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    August 30, 2015

    by , 08-30-2015 at 09:49 PM (366 Views)
    Dream I:

    There's very little that I can remember from this dream, but Dakota and I were at another house. I believe that we lived there together. Anyway, there was a fire up above--it's very difficult to explain, but we could see the fire because it was like the first level of the house had a porch and so did the second, and you could see the second porch from down on the first. There was even a ladder to get to it. As I was saying, there was a fire up top, and when he and I noticed we began working to extinguish it. It was very isolated, though, and although we knew it could spread it wasn't at the time. I believe we did end up getting rid of it.

    Dream II:

    Either I was playing a video game or the dream was like a video game, because the objective was to save the king by defeating these levels.

    Throughout the dream I was somewhat conscious of my tulpa, Augustus, and I think I was wishing that I knew someone else who had a tulpa of their own. That being said, I couldn't afford much attention to Augustus because I was a knight for His Majesty, and it was imperative that I be the person to reach and save him before the others.

    Most of the levels were very easy, because although the enemies were shooting at me I was protected in some sort of vehicle, and therefore I was able to kill them off before they were able to do the same to me. On the last level, however, I was without any form of protection, and so they shot me several times. I died, but I kept trying again (which is why I think of this as a sort of video game) until I finally shot and killed all of them.

    Then, finally, I was near the king. He was at a Chunin Exams sort of place, and all of us (the knights) jumped out and tried to reach him first. I know that the rest of them were Naruto characters, but the only one I definitely remember was Tenten, who was dressed in more of a masculine style from the Renaissance era.

    She got to him first and somehow stopped the oncoming attack--I don't remember how. I remember that the king--who was a bit pale, with sort of longish hair that came to his shoulder blades--looked bewildered, totally confused. I remember feeling a bit of fear, because I wasn't the one who got to him first (what would he do with me?). But the king was just fine and amiable, and he did not hate anyone for not getting to save him. I suppose he was too grateful for Tenten to be hateful!

    After that, Tenten and I hung out a bit. I knew that she said she had a tulpa, but I wasn't sure if I believed her. I remember her cooking for me, though; I think she was trying to show me how to make something. Fire rose from the pan, and I had the distinct impression that her tulpa was right behind her, and I believed her.

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