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    The LD Fail

    by , 09-17-2015 at 02:05 PM (273 Views)
    After writing down the dreams from earlier I took a nap. Note: The dreams from earlier happened in five hours, and the nap occurred ninety minutes later.

    I don't suppose that I have been working hard enough to set a lucid dream intention, because even though I had a LD it was disappointing, in a way. Almost because of my nightmarish personality in it, and not because I didn't get done what I wanted to (I can do that good stuff tomorrow).

    I'm not sure how I became lucid; all I know is that I was in the dream and just was. In the dream my mother, Dakota, and Jon all lived together (which is correct). I was in my bedroom doing . . . something, but then the rest of them all went with one of Mama's co-workers for their birthday party. When they were leaving out I looked out a window and Dakota had nailed a fake book to his finger (it was like a piece of jewelry, so imagine it like a very little book that was a ring) and wrote a long message on the ground. I don't remember what it was, but I remember that Jon was telling him he should probably be really careful to make sure that the "ring" didn't get infected.

    When they were gone I proceeded to choke a cat. Seriously. The poor kitty was terrified but I kept going . . . and then when I guess it just got too scared for me and I felt guilty I turned it into my own dog and kept holding him. He was scared, too, but I kept trying to hold him and comfort him. It worked a little bit, but not much.

    I believe it was at that point when I wasn't quite sure if I was dreaming anymore. I knew all of that had been real, but I wasn't sure if I had woken up. The more I walked around, however, the heavier I felt, and the more convinced I became that I was indeed still dreaming.

    I went back into my room to put on a skirt so I could be a whore outside ???????, but instead I went into the girl's bathroom. It was fairly big and was more like the kind of bathrooms that schools and Wal-Mart have. There was a sign at the door that was written to parents about their children acting up, but I didn't pay too much attention. My mother called me, and so I woke up.

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