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    My Talking Dog

    by , 09-17-2015 at 12:10 PM (287 Views)
    This is continued from the previous entry!

    Dream 3: My dog was a fluent speaker and he and I often had conversations, so long as he was sure that we were the only ones there. Now I can't remember what we would talk about, but I do remember that I never told anyone, even though I really wanted to. You see, my dog could talk because he was actually Kevin Bacon, a tulpamancer [I don't know.].

    One time the two of us (my dog and I) went to a cathedral and spoke for a really long time, but then some church-goers that were somewhat older came in and seen us. They didn't hear him talking, but they did pull up something or another that was supposed to tell me how I really feel (or something; I really can't remember this point very well). One older man was confused, but a middle-aged woman, who I think was my old school's librarian, told him that I was "always like this" and not to worry about it.

    I finished whatever they wanted me to do, went out--and then I think I went back in, because the things that happen next happened in a cathedral; no one was there, though.

    Romeo and I were talking again, but this time Jon and Dakota came in the door. I suppose I could no longer hold the secret after years of doing so well, because I got Jon to the side and explained to him that I talked to my dog--frequently. He got this wide-eyed look about him and proceeded to tell me that "It's okay, everyone's insane about something." I tried to get him to believe that I wasn't crazy and that Romeo really could talk. Jon seemed to believe me, but I really couldn't be sure. Shortly thereafter Dakota came to join us so we could tell him. I explained to him further that Romeo was actually Kevin Bacon, and he seemed to accept that.

    You guys, I'm really disappointed my dog can't talk. XD

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