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    Little Girl Constellation

    by , 09-14-2015 at 11:54 AM (285 Views)
    There was definitely more to this dream than I can remember.

    I know that we (Dakota and I) were outside of the trailer park. The place seemed to be a bit more popular than what it actually is, and I think the vice principal of my old high school was in the trailer closest to the road. He was sitting out at the side, on his porch (which doesn't actually exist) when we walked by. I remember that the stars seemed to be doing something strange . . . I believe there was a very detailed constellation of a little girl in the general area that Orion is at these mornings.

    I'm sure that we were causing some manner of mischief, but I don't know what.

    After that, at some point I was on either this site or tulpa.info, and someone (a member called Fede, I believe) was talking about lucid dreaming.

    Side note: I'm very glad that I dreamed about lucid dreaming! Even though I'm really only shooting for LDs during the weekends, I'll be more than happy to have them on the weekdays, too. I had four hours of sleep, so perhaps I should take note of that.

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