F-I was watching a Dreams video.
    -F-I was watching something about cops in LA.
    -F-The 12th Doctor was doing something involving a dark room and incorrect lighting.
    -F-I was near a wood cabin in eastern Washington, possibly in the cascades.

    5/8/18 (L)
    -1-After a scene fell apart, things heated up, trees melted, and I became lucid. I jumped into a pool of lava and grabbed a red ball before messing around with electric floating objects above the lava pool.
    -2-At college, I got in the car and drove to a southeast corner of the campus to find a building, but it didn't exist. Later, I had a device that displayed and recorded my dreams on a monitor. Later still, some guy made illustrations for high-profile MLP fanfics. Finally, back at college again, it was approaching night, so I drove ther car through the snow to the far parking lot, where nothing of interest was. There was a random moment where I passed Hbox at an intersection.

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